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I am delighted with the product. But you have to be very aware of what it is. My situation is very specific. I wanted a projector for the bedroom, projecting from the bedside table to the closet in front of the bed. When projecting from the side, I needed 4d keystone adjustment (horizontal and vertical), and I would always use it with the light off, so the 300 ANSI lumens they promised should be more than enough if they were real ANSI lumens. I was aware that the native resolution was 854×480, so I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary in projection quality. Once I tried the equipment, I was not disappointed in anything and I only had great joys when I had it installed. The trapezoidal adjustment is more than enough from the bedside table that is quite tilted to the projection plane. Obviously you have to keep in mind that the more distorted the image is because the projector is not centered, the more trapezoidal adjustment you have to make, and that translates into losing even more resolution than the already low resolution of 854×480. Even so, considering that I have lost 20% of the total resolution, to watch “TV” is more than enough. You don’t expect to have the super screen for big movie occasions. My use is with an Amazon FireTV stick, I don’t use wifi or any aircast option. All perfect with the Fire TV stick via HDMI, and power it from the projector’s own USB port, without the need for an external power adapter for the stick. I include a couple of photos of the projection on the cabinet, with the light on and with the light off. As you can see, even though it is 300 ANSI lumens, with the light on it does not shoot (which is what I already imagined), but as I said before, I only needed it with the light off, and there are plenty of lumens with the light off projecting an image almost 2 meters wide. With the low resolution of the projector, the texts on the screen are of poor quality, but for moving images it is perfect. Again I recall that my expectations and needs were low and with a low investment. Of course it would be beautiful in FULLHD, but prices are tripled for tiny projectors like this one. More than satisfied to watch TV in bed projected on a cabinet with doors and handles (therefore cuts of projection or distortion of the image on pieces of levers), and that still seems perfect to me what the picture looks like! Finally, comment that it has a fan to dissipate the heat generated by the LED light source, and although it is heard, the noise is very low and both my wife and I remain roques still ringing the fan. Great product, more than correct settings and it has more things that I do not use but that surely for others they also add incentive to want one of these mini projectors.

I bought this small beamer for my camping vacation. It has a good picture quality and the integrated speaker is also good. I use it with an HDMI cable. So far I’m more than satisfied !

Took a while to figure out how to connect to wi-fi and ipad and the directions are not very clear. I ended up going to youtube to get it set up.

This projector is a compact, easy to use unit that is perfect for travel presentations. We had some trouble getting my iphone to connect via bluetooth, so we plugged it in via usb. Once we did we had trouble getting a video to present full screen. We ended up mirroring the screen, and when we did the video from amazon prime video didn’t show. Despite the difficulties with the interface, the projector as a whole is a solid unit. The brightness of the projection is strong even during the day and we appreciate the auto adjust on the projection angle.

Easy to use & good picture quality. Compact & can easily put in the purse for travel anywhere.

Today, 3 stars always look as if you could not recommend the item. It’s not quite like that here. ++++ Really good brightness – easy to use even in daylight – intuitive and easy Small, compact With stand and nice bag to take with you You can charge your mobile phone on it Quiet fan ——- The image quality didn’t convince me personally – I don’t even have high expectations but my 8-year-old projector is better. Sorry He complains about any streaming services (sky, Netflix, primevideo and co) even via the original Apple HDMI adapter remote control, but it looks cheap. Unfortunately, that’s enough for me for the 2-star deduction. Streaming is very important to me personally. Precisely because today you can download series and films from any provider, which makes mobile streaming and enjoyment sense in the first place. But if you want to look through other ways (with the Fire TV stick, for example), you are welcome to get the projector. I wouldn’t advise against it. But I returned it

Super projector bright enough for the size Darkening the room is required Very quiet Served us well on vacation Works perfectly in combination with the Apple TV

I do recommend this mini projector. Small products have all functions. Very good quality,you can carry it in your pocket to anywhere, it comes with an internal rechargeable long lasting battery. The picture quality is super fantastic.

Ezcast Beam J2 Portable Projector | Lightweight 400g, Rechargeable Dlp Projector For Travel, Camping, Bedroom (5hr), High Brightness, Includes Tripod & Bag, Compatible with Iphone, Fire Tv Stick

The media could not be loaded.  i really like how easy and fool-proof this was to set up and i enjoy the small compact size of this portable projector . It comes with a great handy pouch to easily store and conveniently throw in a purse or bag for your next business/work meeting, family event or camping adventure. I love how crystal clear and bright the projection is and the sound quality is excellent .Btw (i use it on my popcorn ceiling and i thought the picture would be uneven and grainy but the picture is so crisp and clear . It’s unbelievable to be honest. This is a must buy and definitely worth the price . I am extremely satisfied with this projector and you will be too tip : before you begin and use this awesome product-charge this device out of the box (it will blink red while charging and once fully charged it will be a solid red) approximately about 2 1/2 hours. And you can use this projector with a cable or go for a wireless projection but it must be fully charged for both options to get the best quality while using and will last over 2-4 hours before you have to charge again.

I was pleasantly surprised by this little projector. It is brighter than i expected (although not bright enough to be used in a lit room or in daylight), provided a good image and the battery lasts for a 2 hour movie, which was my main purpose for this (portable projector with independent power source). If you make the image much larger than 70 inches, the pixels do show (something i haven’t found with other projectors), so expect that. Also, if you plan to screen case from an ios device, you can’t cast from prime video, netflix, etc due to rights protection – you have to use an hdmi streaming stick or the apple lighting to hdmi adapter connected to your phone or tablet. That’s par for the course with these devices. Streaming other content from your phone works fine. The speaker is fine if you’re inside a quiet room, but you’ll want to connect something else in a larger or noisy room, or outdoors. Here are a few quirks i found – the projector comes on kind of slow – very dim at first, but over 10 seconds or so the full brightness comes on. Also, the charging light is always red.

It’s a really nice projector. The only big difference between this and my big projector is that you have to put it directly in line with the viewing surface, which is not a big difference at all. The quality is good and there are a lot of input methods. A good buy.

Super unfriendly to set up with my mac. I just got it to play a slideshow for my daughters graduation then was gonna give it to her to use in her dorm at school for netflix or whatever, but it’s such a pita i’m certain after i use it for graduation i’ll never take it out of the box again.

This is a very good projector for outdoor projection. I use it outside in the night when camping with a 100′ projector screen and the quality of the image is as clean as an hd tv. It is quite easy to use and the calibration of the camera is also straightforward. The project has a good speaker integrated, but if you like heavy sound like i do when watching movies, there is a headset jack for output speakers. They use good quality material to build it. It is compact and looks small, but once you touch it, you can immediately know that it is a good product. The only downside i see is that for the price this projector cost, i was hoping it would come with a projector screen, but that is not the case. I recommend this projector for the quality and the performance. A projector with such a level of performance can cost up to 1000 $.

Fan is much quieter than my previous projector which i was really happy about.

This projector is a really good quality/price. Small, image really bright, easy to setup and with a correct sound. The only cons i can find are probably the native resolution (480p) and the app that something give me some trouble to connect. Otherwise i’m using it to project maps from d&d and that’s perfect.

I have to admit i am a little surprised at just how much i like this. Granted, this is never going to replace my dedicated home theatre projectors, but this little tiny thing makes up for that in its versatility and shear simplicity. I was immediately struck by just how small and light this thing is. The box it comes in is down right tiny when one considers that a ‘projector’ is inside. This little unit can be transported with ease and is down very easy to set up in my opinion. It provides decent image quality given just how small and low power it is. That alone gives this high marks on the uniqueness scale. There are not many comparable products to choose from in this size that are not completely reliant on ac power. It is really minimalist in terms of its available outputs but honestly it cant really be faulted for that given the small amount of real estate available.

Ezcast Beam J2 Portable Projector | Lightweight 400g, Rechargeable Dlp Projector For Travel, Camping, Bedroom (5hr), High Brightness, Includes Tripod & Bag, Compatible with Iphone, Fire Tv Stick

So ill be honest this isnt my first foray into these mini projectors. Nor is it my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, but 5th venture into this realm. For whatever reason i have a love hate relationship with these little marvels and my previous 4 times have been incredibly let downs. Firstly you have to realize that these mini projectors can only throw so much light. They are not replacements for the large 10+lb setups that youd need for a large room with the lights on. However the good ones will work in a small conference room (where i need it most) with a dozen or so people and the lights dimmed. This is really where something like this shines. As i travel a lot, every ounce i can shave off my travel gear is a blessing. As i do programming for access control my usual setup is about 130lbs of equipment. So eliminating a whopping 10lbs is very impressiveso onto what makes this projector different and its actual lumen count for the first time ever is actually accurate.

Excellent brightness (to be so small), contrast, trapezoid and excellent management software, small audio flaw a bit low but understandable for the size. Very satisfied.

I use it a lot for my Karaoke and my music videos, even during the day, the curtain is open the picture is great, for me it does the job, the only small problem is the projection of wireless video by Microsoft or Tablet Call, the image at the beginning of the video is sometimes missing but it’s not a big problem (It’s possible that my internet is basic speed). I recommend it anyway, do not hesitate to buy it.

Picture quality is quite good especially at night. Daytime or with lights on its still not really a problem. Wish it had a streaming service built in add a little extra cost. When dongle etc is attached can be a little difficult to balance while on tripod too. But over a decent projector for the money.

Since no Italian buyer has reviewed it yet, I try to do it myself (although due to Amazon’s very incorrect behavior I promised myself never to review again). Well, this mini projector is a little technological gem. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be so good. I took it to use it at school in emergency situations, in the absence of Lim. Being so small, I expected limited performance, but I prioritized portability. It actually really impressed me. The brightness is incredible. In a dark room you can see perfectly and moving away you can enlarge the image much more than indicated. But even in a partially lit room, the brightness of the projector is still good. It easily reads video files from the sticks (instead with an external HD I could not), but obviously its strong point is the cable connection (better) or wireless (with limits) with smartphones and and/or tablets. Let’s get to the criticism. The connection with the aforementioned devices is a bit complicated and not “user friendly”, but only the first time. I recommend the cable one for video (otherwise there are lag) while the wireless one is great for documents and presentations. Then, the manual has a lot of languages, but there is no Italian! And the power supply, although it is designed to “screw” various plugs into it, only has the American plug, so you need an adapter (how nervous things are!). Regarding the audio played by his speaker, realize that it is not even there. The volume is too low and with the bass that does not exist. On the other hand, given the size, it was not possible to do otherwise. However, it is possible to play audio from the connected device (smartphone or tablet), indeed it is the default setting, and better yet, connect the latter to a bluethoot speaker. It also has an audio output jack. Ultimately, a really small masterpiece that thanks to the internal battery you can really take anywhere. For me, 10 and praise!

No complaints. Fire TV Stick, in HDMI input, power via USB on the projector and already TV when receiving data. Small and

This is a genuinely impressive piece of kit, with caveats. Ok, so if this were a full sized projector the performance would be inadequate. The output resolution is only 720p, so while you can project a screen size of up to 100 inches you’re not going to get a very crisp image. I wouldn’t want to watch a movie at that size, for instance. If you want to project a slightly smaller screen, though, say 50-60 inches (which is still plenty big), you’ll see a bright, clear image while seated at a comfortable distance, and it’ll be plenty good enough to watch a movie. The lamp is bright enough that you can project in a well lit room, and there are several brightness options if you want to save battery power. I haven’t quite figured out the wifi connection options yet (the ezcast app i downloaded to my windows desktop asked for a password, but it’s unclear what password it wants), but connecting directly via hdmi was a piece of cake. Keystone correction is a little basic but responsive, and with a little adjustment you should be able to get a nice squared image, though given the size of the projector it’s very easy to nudge it out of place and screw up your focus. The best thing about this is that it weighs almost nothing so it’s truly portable. I’ve owned projectors in the past that claimed to be portable, but none of them hold a candle to this.

I’m happy with the quality of this ezcast bram j2 portable projector but it’s hard to get set up and it doesn’t work as well as i was hoping. The initial set up was a bit difficult for me as i couldn’t figure out a way to properly watch anything on it even with the variety of options to do so. After trying for about an hour i ended up having to just use my laptop with a hdmi cord to watch a movie, i definitely prefer my previous projector with the apps built in to watch movies. The streaming from my iphone is a bit laggy and the quality is not good. I tried using a usb with movies but it wouldn’t play the file types i have. The projector is lightweight and easily portable with a tripod stand provided and a little stand built into the projector itself. The storage bag is convenient to keep it stored away when not in use. From what i was able to play the projector definitely gets bright and the video quality with a stable connection is clear. Overall i wish this projector was more convenient to use but it still gets the job done with more work… i’m happy with it.

A very good projector that is actually impressive for its size. I am mostly satisfied with the projector. Some of the surprisingly good features are brightness, image quality, battery life, and build quality. Areas that need improvements are speakers and remote control. Speakers will not be loud enough in most situations. In a small, quiet room they will be fine. The remote could be more sensitive. In my opinion, it is still a good projector for the price and for its size. Portability and rechargeability are huge plusses.

EZCAST Beam J2 Portable Projector | Lightweight 400g :

The media could not be loaded.  i like the product, it have good relation between price/ quality. The image it’s good yet in lighter places and it’s so easy to connect to others devices. We maked the purchase for the comercial presentations in our company, and this video bean it is just we are needing for that.

So i thought it had died after a few weeks, but it seems it had just gone into sleep mode. So i spoke with their customer support and just reset it by pressing the power button for 15 seconds. The colors are really bright and i am loving it. I also use it with other lights on and i can’t complain. I use it mostly for painting.

Top product for the size and price – simply unbelievable! If you are looking for a mobile cordless projector, you can’t avoid the EZcast J2! Perfect for campers and backpackers! ATTENTION: The product is a mobile battery projector and not a Full HD 20,000 Ansi Lumen projector! Anyone looking for a top home cinema projector is wrong here! Personal conclusion: For only 300 Ansi lumens and a price of less than 225, – €, the projector delivers a very good and bright image, even in less than optimal conditions, as well as a lot of good features (see below). Image: In order to experience the full cinema pleasure (diagonal of approx. 100″, the projector should be operated in the dark, whether in darkened rooms (holiday home, motorhome, tent) or outdoors at night. The brightness of the projector is quite sufficient to obtain a usable image at dusk or in a room that is not darkened. With a diagonal of 30″ (smaller TV), the projector can also be operated very well in bright daylight. In this case, the projector still delivers a sufficiently good and bright image. Sound: The built-in speakers are not suitable at all for a movie evening or playing music videos. However, for a cozy movie evening for two in a tent, it should usually be enough. However, I would also recommend Bluetooth speakers, which are probably carried around by every camper or backpacker these days. Unfortunately, you can’t connect the speakers directly to the projector via Bluetooth – at least I haven’t found it yet – but you can connect the speakers or headphones to the projector via jack plug. If you want to transfer films from your mobile phone or laptop to the projector, the Bluetooth speakers can also be conveniently paired via Bluetooth via your mobile phone or laptop. Workmanship: The workmanship looks very high-quality. The projector is small, compact (11.4 x 11.4 x 3.2 cm) and very stylish! In addition, a projector is supplied with a remote control, a high-quality tripod and a small bag. Connections: The projector has 1x HDMI connection, 1x USB port and 1x headphone connection (standard jack connection) as well as a connection for the supplied power supply. WiFi/Mirocast: The projector can be easily integrated into the home network via WLAN. Mirocast poses no problem, not even when traveling if there is no local network. If a dedicated network is not available (e.g. when camping), the wireless Mirocast can also be implemented using the integrated EZcast. Standalone function: Movies can also be played via USB stick – without additional devices. The projector supports a wide range of common video formats. Streaming services: For legal reasons, it is not possible to install the common streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Sky,.) as apps on the projector and play them directly using the projector. But all projectors have this problem! However, an Amazon Fire Stick can be easily connected to the HDMI port, which would allow most common streaming services to be used again without additional devices. If you have a mobile phone or laptop running one of the desired streaming services, you can of course connect the device directly to the projector. However, transmission via HDMI cable would then make sense, as the network is very busy when streaming and mirocasting at the same time! Trapeet correction: The beamer even includes an automatic trap correction, which – in my case – works very well. Mounting: The mounting options of the projector are absolutely great, regardless of whether. . in front of the screen, . behind the canvas, . as ceiling mounting, . on the supplied high-quality tripod or . on the floor (picture on the ceiling) all types of mounting are possible. The picture can be easily converted to the required mounting. Absolute purchase recommendation for all people who are looking for a hyperflexible projector on the go!

And the seller is super responsible.

When this was delivered, i found that the power plug was not for us & canada spec. It was asia & europe spec plug. (i am living in canada)i complained about it. The seller replied the very next day and told me that he would re-send it. I just needed us/canada plug. The second delivery was the same as asia & europe spec plug. I was a little disappointed but, the seller’s quick response was satisfying me. Even further, when i email the seller that this delivery was the same and what i wanted was not the 2nd product but just the proper plug, he told me that i keep both products and he would refund right away. He really refunded the next day. I think this was not the seller’s fault but the system issue. Anyway, i was very satisfied with the seller’s sincere attitude to the customer. I really recommend this seller.

The pairing didn’t work right away, but we have already watched about 5 films with the projector. I would buy it again.

although only 300 ansi lumens, bright enough in a darkened room, great colors and picture quality, strong speakers and fan noise hardly noticeable!! Very small and convenient to take with you. Absolutely recommendable!

It is functional, aesthetically very attractive, however in the description it indicates that it can be used outdoors, however the image is not so bright and does not work in rooms with a little outside light, apart from the surround sound I did not hear it anywhere, it is very low, I recommend using a speaker and it takes a long time to connect to the internet and sync with your app, it’s a can sometimes.

small, quiet projector. For wireless connection, the projector MUST also be connected to the router. If I then connect the smartphone to a streaming service, such as Netflix, Prime Video to the projector, and stream it via the same router, steaming quickly stalls and stops permanently. On the other hand, if I stream via the mobile (another) network, it works well. Connection with USB cable: You need a simple USB charging cable AND the EZcast APP. Connection is quickly established, unfortunately the moving pictures from Netflix and Co are NOT displayed. Menus, actor and film information, on the other hand, yes. Why??? ZDF, ARD YouTube worked again. I haven’t tried movies from Netflix and Co that have already been downloaded. HDMI connection: works very well.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 🟡【IDEAL FOR TRAVELING】Package includes a tripod projector stand and a carrying bag. EZCast J2 is easy for you to bring from home theater to nature, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate audio-visual feast even in the outdoors. The long lasting 9000mAh battery provides 5 hours of play time.
  • 🟡【SUPPORT WIFI CONNECTION AND PLUG & PLAY】A projector for both work and leisure, outdoor and indoor entertainment. Supports cable and WiFi connection. With DLP technology and true 300 Lumens brightness, Beam J2 supports up to 100″ projection with sharp and clear images for your home theater, games, and party night.
  • 🟡【MULTIPLE DEVICE CONNECTIVITY】Beam J2 projector supports HDMI, USB, Airplay, Miracast, and DLNA. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, Tablets, TV sticks, PS5, X-Box, Switch, laptop. Please note that this projector is not suitable for office use as it needs higher resolution to project reports and spreadsheets.
  • 🟡【BUILT-IN POWERFUL SPEAKER】Integrated with a strong speaker, Beam J2 gives you the ultimate audio experience. Other product specs: 1080P support; 20,000+ hours LED lamp life; 5000:1 contrast ratio; 11*11*3 cm; 400g; USB*1, HDMI*1, 3.5 mm audio jack*1
  • 🟡【ENJOY OTA UPDATE & LIFETIME PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT】EZCast Beam J2 comes with a 1 year warranty and its auto OTA upgrade feature ensures it never becomes outdated. Note: If you have any connection issues, please contact the seller or brand owner for technical support.

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