Tue. May 17th, 2022

We find that our heating bills increase as we try to keep the inside of our house warm during the winter, but the same thing often happens as we struggle to keep it cool during the summer.

So, how can you keep your electricity bills low this summer? We’ve rounded up some simple ways to cut down on your electricity usage this summer!

Replace with solar power to charge your device

Much of the electricity used in homes today comes from charging devices. All cell phones, laptops and tablets require regular charging. .

An easy workaround for this is to use solar charging. Thanks to modern technology, you can choose a solar rechargeable battery to charge any electronic device using the power of the sun rather than the main power. What can be charged with solar power is not only cell phones and laptops, but also things like electric blinds that can now be powered by a solar charger instead of using your home’s electricity.

Avoid wasting power with smart plugs

Even when you turn off electronic devices such as TVs and computers, they still passively use some electricity to stay in standby mode. Bill.

Of course, you can avoid this problem by unplugging all devices from their electrical outlets after each use, but that’s a lot of effort and hassle for most people to avoid. But smart plugs make this even easier! Smart plugs allow you to control all power plugs from your phone, so you can manually stop drawing power while your device is off.

Upgrade to LED bulbs

Traditional filament light bulbs are incredibly wasteful when it comes to energy use, as they use heat to generate more energy than actually turn on the light. So not only is it more expensive to use a filament bulb in the summer, but it’s a less than ideal home temperature on a hot day.

By simply replacing your old style filament bulbs with newer, more efficient LED bulbs, you can save on energy costs, light up your home more efficiently, and of course avoid adding heat to your home during the summer!

Avoid using tumble dryers in sunny weather

Tumble drying your clothes is great in winter when it’s too cold outside to air-dry clothes, but in summer when the sun is at its maximum, using a tumble dryer to dry clothes can be a bit wasteful. Put your clothes in the tumble dryer once and you can use up to £1.50 of energy per cycle.

So you can avoid tumble dryers in the warmer months of the year by air drying them on a clothesline in the garden or on a hanger in your home’s south-facing window. This can save you 1.50 pounds of energy per wash, which can actually add up over the summer.

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