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Even though instructions are provided, the assembly is not very simple. In my opinion, the instructions should be clearer and simpler.

Easy to use and great for frame tv.

The bracket is very good except for the screws and dowels which are too cheap I took my own from Fischer.

I was looking for a suitable bracket for an 85″ Samsung QN95A and chose a wall mount from the manufacturer because of the high weight of the TV. Compared to no-name products, you pay a little more, but thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, assembly is also easy to do for people with no technical knowledge. With a template, drill holes can be drawn on the wall, then drill and screw to the wall, done. Hanging up the TV is also a good solution, as you can hang the TV diagonally and at a certain distance from the wall using a bracket and then slide it against the wall in the next step (powerful magnets ensure that even a 55kg TV remains close to the wall). The end result is impressive: the TV is only a few millimeters away from the wall and therefore looks first-class. Of course, I have no direct comparison with cheap brackets, would always choose this bracket again for the good feeling of a secure attachment, tight fit on the wall and easy installation.

With the slim fit wall mount, it is possible to mount the Samsung TV to the wall with an extremely small distance. The attachment itself is much more time-consuming and fiddly than the corresponding Samsung video on YouTube suggests.

Service, delivery and product are great. You may need a phd to be able to understand the instructions and in hindsight i should have paid curry’s to install as 85” can be easily damaged. Saying that the wall bracket is perfect and does exactly what it says – i went with the 7mm seamless gap which hugs the wall brilliantly -no complaints so far would definitely recommend.

Fully satisfied with the product, the installation seemed complicated but in reality it is not. The only drawback is the price that I honestly find excessive

Mounts the samsung units so close, it looks recessed into the wall, a must for tv’s 65′ and above. The larger the better in my opinion. Remains slightly adjustable enough for small amounts of tilt and twist. Excellent design & build quality, even though it looks impossible at first.

  • Slim wall TV bracket
  • Good quality and allows TV to sit tight against wall
  • Samsung Super Slim bracket

Samsung Tv Slim Fit Wall Mount

Slim fit wall mount. With the slim fit wall mount, you can attach your Samsung TV to the wall almost without any gaps. In this way, the TV can blend harmoniously into different facilities. Please note compatibility.

Well in general, complex assembly was easy to assemble and fits well. In my opinion, the relatively high price justifies the result. Just a feast for the eyes, to have the TV on the wall like a painting.

Took a little time to work out which template to use but once i’d figured it out for the 43″ au8000 it went up okay. I had three tries at covering the plug and aerial socket. All in all expensive but gives a secure mounting for a big tv.

You should already have a little bit of manual skills. However, this bracket is forgiving if the two parts it consists of are not hanging 100% straight, because you can still fine-tune the TV after hanging it up. A template is included that can be used to mark the drill holes. All you have to do is glue the right parts of the template together, suitable for the device in question. However, all dimensions are also included in the instructions for use, so that you can determine and mark the position of the drill holes yourself. I chose this variant, i.e. without a template, and the TV hangs exactly as it should. My QN95A therefore hangs almost without a gap and absolutely straight on the wall. I used the included screws and dowels, which make a very high-quality impression. German as I am, I drilled an additional hole for each bracket and used mounting material from my own range. However, I am absolutely sure that this was completely unnecessary The thing holds!! Unfortunately, the mount is quite expensive. Fortunately, I was able to buy them for 69€ in the warehouse.

Great tv at the lowest price.

Perfectly integrated on my TV 9070 2021 it becomes flush with the wall. The delivery was fast, the mount is great. Quick installation and makes a very good impression.

Excellent tv bracket and the tv is flat to the wall.

The mount is great. The price is natural, as it is a branded product, accordingly, more expensive than other products. Otherwise, simple assembly and fairly stable. The TV is pretty close to the wall. Everything’s great.

Easy to install, it’s not like they say it goes flush with the wall after years ago I used a non-original product and I found myself with a 50 inch in the ground since then only original brackets I changed 3 75-inch Samsung TVs and 3 different brackets because of the TV models. always thinner and closer to the wall only mm.7 in the package everything you need to fix it to the wall. tiras, slimming, screws, etc.

  • Slim wall TV bracket
  • Good quality and allows TV to sit tight against wall
  • Samsung Super Slim bracket

Samsung Tv Slim Fit Wall Mount

Close fitting to wall looks smart. Would not pay the price samsung recommends.

Great assembly, solid construction. There are no instructions in Italian, there is also Aramaic, and ancient Greek. There is nothing to complain about against the wall bracket, but the price is far too expensive. (usury prices)

Absolutely great bracket, great material, my LG 86 inch NanoCell TV is hanging on the wall so well that I even had to buy special very thin fiber HDMI cables, but it’s all worth it. I can only recommend it to everyone the price is worth it. TOP!!

The shipment came quickly, as usual on Amazon. It is actually the original Samsung part. The individual articles are clearly packaged, but I can’t imagine whether it is necessary to pack each part in a thick plastic film, especially since the parts in the bag were placed in form-fitting polystyrene. There is still room for improvement in the environment. Appropriate drilling templates are included for almost all common models and sizes, all well illustrated. However, it is an absolute impudence that you sell an item on the German market and the only language that is not included in the instructions is German! I mean, there was something in Indian too. For that, a thick point deduction. The individual parts are really stable, sufficient material thickness, clean edges, carefully deburred, all this looks very valuable. On the device side, the connection is child’s play, you just have to decide what distance from the wall you want. 7.5 mm or 15 mm, with appropriate adapters and spacer pads included. You should be in pairs for the drilling template, but with tacks and experience, you can also do it alone. Screws and dowels are included for the wall bracket. It is interesting that 8 (!) screws 6×80 plus 8 dowels, 8 x 40, but with only two (!) 6 mm threaded screws. No matter, a lot helps a lot. I thought!. With the drilling template, you can work in the water with a tolerance of one or another millimeter, Samsung has installed a great gimmick when hanging on the device, so that you can message the device accordingly and that lasts. Made really clever! So, and now comes the main point of criticism and, in my opinion, an absolute knockout criterion, for all who do not now call a well-equipped hobby room with tools their own and have a bit of experience. The screws for the wall mount are not just cheekiness, that borders on trickery! Imagine selling a television to the customer for about €1400, plus a bracket for €85 and then you add screws that are not worth a cent. My tip: do not use these screws under any circumstances. The material is so soft and lumpy that the cross recess immediately gives way and becomes round as soon as the torque becomes too strong. And then you can try to turn the thing out of the wall with the pliers. Why for God’s sake!!!! do you save there of all things and why can’t you add something to it that is also good. I then connected the thing with normal countersunk spax (5×50) from Bauhaus with the cordless screwdriver and the thing was finished and it was bombproof. This also fits with the included dowels. For drilling with a drill of 8, the dowel does not “fit”, but can be hammered in well and sits snugly. So in terms of material, the thing is really good, but you should know how to help yourself or know Indian or Russian or Arabic. Or you buy it in India, then maybe a German manual is included. One more note about mounting in the wall mount: if you just hang it in, the TV doesn’t hang straight and it hangs forward. You have to push the TV down with a little force until the brackets click into the wall mount. Then the carrier plate fits under the wall bracket and hangs straight. The television can then also be pulled forward at the bottom to make the connection. Another recommendation: connect the cable to the GQ95A, or everyone with the Connectbox, before you hang the TV on it. Otherwise, there’s a stupid trick to get the plug in, it’s too tight.

I bought this product very convinced that an original Samsung product could not mislead the actual measurements, in fact I was wrong. once you have installed the TV, you realize that even if you have selected the mounting option from 7.5 mm away from the wall, this will eventually be 3-3.5 cm. I will not return it for correctness, as I used the supplied dowels and I don’t know how they could replace them in a possible sale on the marketplace, and I want to put myself in the customer’s shoes that in addition to the above disappointment, you would see pseudo-compatible material delivered. VOTE 2, without wanting to mention the price of course, otherwise it drops to 1

The wall bracket delivers what it promises. The TV is really close to the wall. This of course causes the sound of the TV to suffer, but since I use a sound bar anyway, it’s not relevant for me. Installation is also very easy thanks to the template.

essential to enhance the design of the Samsung 2021 top of the range line and very easy to install. The full price is definitely not cheap, but it is consistent with the value of the TV to hang and the materials it is made of. I was lucky enough to find it on offer at a 40% discount on Amazon Warehouse just because the outer packaging was damaged: everything else was perfect and factory sealed.

Good quality and allows tv to sit tight against wall 1/2 the price if purchased from samsung. Lot of money for a wall mount but worth it as it allows the tv to sit less than 25mm from the wall surface.

As usual, the item arrived quickly and safely packaged. I ordered this wall mount for a 75 inch Neo QLED TV and am more than happy with the result. The workmanship of the wall mount is really terrific and makes a very finished impression. The product is very well thought out and forgives even minor errors during installation as the TV can still be centered after hanging. Everything is included to easily install the wall mount. Nevertheless, I recommend two people as it simplifies a lot of things. However, I am very disappointed with the screws. That’s why I’m subtracting a star. Samsung should definitely make improvements here. The screws are very soft, which makes the crosshead of the screw round quickly. As a result I had to replace 3 screws. Commercially available Torx screws would be a great alternative. My television is directly on the wall. It looks really great, but I had to replace all HDMI cables because my TV doesn’t have a one-connect box and standard HDMI cables are too thick for the smallest distance. Apart from the defective screws, I am very satisfied and can recommend this wall mount to others.

Samsung Tv Slim Fit Wall Mount :         Good close to wall filling

easy to assemble, fits perfectly I am satisfied with the result the TV stands out like a frame I recommend

The TV is separated from the wall 7.5 mm which makes it look like a picture. The only problem is that it is a bit expensive, but it is worth it since it is very resistant with a minimum thickness.

As you can see in the picture, 2 short screws and 5 long screws were supplied. The 5 long ones are all exactly the same length. However, it should be two longer to be able to mount the TV at a distance of 15 mm. It must not happen that such decisively important parts are missing from a kit.

It doesn’t fit the wall perfectly. Super difficult to assemble. Even the TV technicians couldn’t. I had to return and order another one from Amazon.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with AU8000-Q900A (43 – 85 inch models) excluding Q80A
  • Wall mounting with almost no gap (7.5 mm minimum)
  • Made of steel

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