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MARTYN FORD is left ‘helpless’ to see his friend Eddie Hall lose to Hafthor Bjornsson, but is ready to take revenge.

The Hollywood movie star was at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Stadium to support the hall.

Martyn Ford stayed 'out of the way' after watching Eddie Hall lose to Hafthor Bjornsson.


Martyn Ford stayed ‘out of the way’ after watching Eddie Hall lose to Hafthor Bjornsson.Credit: Instagram / @eddiehallwsn
Eddie Hall lost to Haftor Bjornsson on points.


Eddie Hall lost to Haftor Bjornsson on points.

But the night ended in defeat with Bjornsson (nicknamed Thor), Britain’s strongest man in the whole world.

“I love Eddie as a friend,” Ford, 39, told iFL TV. “But I’ll tell you, I’m definitely going to knock him down.”

“I think Thor is 100%, 100%. Technically good in my eyes and well coached.

“But I will take Thor 100%. I don’t know if I will knock him out, but I will win. I will take 100% of myself back.”

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Hafthor Bjornsson details what he told Eddie Hall after winning the match.

Actor Ford – an overweight actor at 6 feet 8 inches 21 stone – Accepted that if given the blessing of the scepter, he would only fight Bjornsson.

“If Eddie v Thor is made and Thor wants to continue boxing, we are not a million miles from each other.

“I don’t know anything about Thor personally, and I don’t know him. Technically, I would genuinely support myself.

“I’m not taking anything. This is Eddie’s night. I’m here for Eddie. I’m not here to call anyone.

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“Thor wants to keep boxing. Shall I do some boxing? Damn it. Yeah. If Eddie tells me to do it, I’ll do it? Damn it. Yeah.

“If Eddie doesn’t want me to do it, will I? No, I won’t.”

Ford made his boxing debut on April 30th against the ‘Iranian Hulk’ but is already looking forward to a chance against Game of Thrones star Thor.

He said: “He learned very well, good moves and calm, but he’s not venomous.

“I know you don’t want to go there, but there’s no snap in the punch. I’ll truly look back on myself.”

Haftor Bjornsson celebrates victory


Haftor Bjornsson celebrates victory

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