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A fashion expert said that Shine outfits look like It costs quite a penny.

In a YouTube video titled “10 Tricks to Make SHEIN Clothes Look Expensive”, an influencer named Mariale explains how to make your outfits look classy.

An influencer named Mariale is offering some tips to help women make cheap clothes look classy.


An influencer named Mariale is offering some tips to help women make cheap clothes look classy.Credit: Youtube/ March
This video has 10 tips and has been viewed over 4,000 times to date.


This video has 10 tips and has been viewed over 4,000 times to date.Credit: Youtube/ March

“I’ve seen some videos talking about how to make it look expensive on a budget, and many of them talk about getting a custom piece or wearing it with a lower end and then pairing it with a higher end. Just keep thinking… no ,” She said.

“For this video, I want to focus on how to make the most of my limited budget,” she continued.

“Or if you don’t want to spend that much money, that’s fine.”

The first tip is to think about what to buy as opposed to scrolling and buying impulsively.

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Luckily, Mariale said “neutral and basic is your friend,” and recommends buying such products to get the most out of your money.

Monochrome costumes are also available.

Mariale says white is a great color to use, especially when you want it to look expensive.

When ordering a monochrome outfit, the influencer asked to be extra careful not to accidentally purchase a see-through item.

Tip 3 is to look at the websites of your favorite designers and get inspired by the way they put their items together.

It’s important to know that Mariale doesn’t recommend buying the exact trick of luxury. Simply pay attention to style.

Another tip is to increase your clothing size, especially if you are unsure.

According to Mariale: “Clothes that are tight tend to look cheap, but if they are too big, they look expensive.”

Washing your clothes less often, keeping your bra and panty lines out of sight, wearing accessories and layering are among the other tips that can help make your clothes look expensive.

Mariale isn’t the only influencer to offer very helpful clothing tips.

TikToker @Americanthreads, who has nearly 400,000 followers, previously shared some cool tricks to get a fuller silhouette without showing off a special bra.

Unlike Mariale, fashion guru Meytal, who goes by the name @stylehard on social media, has previously given you several reasons why your expensive clothing can make you look cheap.

She mentioned wearing a lot of clothing with a brand with a lot of logos as something that could make you look cheap.

“When you dress like this all the time and rely on your head-to-toe logo to give it a fashionable look, it actually looks a little cheaper,” she said.

Relying on animal prints and wearing loose-fitting clothing is also useless when it comes to making clothes look expensive.

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