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Introducing a new baby into the family can be an exciting but stressful time for parents. In this article, we’ll partner with the experts at Nuby, the UK’s leading baby brand, to explore and explore some of the best ways to help your baby prepare for the imminent birth and keep her feeling loved and included.

explain what will happen

This may simply depend on the age of the first child. If they are under 2 years old, they may not be very interested and may be hasty in accepting new family members. However, slightly older children may explode with questions or struggle emotionally with the transition.

To alleviate some of these, it is helpful to let your baby know what to expect at this time. feeding. This will also help them manage their expectations. This will help you manage your expectations that your new sibling will not be able to sit alone, as well as be playmates from the moment they enter the house.

At this point, the more the eldest prepares, the easier the transition from an only child to an older brother will be.

Tell us the story of when they were born.

Another tip is to show your eldest son old photos of your pregnancy before you or your partner was born or when you were a baby. Talk about what it was like when they were young and how they, too, cried and ate all day.

Not only will this give you a little laugh, it will also ease their worries and help you better understand why your newborn needs more attention during the first few months.

baby care role play

Using a doll is another great way to introduce the idea of ​​having a baby around the house to your eldest son.

Use this time to practice holding your baby, talking to your baby, and being gentle with your baby. Overall, this helps to normalize the idea that a new product is coming soon.

Even better, if you have friends or family with young babies, set up a date for a meeting or play so that your child can become familiar with the baby’s cries and babbles.

Get involved in the plan.

Include your child in the naming process. For example, ask what you think of the name you picked. They won’t like your choices and they’ll much prefer you to name your siblings Spider-Man or Peppa. But the main thing is to respect their opinions.

To make things more realistic, take them on a shopping trip while collecting newborn essentials. If you can choose one or two clothes for your little brother, it will feel even more precious.

Get them involved in caring for them.

Any parent will want to be extra vigilant when caring for infants and young children around them. However, allowing the eldest son to participate a little in caring for the baby is important for making the baby feel a sense of belonging rather than being pushed out.

Singing to your baby, helping him bathe, or delivering wipes or clean diapers are all easy and small things that help make your new brother feel like he’s playing an important role in the family.

Make sure you meet your new brother as soon as possible. The hospital can be a big and scary place for the eldest son, but the more involved at this stage, the more they will continue to do so.

One thing to avoid is to punish your first child or tell them to leave if they make a mistake. Be patient and calm, explain what they need to do and let them do something else.

If they’re not good at shopping, let them contribute in other ways, such as putting away new items, helping them pack a baby diaper bag, or redecorating the daycare.

focus on them

Family and friends will be fascinated by your new baby, but paying attention to them too can make your eldest feel much safer and more loved. Being full of compliments, especially when you’re around your baby, will really help boost your baby’s confidence and respect.

Giving a newborn baby a ‘gift’ to his older brother is also a great way to instill good feelings from the start. Show how much your newborn baby already loves his older brother and looks forward to meeting them.

The stress of change can cause your older siblings to act to get your attention or act badly. They may also begin to regress and behave at a younger age, for example when feeding or changing clothes. As your baby gets used to being around them, being patient and praising your baby for good behavior can help reduce this situation.

One of the biggest fears parents have when introducing their second child is that the older one feels left out. At some point they will also feel guilty for not spending much time with them. Unfortunately this will almost certainly happen the first time around, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Focus on the quality of the time you spend with your eldest over the quantity.

This is a big change for the whole family and it will take time for everyone to get used to the new dynamics. Be patient and follow the tips above can help your eldest son to be more engaged before and after touching the baby.

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