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There are many online casinos in the world and 99.9% of them are completely reliable. However, very few people screw up the rest, so every new online casino player should research the casino carefully before signing up.

If you are new to the world of online casinos, this process can be difficult. However, we’ve put together this page on how to identify legitimate places to play.

Appropriate licenses and regulations

This is the most important point of the lottery. To play in a legal online casino, you must play only in casinos licensed by the Gambling Commission. Simply put, if your site accepts UK players you will need to register with the Gambling Commission, otherwise it is illegal. This will be a huge arrow pointing to an illegal site.

The Gambling Commission oversees all gambling in the UK and has the power to revoke licenses and impose fines as seen in the recent fines levied on Camelot. If licensed, the Gambling Commission logo will appear at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. But don’t just trust the logo. Click the logo to see if it leads to a Certificate of Authenticity.

High-quality online reviews

You should also check what various online review sites say about the casinos you are considering signing up for. Some are flooded pages lacking information, but many sites do a fantastic job of carefully looking at every aspect of an online casino and telling you about both the good and the bad.

However, these sites charge commissions when referring casinos to their customers, so read multiple reviews rather than just one to keep your balance.

Lack of complaints on the forum

If there’s one thing the online age has taught us, it’s this. People like to complain. Therefore, you should check online whether the casino you are considering has received many complaints or has been relatively unscathed from the wrath of online consumers.

All casinos have some complaints, such as disgruntled players finding who will be held accountable for losing money, so ignore them. Instead, we focus on reviews surrounding customer support as the way they treat customers provides a great reflection of how the casino operates in general.

SSL encryption used to secure all transactions

Finally, you need to ensure that your site uses SSL encryption to secure all transactions. It’s easy to verify because your email address starts with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. If you provide SSL encryption, your personal and bank details are protected with an exceptionally high level of security.

SSL encryption is a good indicator of a site’s reputation as it shows that they care. After all, why would they protect your details if they don’t care to treat you well?

As you can see, it is very important to use a legitimate online casino. By following the guide above, you will always be playing on a trusted and safe site.

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