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Deciding to add family members is one of the biggest conversations you can have in a relationship. But what if you face birth problems?

Perhaps you’ve been in a long-term relationship and know everything about each other, or maybe it’s your first serious relationship. Having a conversation about infertility or infertility issues can be difficult, so it’s important to know how to address the topic!

In a recent campaign, fertility supplement provider Proxeed shared tips on how infertility issues can strain relationships and how to take care of yourself and each other on an often-troubling emotional rollercoaster.

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Marital infertility is much more common than we think, and about 1 in 7 couples struggle with giving birth. It may feel like a lonely and scary place, but you are not alone.

Because there are many causes of infertility, there is no one solution that works for everyone. It is important to see your GP about your concerns, but it is very important to take care of your partner and your own mental and physical health in addition to medical intervention.


Communication is important. We listen a lot. While traveling, couples can face a variety of stresses, from sexual stress to financial worries. However, it is very important to discuss your concerns with your partner about the possibility of pregnancy. But how can you start a conversation without getting angry?

Relational psychologist Mairead Molly suggests keeping lines of communication open. It’s important to find a balance between allowing it to consume your world while not ending the problem. Your partner may not want to discuss it and you may be consumed with it. Finding that balance is important, and you can only do so in consultation with your partner.

Caring for #1 (and #2)

Having a baby can be a difficult time for a couple and can really put a strain on the relationship if there are problems on the journey to having a baby. Both want the same thing, but it’s important to see and understand your partner’s point of view. Your partner may be reluctant to share your journey with friends and family, but you can be helpful, but it’s important to respect their wishes.

Another useful tip is to re-energize your relationship. When having a baby is tough, sex can become a nuisance and something neither of you can enjoy. It’s important to reclaim the physical side of the relationship, and it’s important to create sex for passion and intimacy. Trying out different sexual acts is not only fun, but it also makes your partner feel loved again and will help make them feel like they’re not a baby-bearing machine!

For more helpful tips on how to help you cope when you’re having trouble getting pregnant, visit Proxeed’s blog to find ways to take care of both you and your partner, often during difficult times. If you’d like to share your experience trying to conceive, share your story online using the hashtag #artoftrying.

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