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Scandinavian style TV floor stand, solid glass, aluminum and metal construction. Ideal for 32 – 60 inches of TVs and can hold up to 40 kg. Built-in concealed cable management for easy deployment. Awesome glass round marble effect base.

Easy to use, easy to assemble, good quality, cost-effective, durable, and highly recommended.

Everything is fine, but the slab works and doesn’t look like granite. It doesn’t look like a premium in every way, nor does it look like a price. but achieve the purpose

This TV stand is very attractive in design. The base is too heavy and sturdy to move or topple over. It makes a great statement in my living room and everyone asks about it because it is so unique in my opinion.

It’s a really nice TV stand that didn’t have the size of my TV so I had to buy extra mounting bolts but it was so easy to install. There is no risk of tipping because once assembled and looks sturdy.

FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base – TV Floor Stand

This TV stand is ideal for those who want a more minimalistic approach to their TV and of course don’t have much hardware/devices to connect to. located behind the TV). The user manual has clear diagrams to guide you through the setup process and includes different styles of TVs. Setup is very simple. However, there are several fairly heavy parts such as the pedestal, so get help from someone if possible (especially when mounting the TV on the safe side). NOTE: There is an optional safety measure for TVs using the included steel wire to attach the mount to a concrete/brick or wood stud wall. The build quality of each part is top notch and overall very sturdy. I also really like the cable management feature that goes down the center pole to help keep the wires looking neat. There are two color options to choose from when reviewing. black or white; I got the black version and I think it looks very smart.

I’m always surprised at how expensive a TV stand is, but it’s a good idea to spend the money and buy something that matches the décor because it’s a major piece of furniture. This particular TV stand has a modern minimalist ethic. There’s no clutter, clean, elegant lines are included, and there’s even an included cable management feature to discreetly and discreetly hide the dreaded cables. The stand is quite heavy, as you might expect if you think you can safely hold a TV weighing up to 40 kg. Constructed from high-grade aluminium, it is balanced by a hard glass floor with marble finish. The entire stand fits snugly together and is easily configured with the supplied hex wrench and accessories. The height adjustment and rotation functions work well and do not affect the overall aesthetics of the product. The stand itself looks very nice, but I was wondering where to put the TV box like the satellite box. Because it definitely affects the elegant simplicity of the way it looks in place unless you have an all-in-one device. TV with freesat or freeview installed and/or everything streamed. So that’s definitely a consideration. Overall, this is a rather elegant TV stand solution with a very useful height change and swivel feature.

The stand is well made with smart cable routing and a material back cover that can be used if the stand is exposed all over. With today’s smart TVs and streaming services, you can easily install sockets on the floor and hide them with stands, so cables aren’t really visible and with Wi-Fi, most services only need power. Take it one step further and hang up one of our new Sky Glass TVs and you’ll have a cable-free sky. With a little work, you can even mount the skybox invisible to the back of the stand. The stand has a great look and will look perfect in any room, slim and sturdy.

This is an interesting concept, especially for more minimalistic layouts. Although the device itself comes packaged flat, it is simple and easy to assemble. A large, heavy marble base acts as a cantilever for the vertical to which a vesa compatible frame is mounted. I put a 60′ sled TV on it and it was sturdy and stable. Universal fixtures seem to work on all TVs. The main tube lets you organize power cables and more, and the cable storage space behind the TV is a clever way to minimize cables. I manage to attach my cable box back and have the power cables and signal cables running down the tube. Everything else is not visible behind the TV. If desired, the stand can be used with an exposed back using the magnetic back cover. This is a nice touch, especially if you have an open living solution. It’s incredibly well made and sturdy for the price.

I just installed it in my new apartment and I’m glad I chose this system over my not-so-great TV cabinet. I need to clean up the mess downstairs for the perfect look. It is a very heavy and sturdy product. Very simple assembly. Highly recommended if you’re not a fan of TV furniture either.

Excellent quality, stylish stand. Sturdy and can hold a decent sized television.

Here are the specifications for FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base:

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  • ️ 【Modern Minimalism】The TV floor stand and frame outline have a unique, simple and minimal design identity. The magnetic back cover allows the stand to be used with an exposed back, which is a nice touch, especially if you have an open living solution.
  • ️ 【TV Accommodation】The freestanding TV stand is designed for most 32-60 inch TVs with VESA from 200×100 to 400×400mm. It can safely and safely support TVs under 40kg. Rotation and height adjustment for optimal viewing experience
  • ️ 【CABLE MANAGEMENT】Cables can be routed all the way to the floor through hidden channels through hollow aluminum posts.
  • ️【Height Adjustment and Rotation Function】The height adjustment and rotation function works well and does not affect the overall aesthetics of the piece. The height of the posts is adjustable from 46.9” to 55.6”.
  • ️【Simple Assembly】All nuts and bolts in a separately labeled packet with clear graphic instructions. It takes only 6 steps to assemble and can be completed in 15 minutes.

FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base – TV Floor Stand

Buyer Reviews:

  • Works great on all-in-one TVs like Freesat or Minimalist with Freeview.
  • FITUEYES: Center column floor stand for 32-inch to 60-inch TVs (black)
  • Excellent universal fixtures – Luxurious marble floors – Smart cable storage

FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base – TV Floor Stand

FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base – TV Floor Stand

FITUEYES Minimalism TV Stand 32 – 60 Inch Height TV Floor Stand Base – TV Floor Stand

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