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A LOVE Island stylist takes a peek inside the famous villa wardrobe.

The time most people have been waiting for patiently for months is the return of Love Island.

The expert has revealed a dress that everyone has been raving about.


The expert has revealed a dress that everyone has been raving about.Credit: BBC
Amy and her team sourced this year's outfits from eBay.


Amy and her team sourced this year’s outfits from eBay.Credit: BBC

Over the past few years, the show has been criticized for its love of fast fashion, and participants surprise us with new outfits every hour.

Amid recent criticism, the show has announced that this year’s contestants will wear their beloved costumes instead.

Amy Bannerman, who styled celebrity styles like Dua Lipa, has been chosen as the costume curator, the BBC reports.

Ditching I Saw It First, the brand they sponsored, this year the series decided to work with eBay.

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Here, Amy was hired by the company to source a variety of outfits from the site.

Among the dozens of great fits were dresses that everyone suspected ‘amazing’. A stunning outfit from Versace from the collection that J.Lo wore for their comeback.

But just as amazing as the dress was, Amy was another costume that the contestant claimed almost brought her to tears.

The dress in question is a shiny little number, very similar to the iconic dress worn by Paris Hilton in the early 2000s.

Talking to the camera, the fashion expert also revealed that Hawaiian shirts are ”really, really popular” among boys.

However, Amy says she’s been very bright in the past, but opted for a more ‘rustic’ color this year.

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”Obviously they can be separated and worn separately or worn by a girl as a dress.

”I think sharing is really cute.”

While browsing the numerous options online, Amy also found a pair that looked like vintage leather trousers with bold cutout details.

She admitted that she couldn’t imagine a decent opportunity for such an event, but the fashion expert said she hopes someone will be ‘brave enough’.

A short clip also shows that Amy’s team is sourcing clothes across four themes.

”The first is Blurred Lines blurring the boundaries of gender dressing.”

The second section is dopamine dressing. As the name suggests, this is an outfit that makes you feel good.

Of course, it’s impossible not to include iconic Y2Ks like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears around 2000.

Finally, Love Me Forever – Amy explained that this is the outfit you will have forever.

The transition means viewers will be guided to similar items on eBay, unlike previous years where viewers could put in their bags the exact same clothes that participants wore.

‘We’ve seen one beloved fashion sale per second so far in 2022,’ said Jemma Tadd, eBay’s head of fashion.

”We already have a tremendous opportunity to make a cultural change to influence the way consumer behavior works when it comes to fashion that is loved.

”I think there are a lot of negative things that can be related to used.

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”We really want to change that message and let people say ‘I really want it’.”

Amy agreed, explaining that cycling shopping—buying already-loved products and selling them to other fashion enthusiasts—has ‘a huge environmental impact’.

One of the much-loved outfits that closely resembled the iconic dress worn by Paris Hilton in the early 2000s.


One of the most beloved outfits in the early 2000s, very much like the iconic dress worn by Paris Hilton.Credit: Getty
This little number almost made the islanders cry


This little number almost made the islanders cryCredit: BBC
Amy is hoping someone is brave enough to wear these pants.


Amy is hoping someone is brave enough to wear these pants.Credit: BBC

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