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The list of hats for most boys is limited to hats in winter and hats in summer. However, most of them do not know that hats and baseball caps are different things. These little things add to the common misconception about the rules of usage, which is why men take out of their wardrobe potentially good accessories. We tried to understand the intricacies of wearing different types of hats and the experts of the famous brand who make hats helped us in this.

Newsboy Cape

An excellent example of their use comes from Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders. Fans of the series have got similar hats, but have not learned how to wear them properly. As a result, instead of being pretty members of the gang, they become cartoonish taxi drivers from the time of Scoop. The first step in avoiding this fate is to study the material.

After learning to distinguish a classic cap from a baseball cap, don’t stop halfway through, because the caps differ from one another, including the shape. There are two basic ones: a flat hat and a so-called eight-blade hat – this is what Cillian Murphy’s hero wears. There are many types of these forms, but for now, we can stop here.

Dead hats

One of the most versatile and common headwear that will suit almost everyone. The most important thing is to understand the difference between dead hats and snapbacks (the latter are straight braids and deep fits). Fashion for Snapbacks was introduced by American rappers in the late 80’s. A good example is the NWA, which is hard to see in a snapback without the name of their hometown or sports team.

Therefore, it is an integral part of the headpiece street styler. Nice shoes, oversized items and sportswear will be the basis of the image. Sunglasses and hip hop culture features will add to that. You can wear it in two ways: Classic – with the front visor so that the straight part connects to the upper part of the forehead, or with the rear visor. Otherwise, it is better to choose irregular models of fitted caps type.


Panama, like Snapbacks, is one of the most important features of hip hop culture. They were worn by rappers and bands such as MC Sean, LL Cole J, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, and School Boy Cue. This layering makes Panama very versatile.

Jeans and bright shorts, air shirts, hoodies, fitted polo and large T-shirts, espadrilles and shoes, fanny packs and bags – you can combine with anything but classics. This is a great option for hot weather, suitable for any age and profession. It will look the most harmonious in outdoor, military and road comfort.


Barretts is another undeservedly ignored figure in our country. The main association is the army. Yes, they were actually part of the English Army uniform, but the popularity of war heroes like Bernard Montgomery made them a popular piece of clothing. Barretts are perfect for business style and casual.

They are paired with fitted vests, and can be worn with a combination of turtlenecks and jackets, or with a large woolen sweater. As outerwear, you can use coats, trench coats, denim or leather jackets in natural colors. They go well with scarves and belts (thanks to the French). Anything that fits the top of the set fits like the bottom, from classic trousers to skinny or cropped jeans.

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