Mon. May 16th, 2022

SFA president Ian Maxwell admits it feels like a con artist trying to relocate Scotland’s World Cup playoffs with war-torn Ukraine.

Maxwell is in talks with UEFA managers about plans to reschedule matches in June.

Ian Maxwell says it's 'inconvenient' to talk about football given the situation in Ukraine.


Ian Maxwell says it’s ‘inconvenient’ to talk about football given the situation in Ukraine.Credit: PA

However, it is no wonder that discussions were halted when Russia besieged Ukraine.

Maxwell said: “The last thing the Ukrainians need is something more complex in terms of communication.

“Given what’s going on there, it’s actually very inconvenient to answer the phone and talk about football.

“You feel like a scammer and I don’t think it’s right to focus too much on the game.

Halkett and Stewart landed on their first Scottish muster with Clark replacing Marshall.
Ally McCoist thinks Rangers ace Ryan Jack should be Scotland's automatic starter.

“First and foremost, we want the conflict to stop and whatever we see out there is back to normal.”

Scottish manager Steve Clarke said last week he would like to avoid two playoff games in addition to four UEFA Nations League games in June.

One of the Nations League clashes is also against Ukraine.

Maxwell added: “It’s really delicate.

“We want to play in Ukraine and we want to advance to Qatar.

“It would be inappropriate to go into too much detail because we don’t know.”

Scotland will play a friendly match against Poland on Thursday. Proceeds from ticket sales go to UNICEF.

Maxwell added: “We sold about 33,000 tickets. We are happy with the figures so far.”

Maxwell spoke after helping young footballers from autism charity Team United visit Hampden to select a roster for the World Cup Trading Cards project.

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