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The draft opinion of the Supreme Court which will be reversed. Ro v. Wade And abortion rights in this country are likely to be formalized soon, fulfilling the 50-year-old fear of workers – the official abolition of abortion rights in this country.

But this is not the place to end with this conservative supremacy over the court. They also want to end: LGBTQ rights, voting rights, civil rights – and, yes, even with the worst and most recent mass shooting tragedy – the small gun control that exists because it’s always a big deal. Was part of

I came to work in politics because I care about a lot of issues – like reproductive rights and justice – but my career came with a keen interest in history and education. I wanted to know more about those who worked hard against abortion rights, and that’s where I got my answer. How does it relate to the movement? Country.

While Ro v. Wade When land became law in 1973, the religious community in the United States did not actually mobilize around the issue. In fact, they began to move around racial segregation in their schools because a new civil rights law states that schools that are considered racially discriminated against may not be eligible for IRS exemptions. Paul Weirch, a shrewd, religious former political activist (and then co-founder of the Heritage Foundation), was toying with conservatives in the religious community on other issues, including abortion, but nothing happened.

Roe has fallen in Texas, and this is just the beginning.

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In the fight for immunity from the IRS, he finally found a point of pressure with religious leaders, such as Liberty University founder Jerry Fallwell Sr., who did not want to separate his private white Christian schools. Werich wrote in 1970:

We must appreciate the new political philosophy. [conservatives] Morally, packaged in non-religious language, and spread throughout the country through our new alliance. If the moral majority works, the consequences can be far greater than our wildest dreams.

The term “moral majority” became the name of Falwell’s religious political organization, and thus the modern white evangelical evangelical conservative political movement was born.

In this white evangelical religious-political movement, the beginnings of pressuring voters to win can be traced back to Wirch’s famous speech at the 1980 White Evangelical Leaders Convention, which was attended by Fallwell and Ronald Reagan.

“Many of our Christians now have what I call ‘go-go syndrome. Good government. They want everyone to vote. I don’t want everyone to vote,'” Weirch said. “Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They have never been, and are not, from the beginning of our country. “

In 1980, Reagan won the presidential election, and through the 1984 election, an increase in self-proclaimed evangelical Christians voting for Republicans (partly in response to social changes in the 1960s and 1970s) further whitewashed the GOP. Promised evangelism. In its 1984 platform, Republicans reversed their party’s formal support for the Equal Rights Amendment, introducing support for a constitutional ban on abortion (including support for federal judges opposing abortion). And volunteer prayer support in schools.

Over time, the Republican Party’s platform began to formally incorporate anti-LGBTQ rights. And as we know, the Republican partnership with white evangelism is still felt today. According to CNN, three-quarters of white evangelical people voted for Trump in the 2020 election, and they make up two-thirds of the party’s rank and file members. These were mostly Republican lawmakers who passed 1,336 abortion bans in states across the country, of which 44% were passed in the last decade alone. Republicans also used the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush to pass a number of anti-LGBTQ bills across the country to push for a ban on same-sex marriage in several states.

Today it is anti-transaction and non-binary legislation. Combine this with the “Southern Strategy” developed by President Richard Nixon in the 1970s to address white racial grievances, and you get the GOP-developed black woman “welfare queen” and the “war on drugs.” ” The 1980s, conservative protests and legal challenges to positive action in schools in the 1990s, and the banning of books recognizing race, gender and sexual orientation in public schools today, as well as against critical ideology. Protests, as they refuse to accept. Can win elections

Over the past 40 years, however, the number of white evangelical voters has decreased while the number of ethnic, racial, and religious minorities (including atheism and agnosticism) has increased. Around the same time, the country’s first black president, Barack Obama, was elected in 2008. Organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Commission – co-founded by Weirch and partly funded by the Charles Koch Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute – equip conservative legislators with model legislation, in taxes. From reduction and corporate breaks to abortion, anti-LGBQ. Pro-gun legislation has now been enacted in the wake of the 2010 census to add even more tactics to districts to suppress voters.

As the conservative political and legislative arms were mobilizing, a conservative legal network called the Federalist Society was coming to power. Formed in the 1980s to challenge left-wing ideologies pervading law schools and the legal system, by the 2000s, it was becoming a platform for scrutiny of legal conservatives and for influencing judicial appointments. ۔ In 2005, he helped Bush block the appointment of Harriet Mayors to the Supreme Court, and instead appointed Samuel Elliott as the lead author of the leaked draft opinion. Ro v. Wade

So it is not surprising that in the draft opinion Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization It also confirms the conservative next logical steps. Using the 14th Amendment, Elito questioned. cotton woolThe legal basis of, as he also questioned and cited the historical rulings on gay rights, Aubergfield vs. Hodges And Lawrence vs. Guinness. To him, and, of course, the majority of the court, those rights are not “deeply rooted in the history and tradition of the nation” and “inherent in the notion of organized freedom.” The Supreme Court also established the right to equal education using the 14th Amendment. Brown v. Board of Education, I have the right to racial marriage Lovers vs. Virginia, And the right to contraception Gerswald vs. Connecticut And Eisenhower vs. Baird

Legal analysts believe all of these provisions are in jeopardy. And given the National Rifle Association’s accession to the GOP, the same conservative judge used his long-running effort to repeal gun control laws in politically liberal states like New York because of his beloved Second Amendment. Anxious to do.

White evangelical conservatives are a voting minority in this country. They can vote in elections – they know, that’s why suppressing voting rights was an important part of their work to implement their white evangelical Christian nationalist agenda. But not everyone accepts it. There are many elected officials, pundits, journalists, and strategists who do not believe that our country could fall victim to this extreme – even after the January 6, 2021 uprising, attempts were made to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Understandably, the extent to which we’ve come a long way since the middle of the 20th century is astounding. But the United States can be a country where the rights and privileges of freedom are strengthened in the hands of the white Christian male-majority nationalist minority – because, frankly, we have been this country before. What do you think those people mean when they talk about the disappearance of the good old days where “men were men and women were women” or things were not “cleaned up with political correctness”? His frustration with “identity politics” is because he does not like the time when politically backward people, such as people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people, finally begin to gain political and economic power.

The sooner everyone realizes that these are the people who will fight against a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-ethnic democracy, no matter what, the sooner we can effectively organize against them and Can work to protect people who may be harmed.

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