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search last month ‘Sell your house fast’ increased by 50%.This number is expected to increase.

London-based real estate agents Douglas & Gordon have put together a guide to ‘Prepare to Sell Your Property’ that is the perfect help for those looking to make the process as smooth as possible.

on average, 1/3 of agreed-upon sales offers do not reach exchanges. Often this is simply because of the time it takes to exchange contracts.

When selling real estate, save time and hassle by having the right team of attorneys in place before an offer is made.

1. contract

It may take some time to prepare and complete all contract and identification documents required for sale. Sorting this out before finding buyers can save 2-3 weeks in exchange time!

2. Management Pack

When selling a rental apartment, the buyer’s attorney will require a management pack from the management company to sell the property. Exchanges may take an additional two weeks if the offer is completed before it is agreed upon.

How to prepare for a house tour

The hard part comes to an end when you arrange all the legal paperwork with a lawyer. You’re ready to accept the offer and roll the ball, but if you don’t have good buyers yet, you need to attract good buyers. Demand for London real estate is so high that there are always interested buyers. All you have to do is catch their eyes!

Remember these tips: Then your property will definitely stand out.

One. Paint

Make your property stand out with a fresh coat of paint, especially if it’s overdue. You don’t always have to do a lot. Touch small scratches and cracks in the corners.

2. Organize

Your property should be well ventilated and open! Tidying up and removing all unnecessary clutter will make your space look more attractive, especially in common areas like living rooms and kitchens. Open the blinds and let the light in!

3. Fix

Take a look at your property and fix all the little things you’ve gotten used to over the years, like a loose doorknob or a creaking hinge. Don’t let small details procrastinate buyers.

4. Take a picture

A professional photo can help attract more buyers and find the offer they were looking for.

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