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Great sound works great on my desktop computer.

This soundbar offers fantastic price and sound quality. For just $50, it’s really good for a bedroom TV type setup. It’s definitely not the fancy sound system that others offer for hundreds of dollars, but if you’re looking for something at this price point, it’s not what you’re looking for. Anyway, setup is super easy, comes with cables, and the remote has sound settings for everything you’re listening to (the movie setup gives you the best overall quality). If you are contemplating whether to buy this or not, the brand I recommend may be a less well-known brand, but the company that made it is excellent and the price is great.

It worked fine and on my TV it worked very well, although I had some trouble. Good sound for the price. I am satisfied with the product.

Edited October 2021 – 8 Month Review: You Get What You Pay For. This item does not come with a 3.5mm to rca cable as advertised. I had to order it separately. I bought this in February 2021 and reviewed it in March 2021. But they still advertise that it comes with 3. No response from seller when contacted about missing cables. Only contact from the seller was after posting a less than stellar review. They wanted me to change it.

Matches well with 50′ Visio TV.

Getu Soundbar –

The quality of this product is pretty decent I’m using it in my room except for using bluetooth in the bathroom. It sounds great, but I wouldn’t use it for a home theater or cinema room in my living room.

The remote control, options and responsiveness of this speaker are just amazing. It’s a fantastic option for the price. The wood grain is obviously fake, but it looks really nice. The whole product exceeded my expectations and with the eq the sound gets rather good quality.

It was very easy to connect to my TV and other devices. The sound quality is perfect.

When I mounted my new TV to the wall, I was very upset and the sound was so low that I got a soundbar that cost less than my TV, had no problems and sounded great.

Such a great soundbar on a budget. As an audio engineer for many of your favorite movies (very welcome, I have to say, I have to stamp it for approval. I have a boss in my main living room, I co-located this to compare and he’s not. But the movie , talk TV, music streaming, gaming, and all TV applications, it’s a very exceptional thing.

Reliable performance for money. It is definitely recommended for medium-sized rooms.

For money you can’t beat it. I am deaf and this problem has been resolved. I haven’t tested bluetooth, but I’m pretty sure it works.

I was very surprised that it automatically detects the audio from the Aux input, so you don’t have to turn it on or off separately. The audio quality is pretty good considering the size and price of the speakers. It sounds much better than the TV’s built-in speakers.

Getu Soundbar –

Great unit and fantastic sound quality. Installation was really easy and all the cables I needed were included.

Great soundbar at a great price.

I bought a soundbar and it sounds great. However, there are some limitations. It only seems to support stereo pcm, not hdmi, and no Alexa/google support either. Looks like I could add support with the Broadcom IR blaster I own. The sound is great. I’m not an audiophile, but I really like the sound. Eventually, I replaced it with a Polk Signa s3 so I could control the volume with Google Home. Was Polk Worth It? Absolutely not. But that’s what I did.

Great sound, easy connection for the money.

The sound bar has a nice looking (really nice) and good quality sound. The sound isn’t as good as my boss solo 5, but it’s a lot cheaper. I put it in my bedroom and it works great. I will buy one of these when i need another one, you can throw it away and replace it 3 times and still smaller than a bose or any system. The control should be smaller, but it works.

A great product does what it assumes to love. I couldn’t listen to TV until we got this.

Getu Soundbar –

Stay connected to Bluetooth.

This soundbar is very attractive and sounds great. I plugged it into my Fire TV earphone jack with the supplied 3.5mm cable so I could control the volume with the TV remote. The sound bar is behind the TV. To turn the TV on and off, simply point the remote control at the TV. I have several Bose soundbars and this runs for the money and pays a lot less.

For the money, it’s an amazing soundbar. The bluetooth on my s20+ is flawless and pure tone. With just a few EQ adjustments, the perfect low-volume office soundbar in your home or small bedroom can handle any speaker. It’s very well built with great connectivity options for mobile and home use and can be recommended with great packaging. For a fraction of the cost, it has a smart design and great sound that beats all of Walmart’s brand junk.

Getu Soundbar –

Getu Soundbar –

Getu Soundbar –

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