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Unable to load media. It was fun figuring out how to upload new images. And the results were amazing.

I bought this hoping that it would be a fun toy to use at home for holidays or special occasions. Unfortunately, it is not good for home use due to several factors. – The biggest problem is that it’s too loud. This device is essentially a super-fast fan that produces a high-pitched buzzing sound. The noise is annoying unless you’re having a dance party. For busy restaurants or shops, noise is not an issue. -The holographic effect is fascinating and cool, but also has a somewhat cheap feel. The resolution is low and the colors are neon-like, so it’s not particularly appealing. – I was hoping there would be a large 3D library online, but currently there isn’t. The documentation says to go to the company website to download more images, but there are no images available.

Excellent sharp quality images. Measure the side of the area to be placed.

This is a unique holographic display that really catches the eye. The included encoder program makes it very easy to convert any video to a suitable format for use by holographic fans. This device is very easy to assemble and use. I am very impressed and eager to use this display for trade shows or job fairs.

Unable to load media. This is my first experience as a hologram fan. The Faryuan 3d holographic fan arrived well packaged and took about 10 minutes to fully assemble. I don’t recommend testing this on a table like I did. It almost flew off the table because it spins so fast. Once hung on the wall, it worked much better. At least two screws must be installed to avoid uneven mounting of the device due to rotation. Temporarily mounted in the office for graphics testing for later use. I got this with the intention of using it at a trade show – I first saw it years ago. Not sure how to mount it. There are 3 odd fixed mounts that need to be held tight. The last thing you want is to rotate the display wall and hit someone. This also moves a lot of air when rotating and creates significant fan noise.

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

Thank you for the excellent customer support. The product emits ‘hotspots’ that are easily synced via a smartphone. The video file is then uploaded to the holographic fan via Wi-Fi, then automatically converted to the format used and projected onto the holographic fan. After a few issues with the hotspot, the seller actually sent me a replacement. I think this is very good customer service.

Unable to load media. This devuce makes my clients talk every time they come. A nice addition to my salon and overall wellness center. They watch while you shampoo and massage your scalp. I keep loading relaxing 3D images and mp4s. One of the best purchases. Great advertising and customer entertainment. Customer service 5 for devices 5. I love you. All customer service must be diligent and dedicated. I’ve never experienced great people who are literally more attentive.

Unable to load media. This is just one of the fun things to have. The picture quality is great and the app is really easy to use. If you’re looking for a hologram fan for advertising or promotions, this works great. Or even if you’re looking for some cool stuff in the men’s cave, this will be a cool skill to have. Be careful, as many of the videos you watch seem to mute the audio. A bit noisy but not annoyingly loud.

The best faryuan 3d hologram fan advertising display for business is five stars. This app is easy to use and easy to connect to. The picture quality is amazing.

Unable to load media. I am always looking for something new in holiday decorations. And I like being able to use it for more than one holiday. So when I met this 3d hologram fan from faryuan, I thought it might be just what I was looking for. Assembling the fan was really easy. 4 Simply attach the LED blade to the motor housing. However, the included direction is very unclear which side of the blade goes out. I had to look online at pictures of other 3D fans to figure it out. To use this led fan, you need to mount it on a wall or something like a board or stand. I thought a stand was included, but I was wrong.

This is a really amazing ‘fan’ display with lots of advanced features like connecting multiple devices to form a large display. But just using it on its own, it was really fun to experiment with the app and create your own 3D artwork. After assembling the sign for the first time, attaching it to the wall and turning it on it will automatically start cycling through a few sample 3D animations, so it’s a good way to see if it works before going any deeper. You can use the included remote control to stop animations, cycle through animations quickly, and even turn signs on and off. Your app is where the fun starts with this symbol, and although it’s not absolutely necessary, your app can do more than just show a looping video file. For store owners who want to put the video on the SD card and play it, no problem, it works just fine. You can also connect to an available Bluetooth speaker to play audio. It would be great if the video had audio. Single mode allows you to connect to the small Wi-Fi network indicated by the sign, and you can edit files, change settings, and even create your own 3D graphics.

The 3D fan appears to be hanging on my wall above the gaming monitor. The only downfall was that I couldn’t find a free download and all I saw was to pay a monthly fee.

This will definitely grab the spotlight at the trade show where we will be displaying our animated logo and will make you stand out from the crowd. It is a compact device and easy to use. You will need to mount it or lower the weight of the base, and be careful as the rotational motion can cause the entire base to move around. Here are the specifications for Faryuan 3d hologram fan:

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • 【2021 Latest】Cheap and thin, released in November 2020, 30% higher brightness than the previous Z1, PC version with Windows.
  • 【 EYE – CATCHING 】 3D Holographic Led Fans show your logo and products in live 3D wavy shapes that catch the eye and grab the attention of your visitors. Creating your own 3D footage is also amazing.
  • 【Factory Quality】High quality Led lamp blades, Faryuan is a technology company responsible for developing highly disruptive 3D holographic displays that provide viewers with an immersive experience.
  • 【Why do you need it】The 3D holographic fan display is produced by rotating LED fan. A cost-effective solution that helps store owners efficiently disseminate and share advertising content. The holographic fan can be easily fixed to a variety of buildings or structures with screws. Simple and easy operation. It can be fixed to concrete walls, ceilings, wooden structures and you can watch fantastic videos and images.
  • 【What You Get】 1 3D Hologram Led Fan with Packaging Box, Welcome Guide, Worry-free 12 Months Warranty and Friendly Customer Service; Do not touch the product while it is in operation. If you have any questions, you can contact Faryuan

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

Unable to load media. Pretty obvious, I love this 52cm fan. Much better than the 42cm I bought before. The wifi upload speed is very fast.

I don’t hate anything about this item.

My boyfriend loved it but it was a process of trying to put his own photos and gifs in, but once we figured it out it was really cool.

It is bright and bright, just like the actual size and picture.

This is a nice and expensive toy that allows you to customize your 3D photo or video. I’m a half hologram toy that displays just one or a series of pictures for a fraction of the cost, but the ability to customize is what draws me to this 3D hologram fan. It comes with an sd card containing the software and must be copied and run on your computer. The process is to upload a photo or video through the software, then convert the file to a bin file, then the sd card goes back to the hologram fan and goes to the image. I tested it on an example image and it looks really cool, but I couldn’t get my images or videos to work properly. After seeing a celebrity paying a lot of money for a life-size 3D image of a deceased family member, I thought how cool it would be to duplicate an image of my brother in 3D format where it doesn’t matter that the image is very small. But I haven’t been able to get it to work yet and that’s the learning curve I feel. I give it four stars for such a cool technology, but I wish the software was easier to use.

I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’ve already gotten several compliments after trying it. The 3D hologram is clear and bright and is perfect for holidays or gifts. It’s Christmas season, so I tried one of the Christmas themed designs and it goes well with the rest of the Christmas decorations. The resolution is better than expected and I had no problems running the projector through the app. If you’re looking for a décor that sets you apart from other décor by adding other décor around your home, this is a great choice.

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

I like the easy to use product and the app comes with everything except the eu power cable but it’s very cheap so it’s not a big deal.

Good product for the price.

It comes with about 5 preset 3D images. The company sent them to download more with a simple request. I highly recommend this product.

You can make some really cool stuff. Be very careful, keep out of reach of children, and take care of yourself, as getting too close can hurt you. It could be great for a store or display where you are selling something or making a presentation. It worked fine with no problems.

Overall I like it and it’s pretty cool. The picture quality isn’t great, but it’s ok. Do not touch while rotating. It was cut almost without touching it. Overall the durability looks good, but could be better.

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

Faryuan 3d Hologram Fan –

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