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Very annoyingly, the TV’s feet are 660mm (26 inches apart. 5 inches wide, which is the standard width for a small glass corner TV stand. The 2017 Samsung, when this is being replaced, had a leg in the center of the set, but needed 330mm (13 inches) to support it. I like everything else about the TV, not what I thought before buying, so now I need to either buy a universal leg that fits the vesa mount point or buy a new TV stand.

Replaced my old 32″ Samsung TV and wanted only 32″ and couldn’t get the uhd. No need. This TV is great. Once set, the photos are so nice, crisp, very sharp, with deep blacks and vivid colors. I am very satisfied with my choice.

When they arrived they were wrapped in a black plastic bag and parcel tape as if they had been on the road for a long time. I got it to work, but thought it would be better with qled. After you get a new Ariel, you can also return it if there is no improvement.

The sound quality wasn’t as good as expected, but I didn’t expect the slow Smart TV menu, and the picture quality was good. I am satisfied with the tv.

The colors are a bit dark in dark scenes when using a ps5 or something connected with hdmi. Color is normal.

Great picture quality and settings were a breeze.

I needed another 32″ TV for streaming and gaming, and this one seemed to be the best on the market. Because it is a qled light, the black is deep and the sound quality is good. Fast and feature-rich with all the streaming apps you need. Basically, photo retouching for both watching TV and gaming is completely garbage. Owning an xbox and a calibration disc with built-in calibration settings allowed me to calibrate to the best of my ability. HDR for streaming is perfect, but at only about 300 nits of peak brightness, I don’t bother leaving it on for gaming. You need at least 600 nits for hdr to look great. For some reason, color calibration was completely broken in game mode when the TV initially registered the console. Red and green are so saturated that correction is almost impossible. For games, we recommend changing the source to PC with Game Mode on.

The picture quality is high quality, but you need a soundbar that makes you feel that the sound is definitely lacking. A designed remote control is not a good tool.

  • excellent
  • Nice but stupid design flaw
  • VESA mounting is off the vertical centerline.

Samsung Qe32q50aauxxu 32″ Qled TV

Full 1080p HD Smart Tizen Platform Quantum HDR Preview HD Tuner OTS Lite Samsung QE32Q50A 32″ Full 1080p HD HDR Smart QLED TV – OTS Lite This QE32Q50AAUXXU brings Samsung’s QLED technology to a 32-inch TV for the first time. It’s a quantum display that makes the colors look fantastic on this 32-inch screen. Powered by the Tizen operating system also found on the top-of-the-line Samsung models, this TV boasts a host of smart features, including a catch-up service like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or My5. Plus, with the click of a few buttons, you can access apps like Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney+. The QE32Q50AAUXXU’s connectivity is disappointing as its three HDMI ports and two USB ports allow you to connect to anything you want. No hassle of replacing leads every time you want to use something else connected. Controlling your TV is easier than ever with this QE32Q50AAUXXU. You can control it using the remote as well as ol, you can also use your voice, Google Assistant, Bixby and Alexa are all built in, so you can command and perform commands on the TV with just your voice.

I’ve been using this TV for 6 hours and it looks as expected, except that the VESA mounting hole on the back of the TV is 8.5 cm above the TV centerline. This means that when the TV is now mounted, it is 8.5 cm lower than expected and only the cabinet below it is emptied. I’ve looked online for details on where to mount the vesa in the manufacturer documentation, and the only place they show is a picture without dimensions, but the centerline of the fixture is the centerline of the TV.

I bought this a month ago and overall it’s a very good television. A bit pricey at £400 (I paid £330) but it’s well worth it. Simple installation and all apps. I use an indoor antenna and it works perfectly. It loses stars because the hole in the back is in an awkward position placed towards the top (center) of the back of the TV. When attached to the wall, the protruding TV bracket was visible on the top of the TV, and it was difficult to keep the TV level. I eventually had to throw it away and buy a TV bracket that wouldn’t fall flush with the wall. Neither installation was easy. The brackets that hold the TV to the surface are fine, but not really suitable for my needs. It’s a bit disappointing that there is no picture of the back of the TV, so you can’t know where the TV bracket hole is or where the connection is before you buy the TV.

I have the rest, now I have the best. Full HD makes the difference.

My preferred option was a 4k uhd television, but manufacturers won’t make a 32″ television in this format. The picture quality of this television is great and it has various apps, hdmi, usb and optical connections. The sound quality is very good and the volume is good. The stand provided didn’t fit my table so I bought a universal swivel TV stand/base table top TV stand for my 19″ – 39″ TV.

  • excellent
  • Nice but stupid design flaw
  • VESA mounting is off the vertical centerline.

Samsung Qe32q50aauxxu 32″ Qled TV

Features and Specifications

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  • full hd
  • Smart Tizen Platform
  • Quantum HDR
  • DVB-T2CS2

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