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I’m not old enough to vote. I can’t drive But according to my home state, I may be forced to become a mother.

My parents are now two months younger. He is more concerned about the Supreme Court decision which may be reversed. Ro v. Wade Fear of pregnancy, because in our home, for our body, they are interconnected.

My family raised me to be a feminist. For as long as I can remember, I have said, “My rights, my body, my choice.” Looking back, I had no idea what that meant.

I can’t imagine a life where I could be a teenager as I should be – hiding the curfew of the past or spending a day in the movies. My friends are storing on Plan B. The usual worries about moving into planned parenting are overshadowed by the implications of inaccessible birth control. Instead, I’m a hot body (or cold – it’s not clear what politicians care about) whose rights can be debated. My humanity is politicized in America. Here, my life is ready to catch up. Living in Utah, my life is in danger.

Of Dobs Judgment is coming, and this is just the beginning.

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The day after the draft opinion in the Supreme Court Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Leaked in May, I had two back-to-back AP tests. I spent the morning trading between worrying about my rights to my body and whether I would pass my AP Psychology exam.

The next day, I read AP Environmental Science until 1am and made flyers about an emergency protest that I had jointly organized.

The next day, an hour before my exam, I posted a flyer around the school. After finishing the two-hour exam, I wrote my protest speech, and drove straight from school to Utah State Capital. I spoke in front of over 1,500 people – many of them my age – about the terror I had, the terror I still have, and the terror I know. That they are too

I am a 16 year old girl with a uterus in Utah. If cotton wool Fall, my life is insecure for a possible life that will not be protected, once it is out of pity.

I do not want to fight for my body or for my health care. I’m tired, bone-chilling fatigue that almost everyone in the womb has experienced more intensely since the draft opinion was leaked.

Increasingly, the right to abortion was granted cotton wool. My mother and grandmother saw that abortion rights were protected, because they were given their minimum rights. In the last few years, however, I have seen states pass legislation that would have prohibited abortion, despite the concerns of abortion. cotton wool. Then, I watched with my mother and my grandmother, as the Supreme Court had pointed out. cotton wool Will fall – and naked at least suddenly torn from my hands.

Abortion never ends. Safe abortion is being restricted. Babies will die, and abortions won’t happen – these will be girls like me, low-income children, black and local girls who already have the highest maternal mortality rates.

In 1965, Roe v. About a decade before Wade’s decision, about 17% of all pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths were due to illegal abortion. By 2018, it is estimated that globally, at least 22,000 pregnant people die each year from unsafe abortions. Upside down. Ro v. Wade, And the imposition of sanctions on basic human rights puts the lives of millions at stake – and the blood of thousands at the hands of the Supreme Court. The hands of the conservative upper majority: none of whom will be personally affected, and one of whom is a rapist.

This is my life too. The lives of my mother and grandmother, my younger siblings, my cousins, my friends.

The most frightening thing is that all this terror comes at a time when I have so much privilege as a susceptible, upper middle class, white citizen. It can be very bad – it’s very bad. We were fighting long before and long after 1973.

We don’t have to go back – we’re already there: Immigrants are accused of performing unnecessary hysterectomy on immigration and customs enforcement. One in six American women has survived a rape attempt. 37 states require parental involvement in the abortion of a minor, with a few exceptions, in the event of a medical emergency, neglect, abuse, immorality, or assault (because their body is subject to pre-approval of the individual’s choice). Should be violated). There is a severe lack of sex education across the country, and in Utah, abstinence seems to be the full extent of our curriculum – my parents have to sign a waiver every time I learn the word “vagina.”

People in the United States do not have access to universal health care or accessible mental health care. The healthcare we have is largely inaccessible to low-income groups. The country also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. We are in the midst of a lack of children’s formula. Communities accessing safe abortion face increasing restrictions every year. This is not a pro-life – it is against choice. An agenda against women, trans people, and especially women and trans people of color, knows no bounds.

They are not stopping together. cotton wool.

We are not stopping either.

On May 14, people across the country participated in hundreds of rallies around the United States.

The capital of one of the country’s most conservative states, Salt Lake City, has seen weekly rallies and demonstrations, a state with a trigger ban that would make most abortions illegal, with a few exceptions.

Support for abortion care is also extremely popular – according to a Pew Research Center survey, 61% of adults support abortion in all or most cases. Young people – the ones who will be most affected for the longest time – are the most supportive of abortion, with about three-quarters of adults under the age of 30 saying it is legal in all cases or with some exceptions. Yes, found in the pool. We are in the majority. Our justice system has failed us, and our representatives do not represent us. It’s outrageous, and it’s impressive. We are in the majority..

We are fighting with teeth and nails not only for health care but also for the right to choose. We are fighting for ourselves, our families, and our collective siblings across the country who refuse to be pushed into the back streets, bleach and coat hangers. We are fighting for the grocery store and the strangers on the street who are forcibly depriving us of our basic human rights because you are reading this. This fight is for us, and we are not going to stop.

I don’t want to be a mother yet. I am an older sister, a student, a worker. I am applying to university next year. I want to learn three more languages ​​and get my driver’s license. My life is worth fighting for. I deserve autonomy over my body. I deserve better, and I deserve better than to say I deserve better.

You’re definitely affected by abortion restrictions – if you don’t have a uterus, you love someone who does. From an insecure girl: Please protect us. Please protect each other.

You can start by introducing yourself to your local black and indigenous women workers. They are on the front line everything, And the dead will be the first. If abortion does not affect you personally, or you have a structurally secure or authoritative identity, you need to have a hard time communicating in your community. Continue educating yourself about abortion laws in your area and how to help your unsafe local communities. Donate to your local abortion fund.

Remember we are here for you, and we are here for each other. Stay in the streets Invite your friends to protest or rally yourself. Keep up the pace.

I am not a statistic of people who are at risk of signing birth or death certificates if they become pregnant. My name is Eve. My life is important I will not stop fighting for my life. None of us.

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