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I like the picture quality, sound quality, remote control, and overall arrangement of the smart TV. Excellent all-round TV for playing games, catching up, watching live TV and more. The added Bluetooth feature that allows syncing with wireless headphones and more makes this TV perfect.

I bought this TV to get the benefits of 4k 60hz and hdr. Expectations were low. Literally all features of the new xbox are supported except for 120hz as they require hdmi 2. tv It’s amazing especially for the price. After reading the reviews and found that none of them covered what I wanted to know before buying, I thought I’d type this in quickly. There is absolutely no noticeable lag in game mode. At first you have to go to advanced settings to select hdr on your xbox. I have to calibrate the hdr through 100% xbox to see it, but once it’s done it’s amazing. Help others before buying hdr 10dolby visionauto hdrhope. **Audio is average and sound bar is helpful.

All I need is my two pennies for this TV in case someone is thinking of picking it up. I recently bought the 55″ version for £379 via amazon/hughes. It’s a really good price, especially for the features a 4K TV promises. Unfortunately, it comes with some costs that may or may not be a deciding factor if you know what it is before you buy it. There is a fairly noticeable light bleed from the edges of the display, which is especially bad when viewing large photos of the same color, for example the sky, soccer pitches, or YouTube backgrounds. Also has a pretty bad dirty screen effect (dse) when panning. Again, this will be most obvious when watching football etc, so it’s not the best choice unless you’re particularly sensitive to noticing these kinds of things. I’ve been wanting this TV mainly for gaming and again, sadly not the best in that regard. The motion is the worst, the judder is very distinct and the pixel response time is slow with ghosting/trailing.

EDIT: Dropped a star. There is a transaction breaker bug atm. If you turn off motion smoothing, turn the TV off and then on again. Screen glitches, black flickering, and stuttering animations on comic lines (as of July 2021). Also, the two screen brackets are clearly visible in the field of view. See picture. In reality, it’s not that noticeable. . Motion smoothing effect is not available. See the glitch in photos from the Central Park animated series. Edit2: I must say hisense customer service is great and they really helped me. If you are experiencing these issues a, make sure your hdmi port is in ‘enhanced’ mode b , go back to customer service and find something very responsive. It’s refreshing. The Proswell looks better than the price bracket. The bluetooth sync syncs well with my b&o h7 headphones. It offers amazing value with dolby vision and bluetooth. I don’t need a soundbar because it sounds good, but I use one anyway. The conshdr is never good under £1000 so smoothing out the slightly pointless movement even on low causes was a bad glitching gray uniformity that was noticeable on my device (see picture), but it could definitely get better with an lcd, so keep an eye on ittv screens if you keep an eye on the ittv screen. It shines. There is a bug because the reflectivity is too high. Motion smoothing a. Even if the power is turned off and then on again, the TV does not remember the settings and turns on again. Bottom line, great value, but be sure to turn off motion smoothing as it introduces glitches, especially in cartoon lines around the mouth and fast-moving material. Mine has poor gray uniformity. This means you will see gray streaks on the gray menu, but this problem will be better. Compared to my Samsung, it’s not very well done, the screen is a bit glossy, and the photo effects like motion smoothing are much better on Samsung. Overall, it’s amazing value. Under £1000 there isn’t much difference for a TV and hdr is just for sale as TVs aren’t really bright enough in this bracket. If you fix the motion smoothing, love the touch of the 3D effect, and make the TV guide a little smoother, it would be very difficult to recommend a more expensive TV.

This TV looks great and is a very good value. However, it took me less than three hours to understand the correct setup to get the best results from this TV, for reasons best known to the person who designed it. When you turn on the TV, go to ‘Settings’ and turn on photo mode Change to ‘Cinematic Day’ and turn on ‘Auto Low Latency Mode’. This will cure any problems with TV gas coming out of the box. If you see gamers, change the photo mode to ‘dynamic’ and rather obviously turn on ‘gain mode’. This is a very powerful TV for the price and looks great. But I must say I can’t imagine why the default settings are so horrible. But trust me and immediately change the settings as mentioned above, it’s a fantastic product. Also, setting sharpness to ‘0’ along with changing the settings above will fix all frame lag issues.

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

We replaced our sharp 40′ tv a few years old and looked at everything available as we couldn’t go too big due to the space with the tv and the size of the tv stand. This 43′ Hisense is actually physically smaller as there are no bezels on the sides and top to fit perfectly into the space. It actually fit a little better, but I couldn’t fit the old TV in the corner. It’s also one of the few TVs with a center stand instead of legs on the outside. Because it’s a metal stand, it feels clunky or not suitable for tasks that some of the plastic feet/stands can do. I hope the design returns to a center stand rather than an outer leg, as some of the current 50’+ TVs don’t require a TV unit that is more than 1.2m wide. The TV itself was really easy to set up and everything was clearly explained in the options on the screen. It was set up and tuned in about 5 minutes after turning on the power. Need to try out satellite turners, but digital tuners work really well and pull up all standard channels, so there’s no reason not to do the same.

Bought this for my son to go with his 4k xbox. I was a little skeptical at first because the price was so cheap. But I must say he was very impressed with the quality of this product. What I was allowed to see impressed me and the sound quality is also very good. The TV was so impressive that I bought a second one for Christmas for my other son. When the deadline comes, I will be replacing my old Samsung with a larger one from this manufacturer.

Here are the specifications for Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart TV 60hz Refresh Rate:

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  • LEDs – Bring you closer to reality with over 1 billion lifelike colors. A wider color palette ensures smoother gradients, while reds, greens, and blues appear for a more vivid and realistic viewing experience, especially in games.
  • 4K UHD – 4x higher resolution than FHD TVs. Watch your favorite shows, immerse yourself in the latest movies, or thrill every moment of the hottest games.
  • Dolby Vision- Inspired by cinematic technology, Dolby Vision HDR technology delivers incredible brightness and contrast depth that is 40x brighter and 10x darker in black than standard picture.
  • Dolby Atmos – Redefine the sound of your living room with Dolby Atmos and immerse yourself in the action with powerful audio flowing around you for the perfect cinematic experience, whether it’s a show, game, or live sport.
  • Smooth Motion – With a 60Hz panel and MEMC, the TV can identify the smallest details associated with fast-moving objects and reconstruct pixels to restore clean, crisp motion. When a sharp image is reproduced, the TV reconstructs the correct picture frame as needed, greatly reducing traces and shake.
  • VIDAA U5 – Easy, smart and intuitive OS to make your TV more exciting with simple access to rich content and global applications (like YouTube, Netflix and Freeview Play).
  • Built-in Alexa – Do more on your TV with your voice, ask Alexa to play music, listen to the news, check the weather, control your smart home, and more.
  • Stream Disney+ on Hisense TV and discover the best stories from Disney+, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic in one place. With over 500 movies and 300 TV shows, from timeless classics to new originals, Disney+ has something for everyone.

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

Buyer Reviews:

  • Sometimes you get what you pay for
  • Great value TV (once you know the settings)
  • For those looking for answers to Xbox Series X

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

Hisense 43a7gqtuk Led Series 43 Inch 4k Uhd Dolby Vision Hdr Smart Tv 60hz Refresh Rate – Bigger but Smaller.

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