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Pete and Terry Kane, owners of the already successful and popular ArtChook Cafe in the EDo neighborhood of Albuquerque, decided to open a pizzeria in 2009 and called it Farina. Located inside the old brick facade, it’s a great, comfortable choice that many say is the best piece. Based on the popularity of his restaurant, he opened another location in the northeastern heights last May, called Farina Alto.

Beautiful interior of Farina AltoBeautiful Interior by Farina Alto – Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

With interesting ingredients, gourmet pizzas like Farmhouse Goat Cheese, Lex and Pansita rest on a wooden-powered crust, baked so hot in the oven that it burns well. Roasted New Mexico is an addition to Green Chilies Pizza, as is the Gorgonzola cream french dip sauce. But pizza is not the only item on the menu.

Delicious meatballs such as anti-pistachios are popular, as are salads such as hearty chopped anti-pesto salads, fries, white beans, salami and other flavored ingredients filled with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes.

The menu also includes other Italian staples, such as meatball calzone, eggplant permisation Napoleon, ravioli and chicken picata. Gluten-free pizza and pasta can also be made on request.

Window seats in the Farina AltoWindow seats in Farina Alto – Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Farina Alto, the new location, offers the same great food as the EDO locationBut more spacious 6,500 square feet in space – with an outdoor patio – three times the original size.

Both places offer beer, wine and desserts. The owners decided to add. Alto For the name of the place (“up” in Italian), because it is in the higher foothills of the city, close to the mountains.

With a large, elegant bar and a few more menu items and specialties on offer, Farina Alto gives customers the opportunity to enjoy Farina even more.

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