Wed. May 18th, 2022

As the new summit officially kicks off, you’ll probably be at home more than ever before. While this is one of the good things that will change in our lives after the pandemic, the trade-off means more chaos and ultimately more cleaning. This is bad news if cleaning isn’t your favorite thing to do during the week! To help you do this, Aster Sales has compiled these top tips on how to spring clean your home like a pro so you can get some fresh air and enjoy a clean home every day.

clean before cleaning

There’s nothing worse than vacuuming around your clothes or tripping over toys when mopping. Organize your belongings before starting cleaning. While it may seem like an annoying extra step and you might want to skip it, it can significantly speed up the entire cleaning process and save energy overall. The end product will be a tidy and clean home, which will be well worth it!

treat it like exercise

Did you know? House cleaning burns calories and stays healthy. By shifting your mindset from cleaning to doing chores, you can add extra exercise to your week to motivate you to get your hoover out and clean!

Don’t leave it unturned.

Professional cleaners do not cut corners and do not leave stones untouched. To keep your home clean all week, don’t forget to clean under the kitchen appliances (you can see them wiping around), spray the skirting boards, and mop the walls. Yes, it will take a little longer to cover everything at first. But once you get into the routine, you’ll find yourself flying around your house like a pro.

cleaning in section

Don’t know where to start? Divide the house into zones and, if necessary, do it on different days. Professional cleaners will always have a routine and will clean the house systematically without jumping between jobs. Not only will this be more efficient in terms of space and time, but it will also help you remember what you’ve done and what you haven’t done yet. Stay motivated by completing one room at a time. Accelerate one flawless room.

plug in music

It’s really important to get the rhythm and get into the flow when cleaning. A great way to do this is to listen to a great music playlist. Not only will the more you clean, the more fun you’ll have, but you’ll continue to work at a steady pace, allowing you to move around the house in your allotted cleaning time. After all, professional cleaners have tight schedules. They won’t spend all day cleaning your house, and neither should you.


If you’re trying to clean your house with the wrong equipment, you may be working harder than you need to or not doing your job as well as you can. If you want your house to creak and work efficiently, you need to invest in a good vacuum with strong suction and multiple attachments, a good mop, wet and dry cloths, and a feather duster. Do you want to go further? Carpet shampoo is always a worthwhile investment, especially if you have children or pets.

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