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ICELAND shoppers were bustling after heading to the store for a 1p sale and discovering that there is a discount only online.

A range of products were offered at discounted prices in an offer launched this morning, but some customers are unwittingly not aware that this deal is not available in stores.

Bargain hunters were disappointed to learn that the deal was only done online.


Bargain hunters were disappointed to learn that the deal was only done online.Credit: Alamy

Shoppers rushed to the store to make the most of the deal, but were greatly disappointed.

One woman said, “Unfortunately, it’s not so unfair for everyone to shop online.”

Customers had to spend £40 to get free shipping, but some said the minimum was too high, Mirror reported.

As one woman said, “kind gestures” are “defective.”

I lost my job and now I have to walk to the supermarket to save 5 pesos.
Six million households are facing power outages this winter as households have already been hit by rising bills.

“How many low-income families will spend £35 or more to avoid paying £4 shipping?” she asked.

“But now they’ve spent over £35 on Icelandic food that you can’t buy at full price in local shops/supermarkets like bread, milk and butter.

“Obviously this would be better as an in-store offer. At least a low-income family can wander around and rethink their shopping and find everything they need is out of stock… plus it costs a loaf of bread, milk and four pints of butter/margarine. Cheaper than £4 shipping!”

Others thought the sale wasn’t that bad, and some praised Iceland for trying it out.

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As one official said, “There are many areas with free WiFi around the city and city center, and if you are close to a library or community center, WiFi is available.”

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland, said: weekend.

“Our previous sales on Christmas and Easter have been very popular and this time we decided to offer this deal on a fork on daily necessities as well as vegetables to help our customers through the cost of living crisis.

“We are committed and will continue to do our best to help our customers as much as we can during these difficult times.”

It happens because shoppers have to make difficult choices as the cost of living crisis reaches new heights.

A mother who has lost her job now walks to several supermarkets to find the best deals. Even if she only saves 5 pesos.

Safina Kassu, 44, used to be a high-level event organizer, but now has to find the best deals to put food on the table.

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