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Children are by nature emotional beings. However, to be a successful adult, it is important to learn how to control your emotions. There are many ways you can Help your child control their emotions.

It can give you the opportunity to practice these skills throughout the day. Help them understand why they feel that way. Let them know that your feelings are normal and okay, and let them know if you don’t agree.

With these tips from Boys’ School in Wandsworth, let’s see how parents can help their child’s emotional intelligence.

Explore different emotions

If your child doesn’t really know their feelings, they will have a hard time managing them. With those words, you help them understand their feelings by pointing them out when you see them happening. For example, you could say something like, “You seem a little frustrated with your homework. Can I help you?”

Point out your feelings too and help your child find ways to manage them. For example, you might say, “After work, I’m so stressed that I want to take a bath to relax.”

Parent and child talking about emotions while walking


Make sure your children know that they can talk to their parents about their feelings whenever they need to listen so they don’t end up hurting their feelings.

If you listen to their thoughts and feelings, you will be in a better position to help them find solutions or ways to improve the situation.

mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique used to bring a person back to the present moment and not worry about things beyond their control. If your child is upset or anxious, have them look around the room and point out what they can see with a particular color.

Ask them, “Am I not in imminent danger? Will this become a problem in a day, a week, or a month?”. You can also take a walk and practice mindfulness with your senses by asking your child what they can see, think, hear, smell, or taste.

These skills will help you focus on the present moment so you don’t overthink what has happened in the past or could happen in the future.

Final Thoughts on How You Can Help Your Child Control Their Emotions

There are many ways you can help your child control their emotions. By setting a good example and teaching me how to be patient and deal with emotions in a healthy way, you can help them grow into emotionally healthy adults.

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