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great value for money. Accurate packaging cleaning is very easy. Optimum heat function After a few uses, the stone completely cracked. As you’ve seen in other comments, don’t buy one if you don’t want to buy another one in the future. Because the stone will be completely cut.

Very comfortable for those who want the most cooked meat. I recommend returning and buying the one you received the new plate before expiry. excellent

I like it so much, I recommend not to wash it hot. It cracks according to temperature change. I was satisfied with the product and used it a few times, but I am more satisfied with the purchase every day, and the heat retention is good and the material is very good. I recommend it. It’s a good product.

bad really bad Not recommended. Arrived late as well as broken stones in the middle. First use is good and will break soon. Respecting the box’s information schedule and fearing that the stone would break and fall on top of us even if we doubled the time, we almost made cracks left and right, up and down.

Very expensive price compared to the quality of the stone. On the first day of use, follow the slit table with instructions. The stone is cut.

Cleaning is not easy as there is no need to use soap. It also has only two burners, so the heat doesn’t last long. It should be taken out of the oven just before eating, preferably the meat should be ground a little before eating. Don’t expect to cook with this.

So far we have only used it once. We followed the directions and it was a win. We mark the meat, grab it, take it out and finish it on the stone. I don’t know what more to say, so I recommend it. The size is good and everything is good

The grill can be a little complicated to use (it needs to be preheated in the oven), and it’s easy to clean. Then, immediately after the first use, you must be very careful not to break the stone.

Ibili 755000 Stone Grill Set, Stainless Steel, Gray/Silver, 37 X 18 X 12 Cm

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hot pot

We have several collections of kitchen pots. All pots with lids, pots with steel or glass lids and made of other materials Stainless steel, forged aluminum, cast aluminum, standard non-stick coating, stone or marble style, ceramic, with full induction or diffuser bottom. Hot pot for every taste and every fire.

Frying Pan, Roaster, Fryer

A frying pan is a kitchen tool we usually use for frying and frying in oil or butter. It consists of a metal container with a low, open edge and a handle that can be made of bakelite, metal or wood. Currently many non-stick pans prevent food from sticking to the pan so you can cook or fry food.

Oven Fountain

A baking pan or baking tray is a metal container or tray usually coated with a non-stick coating or enamel, much like a grill on which food to be cooked is placed in an oven. It is often used as a support in the preparation of certain baked goods, such as sweets, cookies, cakes, pizza, and salty foods such as vegetables, meat or fish.

IBILI kitchenware has a wide range of cake molds for every use, taste and function. Pastry molds for preparing cakes, muffins, cupcakes, popcakes, cookies, multi-level cakes, different types of biscuits, molds for the most amazing chocolate products, molds for specialty pastries such as polycarbonate bonbon molds.

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Regarding utensils used in confectionery, the range covered by the catalog is vast. There are many different item models to suit different needs or functions. There is also a wide variety of ingredients that can be found in confectionery tools. Silicone, stainless steel, aluminum, steel plate, plastic, nylon, fiberglass, polycarbonate.

coffee and teapot

A coffee maker is a container used to serve coffee and a kitchen appliance for preparing coffee as a hot beverage. The first devices appear from the beginning of the XIX century. Previously, coffee was mixed directly with boiling water. A coffee machine’s complement is a coffee grinder, which grinds grains to a specific size for each type of coffee machine.

paella fan

A paella pan is a frying pan with handles removed, with two handles held in place to support the weight of the stew. So a paella pan is a metal container that is usually made of polished steel, although there are currently stainless steel and many other materials. IBILI paella pans are made of induction aluminum, especially for induction paella pans, stainless steel paella pans, aluminum paella pans, enameled steel and non-stick steel.


There are several collections of kitchen batteries among various tableware and household items. All kitchen batteries are protected and come in different materials. Stainless steel, forged aluminium, cast aluminium, with standard non-stick coating, stone or marble styles, ceramic, with full induction or diffuser floors. For every taste and every fire.

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Making mistakes is human, and patience is demonic. I bought one and the first use broke, the instructions followed the letter, and I thought of shipping damage that I didn’t notice right away. Amazon replaced it immediately and arrived in broken condition, replaced it and broke it again on first use. Meanwhile I had arrived without a stove and took another one for my brother who needs to replace mine and gave him one of my gear. He still has to try it but I’m sure I won’t be buying it anymore. If you intentionally make two rice cookers, the quality of the stones is not good. Good x kids and x meat gourmets, but I strongly advise against this model.

Simply perfect, arrived on schedule and the quality of the product is clearly good. When used with 3 kg of meat, the stone reacts 100% Everything Perfect

The heat dissipation performance was good. Unfortunately, after the first use, the slab is slightly cracked. Very annoying at this price and would have expected more.

Well, it was damaged and I had to return it, Amazon was perfect for an exchange, what we left was cracked but saw it working perfectly, and should follow the instructions. It’s in the little things but waits for the one who speaks

Almost never went into the oven, but I thought the burner was disassembled for better cleaning, but I highly recommend that it’s all pieces and not loose. I’ll buy another one to share

Works great despite cracks after second use (no other cosmetic effects). Heat it in the oven for 20-30 minutes, put two hells under it, and then set the heat just right for one meal.

It keeps food warm, can be cooked with proper advice, and is well cleaned. A good product considering the price. It should cool down slowly to prevent the stones from breaking.

The first impression is good, strong, resistance is fast, and the heat rises evenly, so it gives a very good impression the moment you recommend it.

Ibili 755000 Stone Grill Set, Stainless Steel, Gray/Silver, 37 X 18 X 12 Cm

It is very functional and bakes all kinds of food very well. Malicious quality, the stone cracked on the first day and was vicious to clean.

Haven’t had any problems since I bought it. After a short break, hold the heat for a while. Durable and durable material The only problem is that it’s smaller than you think. I should have checked the measurements first. I usually advise. that. If you are planning to make a purchase, please consider the dimensions that appear large in the photos.

I bought this grill for the second time. good value for money. It corresponds to the description, but it is not recommended because the stone is broken from end to end when used for the first time, making it unusable

Missing 1 oven, package arrived with only one oven, but normally there should be 2. The way I don’t know how to contact you personally to express a problem is to solve it without damaging the seller who was really good in the evening. I placed an order and it arrived the next day, but only one item was missing.

When we took it out of the box we found that the stone had slits end to end. It’s other things are going well.

I heated it in the oven as directed and then took it to the table. When using it for the first time, 2 pieces are stamped, so it is a bit scary to continue using it. I think it would be better to spend a little more and buy something stronger and better.

Very useful, functional, recommend a good buy and preserves a phenomenal heat for making meat in stone. I’ve used it once and it fits very well.

Have a good night I read a lot of bad and good comments before purchasing the stone, but I had one at my mother’s house, and I am currently using 6 of these, and I will tell you that they fit perfectly and the size is perfect. I will explain how to use it, and some people seem to be talking because they do not know how to use it, so there is a gas stove. Then turn the gas to minimum and heat the gas to a minimum on low heat for about 10 minutes, then give it 10 more xixa until you feel ready to take it out. Before removal, grease with a few drops of oil and rub against a stone with a piece of meat, so that the meat does not stick to the fat. After lunch or dinner, everything is perfect. One day you leave it in the kitchen and the next day you put it in the sink, fill it with water and remove the water at that time, lt with a fixed loofah and dishwasher you clean it and now you have 6 and 30 euros which you already have Ready to say it’s more than recovered. This is a greeting from a customer who doesn’t usually write reviews.

For the second time in a row I got damaged!! Poor packaging, not product fragility

IBILI 755000 Stone Grill Set:

BESOS This is shameful. I bought the first one when the plate arrived broken in half (which happens well) so I ask for a replacement with the second arrived stone dust. The third is that the 3 AMAZON replacement does not, so you will have to buy it again. I bought it again and it’s the same as the others. Needless to say, the product would be great too. But in AMAZON, you can’t try it because the BROKEN arrives first. It is awkward!

Very bad stone used for the first time and cracked from side to side as directed. i return it

It far exceeds expectations. The burner below is a touch of quality compared to other plates. The stone is easy to heat in the oven and is ready to use if you have alcohol at home. It actually arrived a few hours ago. Had dinner and was able to enjoy the majestic Florence. Suitable for Florentine women weighing up to 1 and a half kg, it is easy to clean and has a curve to prevent the meat fat from draining. Should I say I am really satisfied, I spent the money well, I will give it to my sister x Christmas ️

It’s easy to use, and if the oven heats up well before maintaining heat well, I bought another oven, and in fact, there are three burners underneath, which is amazing. Cleaning is simple, I pass a greased ball before each cook

Economical product, small but suitable for the task the seller describes, very practical to use and can be stored in tight spaces.

It works great the first time, but I don’t recommend it at all as it cracks after 3 uses and can be taken out of the oven.

The whole kit looks good and appears undamaged upon arrival. Used to keep a glass dish warm with a coast in the center. Minimize access to the Jello cooker. First Use: Rift has begun. It’s not broken yet, but it will definitely break next time. Not recommended.

I can not believe it!!! It’s amazing It doesn’t break, but it’s definitely broken when you use it for the first time It’s broken very badly I really can’t believe that I asked for it twice and it came like this

It looked and felt great to use, but the first time we used it, at the end of the evening we realized the stone was cracking in the center.

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