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One comedian said he was called fat and ran out of time when he went to the bathroom while working in a call center.

Funnyman Gary Faulds talked about a brief time on the phone to make a living on the Glasgo podcast.

Gary knew he wasn't a good fit for a call center.


Gary knew he wasn’t a good fit for a call center.
Hecklers doesn't bother him on comedy shows, but he hates being insulted on the phone.


Hecklers doesn’t bother him on comedy shows, but he hates being insulted on the phone.

The Scots comics admits that he wasn’t excluded from the role when he realized he couldn’t afford the abuse in his first shift.

Gary said: “A man called me fat on the phone and I asked, ‘How do you know I’m fat’ and he said ‘I can just tell you’.

“I was like, ‘This is the right person for me. For two hours people have been running through my head.

“The people who work in the call center are a different race. They are strong and mentally stable.

I thought I did well in the interview, but the hiring manager sent me a shocking text.
The company fired me when I complained about a man I worked with.

“These people can go and do high pressure jobs without burden. Astronauts should only recruit call center personnel.

“It’s just one of those jobs that you have to build differently.

“I am very weak. The cursing is fine, but people were screaming and thinking negatively, so I died.”

“I survived six weeks of training and two hours at the actual job,” he said.

“You can just say the environment. They timed you to go to ***.

“I want flexible hours when I work, but I don’t want to work 24 hours a day.”

And it soon became clear that Gary wasn’t the only one having a bad experience at the call center.

“In my first call center, I was told to raise my hand to use the bathroom,” said one person.

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Another said, “The customer said they didn’t want to talk to me and said they wanted someone who could speak English because I’m Scottish.”

Someone added: “The worst insult I’ve ever received from a customer is ‘I hope you have a very EastEnders Christmas’, and that’s with me.”

And one said: “I think every call center manager needs a gaslighting degree to get hired.”

In January, we talked about how a call center employee earned nearly £30,000 after being unfairly fired under an order by Scottish Power for not receiving enough cash from a customer.

Thippawan MacLean of Moray, Forres, has been using the phone for 7 years with no problems, but had problems when telecommuting was introduced in March 2020.

The Thai man worked on behalf of Scottish Power at Kura, a Glasgow-based “customer service outsourcing” company, an employment court said.

Her role was to handle moving customers and change energy supplier and account details.

When the first lockout forced the woman to switch to telecommuting, the 58-year-old grappled with a new cash-collection IT system that was hurting sales performance.

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She stopped asking customers to pay, saying she couldn’t ask the customer to pay and “felt wrong to ask them to pay their final bill based on expected readings.”

The court ruling added, “The reason the claimant did not demand payment was because he felt strongly that this was not legally or morally appropriate.”

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