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A beautiful and functional product. I’m happy with toast these days.

i just got this I like how slim and stylish it is. It looks very neat and modern. I’ve only used it once or twice, but both times were quick. It is definitely the most practical and nice looking toaster I could find and I have been looking for for a while.

During the first shipment, the device appeared to come with a 3-pin English/US NEMA connector. Therefore, exchange it with the help of a customer advisor. During the second song again there is a wrong plug, so return it now.

The toaster will be fine. It’s probably just what it says on the box. Unfortunately I couldn’t read what was on the box, and I reported this but didn’t get a response. I argue that if a product is this expensive, the packaging should at least be good. My address label was glued directly to the box and my partner took it to negate the surprise element of one of the Christmas presents.

The world’s most agile and functional form of toaster. Love it and don’t mind paying a little more for the amazing look and design.

I don’t like most toasters. They tend to eat counter space, look like tanks and last for about a year. This toaster took a while to arrive but it’s been in the kitchen for over a year now and it’s really good. The toaster looks great, is easy to clean, takes up very little space, works perfectly, and fits long slices of baguette. We do not use bread warmers.

So modern and stylish and the toast is great. For me it was worth it.

The toaster works very well, looks great, holds three slices of bread, and doesn’t take up too much countertop space.

  • The toaster is fine, maybe just do what the box says
  • very stylish
  • Ideal if you run out of counter space. slim and stylish

Alessi Sg68 W/Uk Toaster with Bread Warmer

from the manufacturer

the company

Founded in 1921, Alessi has always stood out for its high quality products. In its nearly 100-year history, the company has gradually developed into one of the premier ‘Italian Design Factories’, capable of applying the expertise and excellence of design management to various product types. Open to change and international development, Alessi has a strong bond with the local traditional and cultural background.

our mission

Alessi’s mission is to transform one of the most advanced cultural, aesthetic, design and functional characteristics into mass production. Designer products are the result of the unending harmony of art and industry, ‘the limitless creative potential’ and the demands of the market. The company is committed to a design approach in which one of the most advanced expressions of international creativity has always been balanced with the desires of the general public. Alessi has been described as a ‘Dream Factory’ that uses its products to make people’s dreams come true and provide the art and poetry they desire.

Stefano Giovanoni

Born in La Spezia in 1954, Stefano was an architect and designer, where he was taught by Booti at the University of Florence. In the early 80’s he founded the King-Kong Production Group with Guido Venturini. His explosive talent allows him to implement complex ’emotion codes’ systems in his projects. This brilliant approach earned him the title of ‘Super & Popular’ designer in the ’90s. An outstanding technical designer, he has industrial design in his DNA and the ability to understand public sentiment unlike any other designer mentioned in this catalog.

His projects began with plastic transparent objects in the ‘Girotondo’ (designed with Guido Venturini in 1989) and the ‘Family Follows Fiction’ series (1993). His items are in the catalog ‘Officina Alessi’, ‘Alessi’ and ‘A di Alessi’.

to the toaster

Kitchen appliances is a minimalist, modernist and elegant approach that Stefano Giovannoni started with designing other electrical appliances for Alessi.

I’ve had this toaster for years and it continues to be worth the money. The controls are reasonable and well laid out.

Excellent toast – it browns evenly (I don’t know why other toasters can’t do this) and does a great job of making light or dark toast. Really, the toast is perfect. It’s a stylish, small footprint that takes up little counter space compared to other toasters that matter here. At first, like other reviewers, there was a problem with only one side being baked. If you modify the settings, the toast is perfect. Call the alessi store (you may have to call in other states) to inquire.

Toasting a slice of bread is certainly not an engineering feat, but I haven’t been able to have a consistent toaster every time I use it. Toasts evenly, quickly and consistently.

It’s really stylish and looks amazing in my kitchen. I don’t have a lot of workbench space so this is ideal. I read many reviews, pros and cons before buying. I was not disappointed.

The supply does not satisfy me at all. I am supplied with a product from a well-known Italian company with a power outlet that is not suitable for the Italian market. In order to get the product to work, I had to buy an adapter, and I had to get a refund for this adapter, and I also had a bad appearance in front of the person receiving the gift. Obviously Mutschlechner

  • The toaster is fine, maybe just do what the box says
  • very stylish
  • Ideal if you run out of counter space. slim and stylish

Alessi Sg68 W/Uk Toaster with Bread Warmer

Features and Specifications

  • Elegant toaster with bun warmer
  • Designer: Stefano Giovanoni
  • Material: 18/10 stainless steel and PC
  • Dimensions: 20cm high, 41cm long and 11,50cm Argezza
  • Removable crumb tray

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