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There is a common element to many recent tragedies in the United States: rampant mistrust and sexuality against women and sexual and gender minorities. In May, before killing 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas, Yold Shooter shot his grandmother. She also had a history of making violent threats to teenage girls online.

The history of mass shooter abuse and violence against women is unclear: a study published in Infectious diseases of injury In 2021, it was reported that in two-thirds of the mass shootings between 2014 and 2019, the perpetrator either killed at least one partner or family member, or had a history of domestic violence.

In contrast to the mass shooting violence that kills people, violence against abortion deprives women and sexual and gender minorities of their autonomy and physical autonomy. Opinions on the leaked draft Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationWhich indicates that the Supreme Court will be overthrown. Ro v. WadeEndorses the joint efforts of anti-abortion activists and policy makers to undermine and end the constitutional right to abortion.

Restrictions and Restrictions on Abortion Maintains Gender Fundamentalist and Positive Homosexuality (patriarchal and “positive” perceptions of women that keep them on a pedestal) It is believed that women’s appropriate role in society, e.g. Their reproductive autonomy is commanded, care and motherhood. Negative beliefs about women and other backward gender identities, also known as heterosexuality, predict a man’s endorsement of controlling another person’s reproductive health decisions.

Of Dobs Judgment is coming, and this is just the beginning.

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Violence and discrimination based on blatant abuse that spreads our cultural zeitgeist is nothing new – the infamous leak Get access to Hollywood. The 2005 tape shows the 45th president bragging about his sexuality, kissing and groping women without their consent because of his celebrity. Trump’s comments were homosexual on many levels: he not only normalized sexual violence but also weakened the stereotyped gender stereotypes about women and lacked autonomy. Given that at least 26 people have accused Trump of sexual harassment, homosexual comments become the basis and justification for homosexual behavior.

To create a society where people of all genders can live without fear of violence and have the right to physical autonomy, we must fight homosexuality. Ultimately, it should be the responsibility of men to create a heterosexual society through anti-male homosexual peer education that disrupts this socialization and informs boys and young people about the socially harmful effects of sexuality. I teach

Because men are accountable to other men, peer education is a great way to promote an anti-sexist society. Traditional masculine gender socialization facilitates the introduction of cis boys into the cultural principles of masculinity through communities, manosphere and other communities. These enclaves of gender policing show that young people look at each other and seek each other’s approval and confirmation of their individual masculinity. Sociologists and researchers in the study of masculinity have come up with the idea of ​​supporting male peers, stating that men who perpetuate various forms of gender-based violence are encouraged and the community with such people. Searching for people who engage in similar behaviors. In the context of abortion rights, men lead the anti-abortion movement and write anti-abortion policies.

With the imminent reversal cotton wool Ahead of the Supreme Court’s term, some reproductive rights advocates have noted the lack of advocacy for abortion rights in our country by a powerful group: cisgender, heterosexual (cishet) men. There are very few Chishti men who openly and vocally advocate for abortion rights (with a few exceptions). Anti-abortion policies clearly affect cis and / or gay men who have sex with people who may become pregnant. 6% of young men under the age of 20 who were involved in a teenage pregnancy that resulted in a birth were college graduates, while about 59% of their peers who were involved in unplanned pregnancies that had an abortion Ended up in pregnancy, got a college degree, according to a study published in Journal of Adult Health. Regardless of the positive effects of abortion cishet on men’s academic achievement, cishet men should advocate for abortion rights due to concerns over physical autonomy and self-determination.

Researchers have well documented the harmful effects of homosexuality on women. College-age women observed an example of welfare homosexuality, a form of homosexuality where the offender has a positive but patriarchal view of women, reporting high levels of physical surveillance and shame. A study published by Sexual character It shows that when women are exposed to sex, they start smoking to control their weight. In the state in which a woman is born, homosexuality can affect her subsequent career and salary. Because of all these negative effects of homosexuality, we need interventions, such as male peer education groups, that will further prevent and reduce homosexuality.

There are several male peer-to-peer educational groups in the United States aimed at college students. Some focus on combating negative gender socialization, such as Brown University’s male peer education, or preventing sexual violence, such as Penn State University’s Men Against Violence and Michigan State University’s Collaboration of Male Peer Educators Against Sexual Assault and Stereotypes (COMPASS). Their collective curriculum includes lessons on masculine privilege, gender socialization, gender stereotypes, intimate partner violence, helping survivors of gender violence, and more important topics for young adult men to learn. Yet, none of these male peer-to-peer groups directly educate men about homosexuality, associating homosexual beliefs with homosexual attitudes, such as mutual violence, and combating these sexual prejudices. Does not pay attention to the method of teaching.

Furthermore, these male peer groups are inaccessible outside the ivory tower of the university and are not available to teenage boys who are in dire need of these interventions.

Thankfully, peer-to-peer education is starting to become available at the secondary school level: some Iowa high schools use a program called Mentor to Prevent Violence, where older students have relationships with younger students. , Discuss intimate partner violence, and gender violence. Despite these shortcomings, male peer education has been successful in challenging homosexual attitudes: male and female peers after going through teacher offers that emphasize male responsibility in preventing gender-based violence, Detroit’s High school boys in the suburbs showed a reduction in rape attitudes.

Psychological research has shown that men are sometimes prepared to face sexual prejudice. Men who support a more masculine ideology are more likely to have sex with women who have something to do with them. Thus, the researchers concluded that patriarchy could provoke some heterosexual conflict. To succeed in anti-male homosexual peer education, however, requires internal but less stressful motivations to participate. Fortunately, there are many incentives for young men to participate in peer-to-peer education groups: male peer teachers acquire intrapersonal and interpersonal development skills, including a positive self-care and risky attitudes towards friends. In addition, the importance of promoting communication skills, and awareness of diversity, should support all female and backward gender identities, not just male peers.

I was a member of Pards Against Sexual Assault, a college peer-to-peer educational group for gender-based violence, staffed primarily by women or non-binary students. I found the presence of cishet male peers refreshing, especially those in fraternities, because they can make tremendous changes with their gay peers. Their participation shows me that there are men who recognize their responsibility in creating an anti-sexist society that is safer for people of all genders.

Perhaps with more social investment in peer-to-peer education groups for CIS boys and men, we will no longer have cat busses who laugh instead of fighting sexism, or the Texas SB8 Lawyer Jonathan Mitchells behind. Anti-male homosexual peer education is a way to create the next generation of advocates against abortion rights or gender-based violence – or just men who will stand up for women and sexual and gender minorities in their daily lives.

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