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This review, in particular, shows that all of the photos on this screen show some pretty dramatic sag/wrinkle at the bottom of the screen, and even in some reviews, the screen is too large for the frame, so it converges on the floor. I was totally ready to send this thing back. To be honest, I’m seriously concerned about the problem and I’m not sure why I ordered it. But I don’t know if I’m lucky or if I just updated the production method, but my 30″ screen has no wrinkles. I honestly couldn’t believe how great this screen was. . I already own a nicer 20′ screen, which I was afraid it would ruin my taste for cheaper screens like this, and the crease would have been a complete deal breaker. But no, I’m keeping this entirely.

Our church likes this to watch a movie. The blower is a bit noisy for indoor events.

This was a huge screen, not a church interior function. It’s too big for my treatment and I’m sorry I can’t use it. But it definitely looked and felt like good quality. It was a bit difficult to deflate and put it back into the bag. You can grab it and use it in your yard for a summer movie night.

The product is easy to install, just inflate and attach the screen while on the floor, attach it and stand up. Customer service is great.

I don’t review, but… I felt this review was necessary. If you are not sure or are looking for an outdoor screen standing on a fence. Don’t hesitate to buy this. We used this for diving in the theater. Amazing and perfect for my son’s birthday party. I can’t wait to do more movies in the backyard.

Fitnessandfun Giant Inflatable Projector Movie Screen Outdoor Front And Rear Cinema Screen Seamless Mega Theater Screen –

I like almost everything on this screen. We entrust a lot of things in the summer, and this is our new charm. The only problem I have is that I really need a storage bag (2 or 2. Not sure if they realize that most people will put this down at night with little or no lighting.

We first used this screen for our small community drive feature. Some comments/suggestions are needed if you decide to show this screen. You need at least 3 people to help with the setup, not 4 people. When inflated, additional manpower is required to help keep it upright. To keep the screen clean, it is recommended to lay a large tarp on the floor before unfolding. The white screen is very white, so it doesn’t take much time to get a little smudged. We used ropes and concrete blocks to help tie them together.

I have used it for several events and my family loved it.

Here are the specifications for: Fitnessandfun Giant Inflatable Projector Movie Screen Outdoor Front and Rear Cinema Screen Seamless Mega Theater Screen:

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  • 【ATTRACTIVE OUTDOOR MOVIE THEATHER SCREEN】This huge movie screen will amaze everyone and gather family and friends for an endless night of fun in your backyard and backyard great for camping adventures.
  • 【Seamless Front and Rear Projector Screens】This mega projection screen has a special material fabric that is seamless to make your movies great. You no longer need to worry about the splicing of your screens affecting your viewing experience.
  • 【Simplest outdoor movie scene setup】The white screen is non-detachable, so setup is very easy. If the screen is very large and the screen can be detached, the installation task is added. Plug in the blower and see it inflate quickly, then stand it up.
  • 【Portable and easy to maintain】Do you want a portable private theater? This mega deluxe inflatable cinema screen is easy to take from site to site. Perfect for camping adventures, picnics, outdoor birthdays and wedding parties.
  • 【6 Months Warranty】If there is any quality problem within 6 months, we will unconditionally refund or exchange for free.

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