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Never had a projector and a master of mine already has this and he recommended it to me. Excellent value for money and great piece of equipment.

The media could not be loaded.  start from down point, the sound is not match for the quality of the image, a bit too low for really go through the whole movie. There is a jack out for your connection with soundbar or hi-fi system, would be ideal to have an optical out for this price range, there is no bag to carry it around, not a problem for me but some people might need it. Now the good part, qualiof image is amazing as well as the frequency, everything look smooth a joy for the eyes. The fan in the projector usually is very loud, this one is definitely more queit, even is you still can hear it, nice to have a filter in the fan so the inside should be dust free (also have a spare one) love the lens protector with string so you won’t lose it. The focus is manual while the keystone is in the menu option so i guess is electronic.

The set up was straight forward. We have a xbox linked up to the projector. Overall i deffinatly recommend buying this projector.

I had not heard of the wiselazer brand before but when i received this i was pleasantly surprised. With its curved corners and shiny white finish, it had a premium look that i did not expect. Set up was easy, especially if you’ve used a projector before. Display is bright and clear and even the built-in sound of 10w is good enough for most purposes. Though not designed as a portable projector, it is light and small enough to be carried around (though i would recommend buying a projector case if you intend to do this). Even better, it’s quieter than most projectors i’ve tried. Note: you will need two aaa batteries for the remote control which is quite annoying. The user interface is not the most modern out there (i was never a fan of coloured square boxes), but it is functional and easy to navigate. You can cast from your mobile phones but if streaming, plug in a streaming stick like fire tv or roku to get the best viewing experience. Yes, there are better projectors out there, but for just under £270, there is a lot to like and not much to dislike with this wiselazer full hd 4k projector.

The projector hasn’t been used yet as it is a christmas present. So far i’ve been contacted by wiselaser twice regarding customer support and once for a promotional offer. Can’t fault their after sales which has given me the peace of mind that if there are any problems with the projector i’ll not be ignored.

Mirroring my phone device and watching everything in so clear picture oh lord . Is perfect for pubs and coffee shops , especially this summer when is euro 2020 football and all games so is great on white screen and perfect so many people can follow the games same time.

The picture quality is good whether we put it on a smaller screen or the larger screen. Some difficulty at first to get it to stream but once we figured it out much easier to use.

The media could not be loaded.  bright and easy to operate, its small so doesn’t really take a lot of weight when fitted to the celling. It has electrical key stone settings which really helps to get it perfectly aligned with the projector screen. What i r2like though is the sealed optics, no dust or any other particles will get into picture, good buy generally.

  • Great value projector with excellent 1080p image
  • Incredible projector, reasonable value for for money!
  • Fantastic projector with powerful 1080p graphics

Wiselazer Full Hd Projector 4k Native 1080p Movie/Tv Video Projector, Portable Sealed Dustproof/Airplay/Miracast, Home/Garden Cinema Wifi Led Projector For Smartphone/Pc/Tv Box/Hdmi/Usb

The media could not be loaded.  had a projector set up that was standard definition and really enjoyed it, just that it lacked clarity. After a few years, i decided to upgrade to something that is 4k ready (but i believe projects in full hd?). Integrated very well into my set up (even has a choice of white or black depending on what you want, white suited my room better). The resolution is very impressive, i didnt think that a projector could be so clear. The speakers are also surprisingly good. I have a seperate speaker setup but these are more than suitable for most applications. The screen can also be much larger, ive set it to 70% of the size to fit my wall (at approx 6-7ft). Its certainly not as cheap as the standard def projectors but its very impressive and good value for money compared to its competitors.

The media could not be loaded. Native 1080p?this is the wiselazer portable outdoor / indoor uhd 4k projector, measuring 23 x 23 x 8cm, weighing 1. 45kg, includes remote control (you will need 2 x aaa), uk 3 pin power lead, 1m hdmi lead, basic instructions and lens cloth. Setting up you will need 2 x aaa batteries and a usb c / lightning to hdmi lead to play 4k video from phone. You can also play video from pc, console, usb blade or video camera with leads usb or hdmi. Once powered up, at the menu it will ask you which input you are using and either hdmi (for 4k), hummingbird ios cast (found fiddly from ipad) or miracast for android (worked a treat with my s20). You can add to your wifi easily, and tinker with screen positioning / display quality. I just did a simple play test on my living room wall from my phone on netfix (see video), and tbh i was amazed at the display quality considering the basic set up i was using in daylight. It would be massively better with projector screen instead of magnolia matte paintmy phone acted as the media player, unfortunately sky, bt and other media players do not allow you to cast, but netflix ‘n bbc do.

The media could not be loaded.  my husband is in love with this projector. He installed it straight away and it’s amazing. We connected it with earbuds to not wake up our child while we watching. Sounds and picture quality is absolutely amazing. Looks really good as well in our bedroom.

The media could not be loaded.  edit: video to show quality included. Having upgraded to this projector i can really appreciate the jump to 4k as the picture quality really is amazing. We have quite a small living room and this projector works well with the space that we have. It’s really good value for money with the quality of the picture and how easy it is to use. Ive only ever used it at night and the brightness has been perfect once you set it up to suit your surroundings. The fabric finish at the top is a nice touch as well.

The media could not be loaded.  honestly, this is a great little projector. I wanted something good, but not too expensive. This is my 4th projector and the one ive been most happy with. Cheap ones have awful resolution, poco projectors are noisy and expensive ones are too expensivethis one has full 1080p native resolution amd the image quality is spot on. You really need to allow the light to dim to fully benefit but as my images show, you can get good results without total darkness. There is no motion blur and the on board speakers are plenty loud enough. Ive been watching the euros using these alone and the sound is loud and clear. The package comes with a hdmi and a remote. You should buy a tripod or mount to use it best.

Very easy to set-up easy to use.

This does the job well enough for me. Picture is decent, whilst not amazing. Its very watchable but if you have used a top of the range projector before you will notice that its just ok. Regardless, most poeople wont have and will likley be very impressed. Brightness is great, room doesnt have to be pitch black (althought it helps). Colours are vivid enough, and definitly gives you that cinema feel. It was fantastic for hororr movies over halloween. Weve had it running at 100 inches on a blank wall and it looked great. I have no doubt this would look even better on a screen. The mirorring worked really well, but i mainly have just plugged a firestick into it.

This projector is a bit pricey however you pay for quality, very easy to set up and very clear and bright image, easy to connect and to control.

  • Great value projector with excellent 1080p image
  • Incredible projector, reasonable value for for money!
  • Fantastic projector with powerful 1080p graphics

Wiselazer Full Hd Projector 4k Native 1080p Movie/Tv Video Projector, Portable Sealed Dustproof/Airplay/Miracast, Home/Garden Cinema Wifi Led Projector For Smartphone/Pc/Tv Box/Hdmi/Usb

The media could not be loaded.  this projector is well packaged and comes with everything you need to get started. I chose this one because i wanted 1080p instead of the 480p on my old one. It’s such a game changer having a 1080p projector. The image is so much sharper and clearer. The speaker is pretty good too but i would suggest linking it to a surround sound system if you can or just some stereo speakers to get the full cinema experience. As you can see form the video, i recorded this during the day with the curtains closed and you can still see it perfectly well, obviously it is loads better in the dark as all projectors are. The video is using my laptop via mirrorcast. I found that it lagged a bit with my mobile phone but laptop was just fine. The projector has a decent remote control, no batteries included though.

I liked everything about the projector.

We weren’t sure what to expect from this, not knowing the brand and it being our first home projector, but we were really impressed – it’s elicited a lot of wonderment from family and friendsit’s very easy to operate straight out of the box at its simplest setting, namely usb / hdmi cable. When it starts up, it boots into its own operating system, which you click through using the remote (2xaaa batteries, not supplied). If you have a usb stick with picture / video media, you just select ‘filemanager’ and locate your media to display it. This is the mode we’ve been using most of all, but it’s also equipped with bluetooth and wifi, with two menu options to connect ios or android devices remotely. We found this a little fiddly (make sure to switch the language from chinese to english in the settings before trying to enter your wifi password too, as the former is the default language on first run) but when you’ve done it once it’s much easier on subsequent pairings. Height / angle is adjusted via a single threaded foot underneath. Focus is easily adjustable by turning the lens wheel, exposed on the side of the unit. You can get a really sharp, large picture when it’s all set up – surprisingly so – and the colour is nice and bold too. It really pops at night with the lights off, and we have been using it at a distance of around 10-12 feet from the wall, although it will easily throw further. That’s one powerful laser light though, so do be careful when walking in front of itthe built-in speakers are adequate for casual use but a little tinny, so if you’re using it for anything substantial, you’ll most likely want to attach external speakers to the audio out jack (3.

Excellent picture quality, value for money and timely delivery. We found it easy to set up and exceptional quality.

Amazing item works greatcomes with remote.

I have not had one of these before so i cannot compare with other projectors. I have always wanted one so that i can use it in the garden in particular. This seems to me to be a good one. It is easy to connect to wi-fi and phone which makes it really useful. The picture quality is not the hd of 4k quality you would get on the tv but i did not expect that. The picture quality does depend to some extent on how light/dark it is. I did not expect the picture quality to be as good as it is and i am impressed. I did not expect the sound to be as good as it is either. It is more than acceptable although i will probably still use my own speakers. Easy to use and fits in well without devices. The remote is functional and works although i did find it hard to get the cover off to insert the batteries (2 aaa which you buy separately). I am well pleased with this projector. It seems to be this is a top quality projector.

The media could not be loaded.  i’ve had this now for a good few weeks and with products like this, i like to test them as much as possible in order to provide as honest as possible of a review. I have had several different branded projectors of various levels over the last six months and so i believe that should enable me to give a greater scope in opinion to this product. When you received the product you will find in the box; the projector itself, hdmi cable, power cable, remote (no batteries unfortunately aaa needed) manual, lense cloth and warranty card. The packaging is very good and everything fits snugly and looks like attention to detail has gone into this. The projector is actually one of the nicest visually i’ve seen. It’s very modern and slick, the top is similar to a google nest mini/echo dot. It has a fabric type top which matches these products, it’s grey and would easily blend into a home. Others can be very obstructive looking but this genuinely is great to look at. You have a cap lense cover on the front, power button ontop but no way to control unless using the remote.

Easy to focus with smooth front knob, you get the hdmi cable included, cleaning lens cloth and manual, you can plug an amazon fire, dvd, blu ray, etc player in via the hdmi. You have to set the wifi and projection image setting but its very easy to do. I am well impressed by the great vivid clear colours, i didn’t expect a projector image to be so good as this but it is 4k but even so its as good as some tvs. You do need a white screen in addition or you could use a clear white wall if you have one. If the image is not straight due to the projector being uneven you can correct this easy with the handset. It seems very expensive but the picture quality rather makes up for it.

I have used another much smaller projector and the picture quality is the same. I think this product ought to be priced a little lower due to the size as there are other products that are much more compact but just as efficient. Still, the price is fairly low for a projector and the quality is plenty good enough to view movies on for our kids. I think as a portable solution it is fine but if i were going to have this as a permanent feature then i would buy something with a much greater picture quality.

WISELAZER Full Hd Projector 4k Native 1080p Movie/Tv Video Projector :         Good choice of inputs but dim image projected

I would consider myself an av enthusiast but was not in the market for a projector until i was offered the chance to review this one, therefore this review is my honest opinion of the product but with no frame of reference how it compares to other cheaper or more expensive projectors. Initial impressions of this product were good – it comes well packaged and although light and portable it doesn’t feel overly cheap or low quality, it also has a good range of connectivity options and the remote is a handy bonus. I was eager to give it a try, and for the purposes of this review i used a plain white, rather thin, bed sheet for a screen, and i accept that this is far from ideal so i have reflected that in my opinion of the image quality. For what it is worth the projector impressed me enough to invest in a better projection screen, and i may update my review at a later date if using a projector screen radically changes the performance. So, after some fiddling about to work out which way to turn the lens to focus the image i tried linking my samsung phone, i managed to connect it through their dex app but preferred to use miracast for my testing (make sure you select the ‘enable wireless display’ option in the app and ensure the projector is connected to the same wi-fi – as an aside the projector supports both 2. 4ghz and 5ghz wi-fi connections which is great for a budget device). Ios users can use their screen mirror option which is a separate menu option, i didn’t test this one specifically but i have no reason to assume the connection won’t be as successful with an iphone or ipad. The first thing i tried was to watch the football, at this point i hadn’t gone into any of the menu options, so this is out of the box 100% zoom projection, and it filled the wall effectively even in a room that wasn’t pitch black with some natural light – i have no doubt using a proper projector and reducing the ambient light would vastly improve the image, but as someone who used to watch football in the pub on an early projector that probably cost much more than this back in the early 2000s i was happy with the image. The biggest surprise for me was the built in speaker which was an unexpected bonus and gave decent performance for the price point, it would be more than suitable in an outdoor setting for example, and is effective at drowning out some of the fan noise, which sadly is very loud and the reason for knocking off a star. We also tried streaming other content from the phone like photos and home videos and this worked great, there is something added by viewing your photos and videos on a big screen and really adds a retro vibe to your gallery that is lost through viewing them on small hi-res screens.

I was looking for a good projector that but didn’t want to cough up £500 for it. This projector ticks most of the boxes and it’s a perfect budget projector for the price i got it. Its a perfect projetor for a dark room and i am happy that i purchased this one amid so many other projectors out there. Pros-simple setup – it’s very easy to setup didn’t take much time to understand the functions. Picture quality- large screen and still manage to have good picture quality throughout the screen. I am happy with the quality of the o/p produced by the projector. Great picture quality for a dark room. Speaker – i must say the team has managed to produce a very decent sound quality to fill in your room and the best part is the sound doesn’t go harsh on ear even if are at volume level 75. So thumbs up for the sound quality. Heating – the projector is well ventilated to i didn’t observe any heating even after a marathon 5 hour run of the projector.

The media could not be loaded.  i have been looking at buying this projector for a while to set up my own home cinema, and when i saw this projector i had to buy iti watched reviews on youtube about the projector and so i thought i should give it a try. The projector is exceptionally impressive. The image is clear with a high-definition lens. The low noise the projector makes is way less than my older one. I have used it to watch netflix, youtube and even play ps5 on it. It has been incredible for all of these things. The zoom and keystone settings make this incredibly easy to setup and it is very suitable to be portable.   the picture and audio settings can be customised and so i customised it to my preferences. I will definitely recommend this projector for people if they are looking as it’s incredible, espcially considering the price.

Comes well packaged in a foam lined box with all you need except the 2 aaa batteries for the remote as they are not supplied. I found it very difficult to get the remotes battery cover off and in the end had to use a knife to prise it off as it got jammed. The remote is small and has a cheap feel to it but the company will, apparently, replace it if it is broken or lost for free. This is good as you need the remote to operate the unit. The projector itself only has an on/off button without the remote; it is nothing but an expensive light bulb. It comes with a 55” long power lead and 38” long hdmi lead. The projector itself has a quality feel to it and a reasonable weight, the lens is protected with a rubber push-on cap and a small door in the base gives access to the air filter (a spare filter is included in the packaging). An adjustable foot allows you to raise and lower the unit. The projector was easy to set up even if like me you have never owned or used one before. This is just as well as the supplied quick start guide covers one side of a piece of a5 card.

Bought this projector to be able to use inside and outside. Did a lot of research before buying and chose this one due to the good reviews and the high lumens. I’ve not been disappointed. Easy to set up, super clear picture and works brilliantly even in daylight.

I really like this projector, so much so that i think i may use this as my main source. I’ve had several different brands over the last few months and i hope this will allow for a greater insight into this one. Firstly the device itself is esthetically pleasing, the design is simple but effective. Others generally have bands of colours but i like the plane one colouring which is white. It doesn’t look out of place and would suit any room. There’s a cap to cover the bulb which is simple to clip in. It’s rubber and locks on nicely. It stays secure, so when the projector is off your bulb won’t be gathering dust. There is one button for power on the top of the unit. It’s blue and distinctive enough that you know where it is but not overpowering, as to look out of place.

The picture quality is astounding and it is super easy to set up. We set ours up on a side table to the right of our sofa to show the image in the space where our tv was situated on a stand in the centre of the room and therefore offset from the sofa. It was well and truly off centre to where the projector sits. However, using the remote you can easily manipulate where the image is directed too, so it doesn’t matter if it isn’t central to where you want the projector to sit compared to where the image ends up. And there is zero distortion or loss of quality. In terms of image quality at first i didn’t think it was that good. Only achieving 1080p whilst watching amazon prime plugged into on of the two hdmi ports at the back.

The media could not be loaded.  very happy with the purchase. The picture quality is great, much better than my previous projector where you can see the pixels. I am posting a photo and a video but i have to say that due to recording it in a dark room (and my phone camera not performig great in dark) the actual picture is even better than the video.

This projector arrived in simple packaging. Inside is a very smart looking device with matching remote. Batteries and cables included. The projector has all the necessary outputs as pictured. The lens has a protector attached. It’s super easy to connect to my devices and wifi, i just followed the simple steps on the quick set up sheet. Adjusting the focus is quick, just gently turn the knob on the side of the lens. I find the brightness to be satisfactory and the picture quality is crisp. Totally fine to watch against a white painted wall and i think it will be perfect for watching football in the garden with.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Clear Pictures & Eye-Friendly】 This projector uses an exclusive innovative optical system and high quality optical lens made by a Japanese company. The lens uses multiple glass lenses with a high refractive index. The focus of the lens is accurate and the edge and center of the image are 100% in focus, preventing the eye from compensating for the focus. Therefore, the projector can be focused properly and it’s good for the eyes at all!
  • 【Sealed Dustproof & Portable HD Projector】 The unique design of the sealing elements prevents airborne dust from entering the projector. The sealed projector does not create black spots on the projection surface that affect the viewing experience. High resolution native 1920x1080P, supports 4k via HDMI, 10000: 1 high contrast, 98% (NTSC) colors are richer and more realistic. This projector weighs only 1.45 kg, which is very light and portable.
  • 【WiFi & Wireless Sync】 The portable outdoor projector can be connected to IOS / Android. Android phones don’t need to be connected to WiFi. Turn on the wireless projection function of the Android phones and turn on “Miracast” of the projector to sync with the Android phones. The IOS mobile phone activates “Screen Mirroring” and connects to the same WiFi with the projector to realize the same screen display.
  • 【Adjustable Brightness and Contrast of USB / HDMI & ± 25 ° Vertical Keystone Correction & Zoom Function】 When connected via HDMI and USB, brightness and contrast are adjustable. When the projector is playing a video, you can click the menu button on the remote control directly (the menu button is a button with 3 horizontal lines) and then enter the settings, you can choose a variety of modes. The projected image can be scaled (100% -50%).
  • 【Worry-Free Shopping & Lifelong Professional Technical Support】 We offer professional technical support and perfect after-sales service. If you have any problems during use, please let us know in time and we will reply to solve the problems in time. If the remote control is lost, we will send you a new one.

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