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Jealousy, after breaking her nose and beating her, is forced to pay £1,200 in damages to her love rival.

Private Aimee Waters banged Private Charlotte Milner’s head against the wall and punched her in the face.

Private Aimee Waters became jealous and beat up a colleague.


Private Aimee Waters became jealous and beat up a colleague.Credit: Solent
I heard that Bulford Military Court, Wilts, and Pt Waters attacked women after drinking.


I heard that Bulford Military Court, Wilts, and Pt Waters attacked women after drinking.Credit: Solent
Claims that Private Charlotte Milner's head was smashed against a wall


Claims that Private Charlotte Milner’s head was smashed against a wallCredit: Solent

The violent attack occurred when the couple were drinking together as a group outside the barracks and Pt Milner was spotted taking a picture with a male soldier.

The court heard that Pt Waters “stormed” in pairs by spilling drinks on Pt Milner and “robbing” the phone from them earlier that evening.

Later, Pt Waters “attacked” Pt Milner, hitting her in the face several times and breaking her nose in “jealous” rage.

Pt Waters has denied one charge of assault that actually caused bodily harm, alleging that he acted in self-defense when the incident occurred in June of last year.

However, she was convicted after a two-day trial at Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire and was sentenced to probation on Friday.

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Pt Waters was also ordered to pay Pt Milner £1,200.

Group Captain Stephen Wetton said members of 1 Medical Regiment were drinking outside their accommodation at Tidworth Camp, Wilts, on Saturday evening during the violence.

Pt Milner said in court, “Me and Private Lemon started taking pictures with his cell phone and I felt the bottle being thrown on my ass.

“I continued to laugh, ignoring the fact that he kept throwing bottles at me.

“Pt Waters came between us… She broke through, stole the phone, and spilled my drink of gin.

“She went inside with Pt Lemon. I went inside to meet her in the break room. I said, ‘Damn, why did you do that?’

“She just smiled and said, ‘I don’t know.’

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“I got soaked and went upstairs to change, filled the room with drinks and came back down to the party.

“I saw Pt Lemon go into his room and followed him to not stop the fun because of what just happened.

“I didn’t know, but she was in his bathroom in his room. All I could hear was ‘Shut up Charlotte,’ but I declined because it wasn’t her room.

“She came out of the bathroom and ran really aggressively to attack me, but Pt Lemon held her on the floor.”

Wilts’ Bulford Military Court was told that Pt Milner had left the room but was attacked by Pt Waters in the early hours of Sunday morning.

‘Punch in my face’

She added: “I was on the phone facing the wall. Suddenly I was pushed. My head hit the wall in front of me.

“I felt her push me back and my face hit the wall.

“When I turned around, Pt Waters was there and she slapped me in the face several times.

“I would say nine out of ten is strength. It was painful.

“I didn’t hit her on the back at all, and I let her do it until someone pulled her out of me.

“The nose suddenly popped out, and there was blood all over the white clothes and the joggers.”

The court was told that Pt Milner had to get an x-ray to break his nose.

Defendant Bob Scott said Pt Milner tried to make Pt Waters ‘jealous’ while taking pictures with Pt Lemon.

“I was looking at Pt Waters like I was saying, ‘Look what I’m doing’ while doing this job,” he said.

“Actually, this was the opportunity Pt Waters was trying to make jealous of all this business with Pt Lemon.

“You went to Pt Lemon’s room to get him out of bed because Pt Lemon wasn’t very sociable.”

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He said that Pt Milner ‘tore a clump from Pt Waters’ hair’ during an early evening brawl in Pt Lemon’s room. She said this did not happen.

Pt Waters has been sentenced to probation and ordered to pay £1,200 in damages to Pt Milner.

Private Charlotte Milner's nose is broken.


Private Charlotte Milner’s nose is broken.Credit: Solent

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