Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

LOVE ISLAND kicks off tonight with a glamorous style with Gemma and Tasha brutally rejecting Liam & Luca.

With a sensational twist, women’s favorite new boy Davide left full control over the coupling.

Dami and Amber, Indiyah and Ikenna, Tasha and Andew, Gemma and Liam, and Luca and Paige are the pop-chosen couples.

Love Island returns tomorrow night on ITV2 at 9pm.

Read the Love Island blog below for the latest news, gossip and updates…

  • twist and shout

    Love Island made a big difference to the show this year. Viewers can choose who to pair with.

    Voice actor Iain Stirling has described the devastating twist that will lead the British public to play Cupid.

    Dami and Amber, Indiyah and Ikenna, Tasha and Andew, Gemma and Liam, and Luca and Paige are the pop-chosen couples.

  • pay play

    Love Island fans panicked when Luca revealed that her favorite sex position was created by last year’s housemate Faye Winter.

    Tonight the new islanders are connected by the masses.

    After the coupling ceremony, Paige and Luca chatted together to get to know each other.

    The cheeky fishmonger had to ask Paige a very cheeky question.

    Luca asked Paige what her favorite sex position was and she said it was a broken eagle.

  • gem aging

    Gemma is the biggest name that goes into the villa.

    Michael Owen’s daughter wants to make a name for herself.

    The 19-year-old dressage rider and business owner says she is open to finding love.

    She is the daughter of former England and Liverpool footballer Michael Owen (appearing in Masked Singer UK’s latest series).

  • sex time

    LOVE Island’s Paige Thorne was confused as she explained her favorite sex positions. And that’s ‘made up’ by Faye Winter.

    The paramedic (24) confessed while talking to his new lover, Luka Bish (23).

  • old age

    Love Island viewers were all shocked when Gemma Owen revealed that she was 19 years old.

    The teenage girl whose dad is soccer legend Michael Owen was asked about her age by other girls in the villa.

  • own goal

    Love Island fans are convinced that the English football legend will never see his daughter appear on the show anymore.

    One tweet read, “Michael Owen going to pick up Gemma after the episode tonight.”

  • good times

    Fans drool on Davide and hope he picks them up.

    One tweet: “I love David!”

  • David is holding a card

    The show is over. And did you see a bright smile on his face when Davide knew he had to choose his woman?

  • message!

    David got a text message.

    Everyone is so nervous.

    Chao Bella! eh. someone is going home

  • Page favorites

    Page will win, according to betting site Paddy Power Games.

    Considering the age and hometown of the islanders, their reunion history, and the best state to move into a villa, the study suggests that Paige Son is the best woman of the year.

  • mega

    Have you seen her Meg Ryan moments when Paige does her orgasmic face?

    What makes her… watch this space.

  • tono

    Dami soooo is not impressed with the toe sucking action.


  • Authentic wine spot

    Fans and islanders are outraged when Davide takes off his clothes.

    Start the game.

  • Mamma Mia


    That’s it.

    Form an orderly queue.

  • Nonsense

    Have you seen Gemma Grill Liam?

    These chicks don’t have time to chat.

    Don’t think he’ll score.

    Ha ha ha.

  • lovely voice over

    Iain Stirling took a sip of some fun juice before putting on tonight’s show.

    He is on fire.

  • sexy story

    Love Island fans want to know more about this sex position where Luca tells Paige to get ready.


    “I totally regret choosing to watch it with my mom,” one fan tweeted.

  • make it work

    Do you see Indiyah working Ikenna?

    It’s closer to sweat. Poor man, you can’t rest.


  • blondie

    See how shy Andrew used to tell Tasha that he usually dates brunettes?

    I love you. This swallow does not back down.

  • short straw

    Do you see Gemma say her man is too small?

    Page says the same thing about Luca.

    I’m done…

  • drama island

    oh oh Fans aren’t sure about these couplings.

    One tweet: “How Dami and Indiyah are going to say goodbye to their couple.”

  • good luca

    Paige and Luca look like a pair in heaven.

    Well, the famous last word.


  • hot couple warning

    Hmm Gemma has joined Liam.

    It looks like she’s still leaving the options open. Ha ha ha

  • Dami are you sure?

    Dami seems really happy to be forced to partner with Amber.


  • Damifine


    Scientists you know.

    But the accent…the fans are

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