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The metal is solid and the ball joints are fantastic for fine tuning. I like the ibolt system. Because everything is a module and you can customize it by purchasing other parts to suit your needs.

I do a lot of tutorials, so it can be difficult to figure out how to shoot. Now I have a camera and two phones that shoot from different angles and my videos come out perfectly. It is very sturdy, well made and easy to install and mount. Good price for quality, highly recommended.

My wife teaches yoga, we installed this to use and this is her opinion. I use it to anchor a camera that I connect to a computer I use to teach virtual yoga. I had to position the camera at a good angle so I could record myself and this mount does the job of a cell phone or camera very well. The grip is very good and it doesn’t move easily. While doing yoga, vibrations occur while moving, but these movements are not transmitted as live streaming video. I understand this has to do with anchor points as much as mounts, but there are mounts that pick up vibrations easily and this doesn’t. The quality of the ingredients is good and the quantity is large, so it is recommended in the age of virtual creation.

This is a serious piece of hardware. Notice that the corners are not cut. All parts are sturdy and reliable. It might be a bit of a price sticker shock, but if you’re equipped with expensive gear and hanging from the ceiling, it’s well worth it. It comes with a universal camera thread tip as a phone holder if you prefer. I’ve also tried the universal thread with condenser mics and it works beautifully.

I like that it’s rather solid and will hold a decent weight (I don’t need a small camera in my case). I don’t think it’s a good choice for carrying a heavy camera. It was very easy to assemble and very adjustable in terms of angle. In the end, they use ball joints than other types of hinges, which provide a much smaller range of motion along one axis. Also included is a cell phone holder with sides that extend easily along the flexible line. It held my Samsung Note 10+ securely from any angle. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a table clamp type of mount. There is a paper notice in the package indicating that there is an accessory that can be fastened on the manufacturer’s website. problem. Nevertheless, I bought it knowing that I would need to screw it in place where I needed it, but I will mount it without making any holes, so I buy the clamps used on some monitor base assemblies and then modify them to accommodate the 4 hole screws on the bottom of this unit. pattern. This means that if you want to use it with a clamp, buy it along with the device so you don’t have to patch the hole later. Regarding the price I thought it was a bit pricey, but it certainly didn’t go against this kind of equipment.

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

I was looking for something like this but I was always worried it wouldn’t hold up my gear. This is as robust as it gets. All ball rotations are ribbed and either rotate when fixed or do not move at all. The only pieces of plastic are the wing nut and 1/4-20 finger nut. The wing nuts have brass inserts so you can actually crank them. It comes with an extra keep handle and is metal. I used the keep handle by pulling one of the wing nuts. The drill base has a keep handle, but the handle is long enough to hit the ceiling when tightened. You can take it out and readjust it, but it’s a bit cumbersome to work with.

I have a small area that I use to take product photos for things I sell in the bay. I like to leave it set, but hate tripping over tripods. This is the perfect solution for me. I was able to mount this to the ceiling (I live in a small house, so the ceiling is low). So I can always keep the camera attached to it. When not in use, you can tilt the camera up so that it is out of the way, so you don’t bump into the camera as you walk around the room. I didn’t know this existed, but I’m glad I found it.

The build quality of this stuff is impressive. Tightening the knob holds the joint in place. It and the pillars are nicely solid. All in all, it’s a really good kit. The only problem I have is that it’s not long enough on its own from the ceiling (normal height) to the height of the eye of the person sitting. Luckily the far end is a 1/4-20 screw mount and it’s easy to find a straight adjustable pole that fits. So this arm and extension will do what you want your camera to do when you mount it to the ceiling.

This unit is top in terms of construction and with each section of the ball joint you can get almost any angle you want with this mount. I like the way the handle has the ability to pull and lock in place that you usually only find on more expensive mounts. So if it’s mounted on a ceiling or a distant wall and you need to reach it, the easiest way to adjust the angle of your grip is by putting this handle in place. You can choose to install more or fewer seams, or mount to other joints of compatible sizes/shapes. There are additional handles and handles just in case, and you can replace one type with another if you wish. The mount is sturdy and the screws mount easily to any surface and screws are included. The machining is impeccable and the brushed metal is a nice touch. They are at the top in price, but they are almost the only kind, so they get a higher price tag. If it’s on sale, it’s a must. Considering that a regular boom with much less adjustment is about $50 cheaper than this (for a professional boom), you don’t have to think about a dslr or any other device you want to mount.

I’ve been a photographer for 42 years and have a lot of the best camera mount gear and now I can add this ibolt stream cast ceiling to that list. This is an all-metal construction with excellent gauge aluminum black tubing and great turning and locking ball points for this joint and support beast. Yes it can hold a phone mound of it and also a sub dslrs phone but think twice about a digital hassaleblad or sinar 4×5. Use a rolling studio stand for stuff of that size… lol. The only sensible idea is to have the base fit the super clamps, so you can configure this as an automatic pole setup that can be tied to a grid ceiling. As long as you have a place to tighten the base mount, no problem. Follow the advice of someone who has been selling camera gear for 20 years. This ibolt stream cast ceiling ceiling mount won’t disappoint. good luck. Remember, it never hurts to tie a cable to your equipment in case it falls from an overhead position. Oh, and that spring-loaded desk lamp holder, but modified to fit the camera, is a joke and a headache and shouldn’t be displayed to make an image.

I have a cousin who is a gamer live streaming on twitch/youtube. He wanted to have an overhead camera/cell phone holder that could stream to multiple cameras so he could show his face as well as his keyboard. I wanted to give him something that was not only practical, but also durable. Well, the material screams quality in terms of sturdiness (and hopefully durability) and of course it takes some effort to mount the holder to the ceiling. He is very happy that he is now able to show the keyboard angles taken directly from above along with his usual face angles. To be honest, that’s cool. Compared to regular stands like overhead holders, it gives you more space to get a better angle of anything you want to take pictures or stream. This was the perfect early Christmas gift for the professional streamer.

We make homeschool support videos and this camera with wall or ceiling mount is a great addition. You can capture floor plan details for projects such as cooking, crafting, and more. Great location option, nicely crafted.

I own all kinds of crazy expensive holding pods, gitzo, manfrotto, etc. . Not all applications require super-strong holding pods, but when recording you do. Otherwise, the recording may be shaken. This pod is sturdy and built to hold your phone in place, but the phone stretches far. The knuckles are very well made and secure. Overall, it’s hard to find a more powerful pod for recording to this level at this price point. We recommend 5 stars. Here are the specifications for: iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera:

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • Create high-quality overhead or front-facing video with your DSLR camera and the iBOLT Stream-Cast Mount. These mounts mount directly to ceiling or wall mount studs for installed studio setups. This mount supports DSLR cameras and lens combinations, projectors and smartphones weighing up to 4 pounds.
  • It has multiple adjustment arms to achieve optimal viewing and angles. Each knob has a ratchet tightening system to ensure a tight fit at all adjustment points. No more vibrations in the clamp mount!
  • HEAVY DUTY – This DSLR camera mount is made of sturdy aluminum with extension arm, ball joint, ¼ 20” camera screws and drill base (phone holder and ball adapter for phone holder are made of synthetic plastic)
  • Done set up – perfect for live streaming, taking overhead photos or videos, grabbing the mic, mini projector, unboxing recording, and more!
  • Compatible with all industry standard ¼ 20″ cameras, adapters, and accessories, ranging from 2.25″ to 3.75″ wide phones and weighing up to 4 pounds.
  • Includes: Metal 22″ Stream Cast Ceiling Mount, Metal Medium Extension Arm, Metal Small Extension Arm, Metal ¼ 20″ Camera Screw Adapter, Composite Ball-to-Phone Adapter, Composite Phone Holder and Mounting Screws.

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

iBolt Stream-Cast Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Metal Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for Dslr Camera –

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