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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably been talking a lot on the internet about Hailey Bieber’s new smoothie collaboration with food store chain Erewhon. A new smoothie filled with fruits, vegetables and other ingredients to promote healthy skin comes with the launch of Bieber’s new skincare line, Rhode.

But at $17 (almost £14.50), Bieber’s new smoothie is ridiculously expensive. Smoothies contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid designed to promote healthy skin, and various niche ingredients like sea moss gel, but that doesn’t mean they’re expensive for people to buy!

With this thought in mind, Free Soul’s female nutrition experts leveraged their nutritional expertise to create their own version of the smoothie inspired by the viral TikTok trend.

Haley Smoothie

Bieber’s original recipes for smoothies have inspired TikTok’ers around the world to create their own versions to fit their budget, adding or removing items to get their own smoothie versions. The original recipe included:

– MALK almond milk

– Strawberry

– Avocado

– date

– Maple Syrup

– Coconut Cream

Smoothies also contain uncommon ingredients designed to promote skincare, such as:

– Irehon Sea Moss Gel

– hyaluronic acid

– Essential Protein Vanilla Collagen

Now, Hailey Bieber’s skin is phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean drinking this smoothie is the ultimate solution to everything you need to instantly get glamorous skin. Also, your bank account will not look flashy if you make regular purchases!

The Free Soul recipe will contain more protein, less cost and more ingredients than the original!


– Rude Health Ultimate Almond Milk – £0.38 / Serving

– Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend – £1.25 / Serving

– Strawberry (Small Punnet) – £0.50 / Serving (estimated)

– Frozen Strawberries – £2 / Serving

– Avocado – £0.20 / serving

– Date – £0.10 / Serving (estimated)

– Maple Syrup – £0.30 / Serving

– Coconut Cream 120ml – £0.68 / Serving

– Sea Moss Gel – £0.18 / serving

– Vanilla Extract – £0.14/serving

Total cost per serving: £5.73


To make the strawberry puree featured in the original smoothie, place the maple syrup and strawberries in a bowl, heat in the microwave, and strain through a sieve to retain their softness. You can then use a spoon to spread this mixture on the edge of a glass or container and add 120ml of coconut cream to the bottom of the cup.

In the meantime, dig out the avocado and place ¼ in a blender. Add 240ml almond milk, 350g frozen strawberry, and maple syrup to your liking. Add two jujubes, a scoop of Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend, and a teaspoon of Sea Moss Gel and mix! Pour into the cup and voila!

We omitted hyaluronic acid and vanilla collagen from the original recipe, but 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract solved this problem. You can still get a lot of nutrients from our version of Fruit, Vegetable and Cmos Gel. Also, taking hyaluronic acid or collagen does not mean that you will see immediate effects. The best way to improve your skin is to stick to a positive diet and get regular exercise!

Lucy Murray, plant-based women’s health expert at Free Soul, says: ‘This smoothie tastes great, has a lot of healthy nutrients, and you can make it cheap if you buy the ingredients yourself! Skin care ingredients are hard to find or more expensive, but natural, healthy produce feels good and is good for your skin!

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