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GOGGLEBOX’s favorite Marcus Luther has a secret celebrity son who can’t appear on the show.

Appearing on the hit Channel 4 series with partner Mica Ven since 2018, Marcus is the father of boxer Shiloh Defreitas, 22, from a previous relationship.

Marcus and Mica entertain their fans at Gogglebox every week.


Marcus and Mica entertain their fans at Gogglebox every week.Credit: Instagram/therealmarcusluther
Marcus' son Shiloh is a boxer who doesn't appear in the goggles box.


Marcus’ son Shiloh is a boxer who doesn’t appear in the goggles box.Credit: Instagram
pair of rings


pair of ringsCredit: Instagram

He and Mica share a son, Yash, and Mica has two daughters, Sachelle and Shuggy, from their previous relationship with Marcus.

But while those three kids have appeared in the Couch Potato series, Shiloh has never and never will.

Off the show, boxing coach Marcus has overseen his son Shiloh’s successful boxing career and has previously revealed why his eldest isn’t coming to Gogglebox.

Shiloh did a few shots for the show after the producer’s approach, but it didn’t work and his scenes never aired.

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“The goggles box isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can ‘goggles’,” Marcus told the BBC. [Shiloh’s] too aggressive

“Me and the boy had an argument, so I told him to throw the hook. The producers tried to help him, but he started again. He doesn’t have a goggle box. He is a fighter.”

Shiloh has fought over 85 fights under the name Sugar Shy.

He will fight May 21st at 02 in London.

Shiloh, who goes by the name @sugarshy on Instagram, regularly posts pictures of herself training and showing off her torn body.

His dad Marcus runs TM Boxing in London, which aims to help underprivileged children in the community.

Marcus said: “I’m famous for my Gogglebox, but now people will know that I’m not just sitting on the couch. I have been doing boxing for years.”

And he provided insight into his relationship with his son, whom he rarely saw.

He told the BBC: To sit there and watch my son possibly die in the ring?

“We love the sport, but I will always choose my son over boxing.

Marcus (center) and Mica (far right) with all the children


Marcus (center) and Mica (far right) with all the childrenCredit: Instagram

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