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JOE Wicks has revealed about his amazing “bondage” with his drug addict father. After their reunion, they are now “best friends.”

A fitness expert who announced last week that she and his wife Rosie are pregnant with their third child, said his father learned from childhood mistakes to be the best daddy as he prepares for his third.

Joe Wicks said his father's parenting mistakes taught him to be a good dad.


Joe Wicks said his father’s parenting mistakes taught him to be a good dad.Credit: David Cummings
The fitness coach says he's now 'best friends' with his father (right) after the reunion.


The fitness coach says he’s now ‘best friends’ with his father (right) after the reunion.Credit: Instagram

36-year-old Joe said his parents had crossed the moon to become grandparents and that his father would play an important role in the lives of his children despite his “absence” when he was growing up.

In an interview with Sun, Cho said, “When I was young, without my father, I wanted to be stable.

“When you are young, all you want is someone to be by your side and support you.

“It made me very committed to Rosie about one thing. If we have an argument, we don’t want to bring it up.

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“If it’s hard, we don’t want to go, and let’s not chatter or argue.

“I’ll try to work it out instead, because I want the kids to know that we can argue and you can get over it.”

Between a father who is a heroin addict and a mother who struggles with obsessive-compulsive and eating disorders, Joe said he tried to maintain a good relationship with his parents as an adult.

Star said that now, the moment he gets closer to his father and shares it with him is precious.

“We are like best friends now. My dad was clearly a drug addict. He’s a drug addict and will always be a drug addict. But he’s recovering,” said the American gymnast.

“We got a new hobby of going out together on a motorcycle and we had a really great time reconnecting.

“We go to Scotland and Wales. We get together and hang out and we have something in common.

“If he doesn’t want to go to the gym, he can ride his bike. Our friendship and relationship are great.”

The Body Coach star said his parents are thrilled with the recent announcement of their baby and can’t wait to welcome another grandchild into the family.

“Grandparents have a new sense of purpose,” says Joe in the publication of his Feel Good Food book. “When we have grandchildren without spending as much time as we used to, we feel that love and purpose.”

Last week Joe announced the good news that his wife Rosie is pregnant with their third baby.

Joe admits they want it to be a “surprise,” revealing that he has decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret until birth.

“So Rosie is having another baby. We don’t know what the gender is, but we want a surprise,” said the TV star.

“It was planned, and we always said we wanted a large family.

“We got them very close and we took a break and I said I was ready and she said she was ready too, and that’s it and we have a baby.

“Anyway, boy or girl, I will love them no matter who they are.”

As the Wicks clan grew a little bigger, Joe revealed the small challenge of raising all three children under five.

He said, “I’m a little nervous about travelling, and because we love vacations and traveling to remote places, three, two, one-year-olds.

“It’s going to be very difficult, but it won’t stop me because I love to travel with kids all over the world.”

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Former glamor model and girl Rosie, 32, and Joe were engaged in 2018 and married the following year.

The pair are already parents to indie, 3 and 2 year old Marley.

Joe said his father would play an important role in the children's lives despite his childhood absence.


Joe said his father would play an important role in the children’s lives despite his childhood absence.Credit: Instagram/@thebodycoach
The pair are already parents to Indy, 3 and 2 year old Marley.


The pair are already parents to Indy, 3 and 2 year old Marley.Credit: Instagram

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