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I bought another wall mount (slt3-b1) but it won’t work in my situation. I was mounting it on a stone fireplace wall with cables and electrical outlets that I couldn’t access. This wall mount provides ample hole (28.8 height) to access the outlet. The only problem I had was that the TV bracket could cover outlet access, so I had to offset the TV slightly to the right and it wasn’t centered on the wall. It’s trivial for us and we don’t even notice it after watching 4k TV. The installation instructions are also specific to the concrete block installation and do not mention the stone, so when drilling the mounting plate anchor, special attention was paid to the installation of the mounting plate as the stone is rough cut and has an uneven surface. The height meter worked fine, but it had to be a little higher because of the outlet. Then I found that I could move the TV bracket up and down and get those inches back using a different set of holes (not identified in the instructions).

I’ve been using a wall-mounted TV for a while, and this is the best. Sanus continues to make better products and provide better support. I especially appreciate the simple installation video.

Provides optimum ease of movement while fully controlling the degree of movement. Somewhat complicated to install and mount – requires 2 people.

This is my 4th gynecological mount and I’m sure it will hold my TV securely. It, like everything before, comes with easy instructions and templates, and a web app to help you place the mount exactly where you want it. I love the fact that I can use this model for an off-center installation and slide the TV anywhere along the mount to accommodate the perfect placement regardless of stud location. Got it quickly with no issues or user errors. One of my previous mounts was “Advanced Tilt” but not “Advanced Tiles 4d”. You can find older ones for around $40-70 cheaper depending on sale. The term is only used in newer versions, but I almost got it because it’s technically still “4d”. Both can be tilted side to side as they are pulled out of the wall and can be pulled unevenly into the tile. However, this latest version comes out an inch more, so it can be tilted a bit more. I didn’t think it was necessary, but I was happy to finally get a new one. With a 55″ TV, it doesn’t tilt much even in the 4d model, so the extra inches help and I think it’s well worth the price premium in the end.

I’m tired of 4 different types of brackets on my qled75inch tv. All slide to the right.

This TV tilt bracket was the easiest and best quality I have ever installed.

The mount can easily tilt, rotate and extend the 77′ TV. 1′ inch from the wall, I should be different. Mine without spaces is shy of 3′. Now tilt a few degrees to one side or the other and you get 2.1′, but the mount without tilt is 3′ away from the wall.

Suitable for wood stud mounts. Two people can easily slide the TV to get the exact center you want. I have a 75′ samsung and we put the TV on a table mount until we are ready to lift it to the wall mount. It was an easy lift to hang on the wall in one step with 2 people slightly lifting both ends and 1 person loosening the 4 screws securing the TV’s table mount. Before adding power and wire access to the wall to prepare the TV, you want to know what mounts you got. One end can be moved 8′ away from the wall, so there’s plenty of room for an HDMI connection.

  • Excellent product to go for it. Pay more and get your first right.

Sanus Vlt7-B2 (Black) 42 – 90 Inch Tilt & Swivel TV Bracket

Rotating for Better View With a 15-degree swivel left and right, the VLT7-B2 maximizes visibility for everyone in the room. Rotation adjustment helps minimize reflections as the TV avoids direct sunlight. Tilt adjustment at your fingertips If your TV is mounted on a wall that is higher than your viewing position, such as above a fireplace, the tilt adjustment bracket provides an ideal viewing experience. Reduced angles, reflections. In addition to rotation adjustment, the Sanus VLT7-B2 offers a downward tilt of 12 degrees, ideal for obtaining sharper, less reflective images. You can access all areas. In addition to tilting down, this bracket also benefits from tilting up. This reverse tilt feature is ideal for accessing cables or control buttons on the back of your TV. Fits the largest TVs – up to 90 inches The Sanus VLT5 is designed to support large TVs from 42 inches up to 90 inches. TV. The flexible VESA mount covers almost any pattern from 150 x 100 up to 600 x 400. Reliable quality Expensive TV brackets are available, but few have the quality of construction and reliable characteristics of the Sanus VLT7-B2. . These Sanus brackets are safety-tested, UL-listed and feature a one-click “click” locking system in place. For perfect post-installation adjustments, the two parts of the ProSet Plus bracket attach to the TV and wall and then join together. You can easily remove the TV from the wall with a tool-free process. Once installed, ProSet Plus offers approximately 25mm height and level adjustment, providing a perfect first-time installation.

I was looking for a fixed/tilt mount with room to grow. I’m currently using a 65″ TV and will most likely move to a size larger than 75″ next time. This mount handles up to 90 inches and around 150 pounds. This included template is great and very easy to install. The mount extends quite a bit, but it can still be difficult to step back to attach things. Of course I knew it wasn’t a problem to let others know before buying.

  • Excellent product to go for it. Pay more and get your first right.

Sanus Vlt7-B2 (Black) 42 – 90 Inch Tilt & Swivel TV Bracket

Go Sanus Vlt7-B2: Excellent product.  Pay more and get your first right.

Features and Specifications

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • Rotate for a better view
  • Tilt adjustment at your fingertips
  • Fits the largest TVs – up to 90 inches
  • ProSet Plus for perfect post-installation adjustments
  • Dimensions (mm) WxHxD 795 x 427 x 51

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