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If you are a true party planner or enjoy a variety of themed events, throwing a jungle themed party will be fun. Exotic birds, ponds of palm trees and tropical plants can all be used to decorate these parties and let your imagination run wild. You can also use these party ideas to host a variety of similar events.

This article will help you plan a safari-themed birthday party, jungle-themed get-together, graduation ceremony, baby shower, or other happy event. If you can design a party invitation with digital jungle-themed ideas and animal-themed gifts, the theme will be even more fun for your guests.

Let’s start with some ideas that will help you plan your party effectively with this theme.

Use some wild ideas for decoration

Animal prints are always the best when setting up a jungle themed party. Decorative colors should be bright and pleasant, such as orange, purple, magenta, green, royal blue, and red. Wildflowers such as hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and orchids should be prioritized for the use of flowers for decoration. Animal-themed cutlery, such as bear napkins, giraffe cups, and tiger tablecloths, can be used to give the overall décor a jungle feel.

Here are some decoration ideas.

balloon idea

A wild-themed party would look incomplete without wild print balloons. Elephants, tigers, monkeys, bears, crocodiles, snakes, giraffes, horses and other exotic jungle animals should be included in the print. Those balloons should be hung throughout the venue and some should be placed around food tables and seating areas for guests.

personalized gift

It’s also a good idea to give your guests an animal-themed gift. When sending out invitations, you can ask your guests which animals they like and decorate their gifts accordingly. Instead of a random animal themed gift, giraffe lovers will be delighted to receive a personalized gift. giraffe gift Ceramic giraffe coaster, magnetic giraffe bookmark, hand painted ceramic giraffe mug and more. So, do your homework and learn about your preferences to make your guests feel more comfortable.

sticker selection

Jungle-inspired stickers will be one of your must-haves if you’re placing a jungle theme for your kids event. You can also print stickers on invitations. Images of wild animals, flowers, and beautiful views of the jungle are all fantastic choices for party stickers.

tableware theme

Appliances and decorative items for food preparation should also be in a jungle-themed style. Paper cups, plates and napkins make it easy to assemble jungle-themed table decorations. If you’re throwing a party for little ones, a table arrangement with animal faces will be a hit. Motifs from some natural plants, such as palm trees or monstera, will be more appealing to older children.

Confetti Ideas

A mess made out of colored paper makes any party more fun. But instead of using traditional confetti, try using confetti with a jungle-themed print. It would be even more glamorous if you could pair it with an animal-themed cake and a party popper filled with its custom confetti.

Backgrounds and banners

An animal-inspired background or banner for a jungle-themed party will undoubtedly grab the attention of your guests differently. All you have to do is hang a large animal print with a picture of a wild animal on the wall along with brightly colored balloons. If you’re throwing a party for your family, look for reusable wall stickers with the same theme that you can reuse at other parties.

photo booth ideas

Setting up a jungle-style photo booth for your event will take your jungle-themed party to another level. In addition to the booth, you can store masks, cutouts, glasses and hats with animal designs.

Design an arrangement with live animals

If you’re throwing a safari zoo themed party, meeting live animals will be your party’s biggest surprise. For these themed parties, many event planners include horseback riding or camel rides. Some of the party planners go even further and include reptile and animal shows in their plans. A wildlife research center or zoo can be a great choice for such a party. In this way, guests will be able to understand the theme of the party properly.

dress up

You should ask your invited friends to wear the most exotic jungle-themed outfits for the party. It will be very fun. It is even more enjoyable to welcome guests. animal print And a shaped hat.

Linen pants, khakis and bush jackets can be worn to the party. Anything related to safari or jungle themes will work. The festival will be even more exciting with visitors dressed in vivid exotic costumes.

food ideas

The food for the jungle-themed party should also be decorated differently from the overall theme. Cupcakes with mint green frosting are ideal for these celebrations. Cupcakes decorated in the shape of a pink lioness or blue elephant fit the theme well.

Snacks for events may include pretzels labeled with jungle logs and peanuts as animal treats. Monkey food can be served with a bowl of fresh bananas. spider snake on the side of the intestine.

You should also set up a space with a variety of soft drinks in different flavors. Jungle juice or cocktails can be served as drinks at adult events such as lime juice, rum or pineapple slices. However, non-alcoholic soft drinks and lemonade should be provided to children.

A safari themed cake would also look fantastic at a party. The cake can be decorated with jungle animals, or animal shapes will look great. A nice touch to the cake would be an edible food scribble on top of the cake.

final thoughts

These ideas will be a huge hit at jungle-themed events, including safari-themed baby showers, birthday celebrations, or other gatherings.

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