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Stress and anxiety at work can lead to decreased attendance and productivity. In fact, 12.7% of all sick leave in the UK is due to mental health problems.

Taking initiatives that promote workplace well-being is important to ensure that employees maintain optimal mental health and contribute to the business. Providing help with workload management, stimulating social interaction, and organizing yoga classes can all be helpful.

But did you know that office design can have a lot of impact on the well-being of your employees? Commercial apparel company Novogaf offers expert advice on how to improve office design to increase happiness and productivity at work.

start with layout

A GlaxoSmithKline survey of employees found that when they switched from cubicles to an open office layout, email traffic dropped by more than 50%. Decision making increased by 25% as employees were able to hold more informal meetings.

However, an open office layout is not ideal for everyone. For example, people with ADHD will work better in private, enclosed spaces. To promote well-being in the workplace, it is best to consider everyone’s needs.

Partitions and dividers can be used to provide privacy to those in need and create flow zones. Private pods, meeting rooms and seating areas are also provided.

Maximize natural light

According to a study by C. Blume, C. Garbazza, and M. Spitschan, natural light can increase the release of the happiness hormone serotonin. It improves the circadian rhythms responsible for our mood and sleep, and we all know that sleep is essential for our well-being.

Get plenty of natural light into your office for as long as possible. You can also benefit from the fresh air by encouraging your employees to spend their lunch break outdoors. Even non-smokers can regularly relax outdoors. People with seasonal mood disorder (SAD) can benefit significantly from it.

Did you know that looking at nature, whether real or image, has a calming effect on people? An office overlooking nature, such as a park or forest with trees, is ideal. Even if you don’t have natural scenery, you can easily bring the outdoors into the interior by implementing the biophilic design concept. You can do so by embodying natural materials such as wood effects or cork flooring, textures, lots of greenery, and artwork inspired by nature.

office decoration

Another essential element to create a pleasant and healthy office environment and to increase the mood and productivity of your team is decoration.

According to color psychology, the best colors for the office are light or warm tones. Choose yellow or orange to stimulate mental activity and induce happiness and productivity. Choose blue if you are looking for a soothing and intellectual effect, and green should be included in your color palette to encourage balance and growth.

Comfort and coziness are also important when designing an office that promotes employee well-being. Accent wall art, 3D signs with inspiring quotes or phrases, and fun decorative objects like vases and statues can also help create a more intimate atmosphere.

Furniture can also promote well-being in the workplace. There is a wide range of ergonomic chairs and standing desk converters that can reduce your risk of injury and make you very comfortable.

Office design is a powerful tool that not only creates an engaging environment, but also improves employee well-being and productivity. It reflects your company’s office and wants your employees to feel comfortable every day.

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