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Fantastic puller, beautiful and very easy to use, disassemble and clean. That’s great. I highly recommend it. Great buy, a significant cost, but the machine is well worth it. By the way I would like to point out that cleaning after use is really quick and quick.

It’s not too difficult to clean and assembles and disassembles in seconds. Quiet, practical and nice to look at. Recommended by seller for fast delivery. good buy.

The product meets specifications. Easy to use and effective for the job. What is provided is a very well made cookbook, all in English only.

An extractor capable of 44 revolutions per minute, but an inner basket that rotates at 17 revolutions per minute, was shot at a low price of 395 euros.

The product seems sturdy and good, but what I feel while using it is that it is a suitable product for people who spend a lot of time at home from preparing materials to cleaning. Sadly not for me who lives counting minutes.

Hurom Extractor H-Aa 3rd Generation Color – LOVE THIS ITEM

Satisfied. I use it every day. do it fast fast fast fast It took me a while to figure out how it fit, but then it goes fast. It is precious, but nothing is wasted. I chose this model because I can’t make ice cream. It’s true that I’ve only tried it once. It’s not noisy, but it feels for itself as you “chew” the vegetables for fiber. I bought it because it was the model I wanted the most.

Hurom, juicer manufacturer number. The latest Omega (world leader in extractor sales) is produced at the Hurom plant. They are made in Korea. Pros: -BPA free -Made in Korea. -Smooth and soft noise -Easy to use -Easy to clean -Slow speed to preserve nutrients. – Acclaimed as a standard – Bestseller – Skilled as the 3rd generation. – 10-year warranty – Pleasant aesthetics – Space-saving – Well-crafted detailed recipe book. I mainly use it for green juice. I recommend the simplicity of use and maintenance and the taste quality of the juice. He meets my needs.

Arrived earlier than expected. Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. Extraction is fast. All of them earned healthily from juice. Very good Slowjuicer for squeezing very good juices Easy to clean juice yield

And, as the title suggests, a good extractor makes wonderful juices from fruits to vegetables, squeezing them down to the last drop of suco.

I bought this to replace my old broken juicer. It is very quiet compared to extraction juicers.

I absolutely recommend buying for all of these products! The price is definitely “important”, but what this car does is special! At any time of the day, you can enjoy a real energy bomb that combines fruits and vegetables like never before. Even if you don’t have enough time!! I personally use it at least twice a day (morning/evening) and I would say that breakfast in particular was revolutionary. In a very short time, the machine will serve you fresh juice and something very tasty. Every morning is different and stimulates fantasy!! Cleaning is very simple and disassembling and reassembling the details is intuitive from the first assembly. Cleaning once a day is enough. Finally, a big thank you to the Syrtis company for responding to emails even on Sundays, handling all requests very quickly and for their professionalism!! In my case, there was a scratch on a small part while using it, so I contacted them and received the spare directly at home in a few days!! Awesome thank you!!!

Since I bought it we have been consuming more fruits and vegetables, especially my son. Easy to disassemble, clean and reinstall. I recommend it.

The device is too exaggerated. Lots of bubbles. Curves with lower grades do not. Screw conveyors have a large cavity inside and are always filled with compressed material. Otherwise, it is easy to clean. How the dreg spout’s latch actually works can only be guessed or tried. The juice is also not particularly clear. Well, I’m not really at peace. If a company no longer wants to translate its user manuals in this country, it is better to avoid other products as they rely only on subtleties. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices. After I asked the seller to translate the user manual myself, another supplier ordered it and sent it to me. You can go!

Hurom Extractor H-Aa 3rd Generation Color – LOVE THIS ITEM

To be honest, the really only sin is that there is a lot of pulp left inside that the ergo auger doesn’t extract all the product from.

This is the first appliance like this. I chose this product after reading various reviews on the internet and always finding this brand in one of the top 3 offers of various items. The product is sturdy and easy to use, and the most “annoying” part is the time-consuming cleaning. My consideration as a first product of this kind is purely subjective as there are no other extractors and no comparison conditions. It has to be said that our “view” of fruit and vegetable consumption has changed at the outcome level. We are satisfied with the selection and results of the products extracted

Delicious juices and always dry offal It works well and does the job it has to do. In the summer we use it a lot to make a great sorbet or ice cream (also add cubed milk we put in the freezer before) and it works great for making almond milk, hazelnuts, etc. Warning only to juice enthusiasts: (but that has nothing to do with great products): Balancing juices is harder than we thought, buying, cleaning, squeezing and dumping trash for those who don’t like tossing. A lot of fruits and vegetables which is a bit disappointing in the long run as it is of course time consuming because it has to be dealt with!! Making ice cream and dried fruit milk is much faster (but less healthy :D)! In conclusion, after about a year of purchase, I am very satisfied!

The order and delivery are all perfect, but above all, the product is excellent!!! suggestion!!! The only “neo” is an English cookbook that can be translated into Italian.

Shipping and product integrity are both OK. It’s great because it’s super easy to clean and squeezes incredibly well. For sherbet, it’s great. You can really enjoy it. Unfortunately the only sin is that all the space inside the auger is filled with pulp! Solves the problem by inserting the tinfoil to occupy the same space. What a ball!. But didn’t the person who produced it see the problem? Since it is a rib, I recommend spending it only to those who know how to use it well!

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Hurom Extractor H-Aa 3rd Generation Color – LOVE THIS ITEM

Hurom Extractor H-Aa 3rd Generation Color – LOVE THIS ITEM

Hurom Extractor H-Aa 3rd Generation Color – LOVE THIS ITEM

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