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Drivers who paid £62,000 for an electric car are outraged because the battery only lasts a few hours.

The parents swapped the BMW X5 diesel for a greener BMW iX3, but were not very impressed with the results.

A driver claims that the battery of a BMW iX3 drained in a matter of hours.


A driver claims that the battery of a BMW iX3 drained in a matter of hours.Credit: BMW Group

Not only is it impossible to travel cross-country without recharging, it can’t even be compared to much cheaper models.

To make matters worse, the driver said the manufacturer attributed the vehicle’s poor performance to factors such as the use of air conditioning and heated seats and was refusing to help.

The unnamed driver told The Telegraph: “Last year, I decided it was time to buy an electric car, so I switched from a BMW X5 diesel to a BMW iX3.

“It would have been nice otherwise. The battery has a range of 285 miles, but sometimes its performance is so low that it can only display up to 145 miles.

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“We live down south and have a family in the north of England, but the car doesn’t get us there all at once.

“It took nine hours one way over Christmas. We have three children and it was a nightmare.”

Essex’s driver paid £62,000 for a green motor, but “really expected something better”.

They say it doesn’t perform much better than the “great” Peugeot electric car, which costs less than half the iX3.

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Several attempts were made to resolve the issue with the dealership, BMW and BMW Financial Services, but nothing was said to have been done.

“I’ve never seen such a disrespectful attitude in my life,” the driver said.

“I first raised the issue seven days after I bought the car, and I should have rejected the car on the spot at least later.”

The dealer later offered £50,000 for a motor not designed for long highway trips at high speed, but the anonymous parents were afraid they would simply sell it for a huge “very unfair” profit.

They later agreed to return the driver’s deposit of £11,500 and that the £2,600 they had paid so far could cover the cost of ownership for the past six months.

A BMW spokesperson said: “The all-electric vehicle will now be the ideal choice for many customers.”

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“For some customers, a plug-in hybrid or internal combustion engine vehicle may be a more appropriate choice.

“For this reason, it is important for both retailers and customers to discuss their individual needs before purchasing each vehicle.”

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