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I have a few roku devices that use screen mirroring on my windows 10 laptop, but unfortunately I can’t use these devices on a linux machine unless I install various software packages and tweak a lot of configuration files. Performing a software update may result in loss of configuration, etc. I’m sure the Linux community will one day come up with a solution and become a standard part of a popular distro, but I wanted something that would bypass all the headaches and work seamlessly out of the box. This solution took 5 minutes to unpack, set up and test. The picture was great, the sound via hdmi was great and no configuration was needed. I’ll keep this in my bag for when I visit the client’s site, as there are a few places where connecting the receiver device to the hdmi port and powering it with a USB cable is faster than a client’s expensive wireless display solution.

Easy to set up and works well.

Hubby got this for the best golf experience in our garage. I tested it with a projector yesterday. Yahoo works perfectly without wires.

It worked fine for my security camera.

This product is written on the first day of use, so it may be updated later. The connection is quick, easy, and instant (I had to manually connect via a Samsung TV, but it took a few seconds). The video is clear at full resolution. I haven’t noticed any lags yet, but I’m going to play a game here to test it out. Intermittent audio echoes. Although inconsistent or infrequent enough to warrant a 4 star review, we monitor for this as well. A general tip: the transmitter and receiver are thick (0.5 inches on each side), so if, like me, you still have another port right next to the HDMI port you want to use, connect an HDMI extender to all accessible ports. Hope this helps some people.

I needed it to project on a church projector. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it blinked and then stopped connecting. I missed the return date by 1 day due to the weekend.

It doesn’t work on Microsoft Surface.

I was a bit skeptical after reading all the reviews. But this little unit was really good for the purpose of placing my TV on the other side of the room without rewiring. It took me a while to set up and everything worked just fine by unplugging and reconnecting the TV receiver.

Iogear Share Pro USB-C Wireless Hd Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit (gwhdkit11c), Black

The IOGEAR Share Pro USB-C Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver eliminates unsightly and expensive HDMI cables connecting to laptops, tablets or other AV sources at home, in the office or on the go. Easily share Full HD content wirelessly to larger indoor TVs or displays up to 60 feet away from USB-C enabled sources. Create a dedicated high-speed AV connection without an existing wireless network. Share Pro also travels to meetings, classes or vacations thanks to its compact and portable design. Share HD content with guests, colleagues or classmates on a larger indoor screen up to 60 feet away from your USB-C* laptop, tablet, or other AV source for easy scaling or mirroring. Enjoy the freedom to temporarily position your TV or quickly change sources while eliminating unsightly cables running through your home or office. Share Pro connects via advanced business-class 5 GHz wireless technology for a stable and reliable connection while reducing interference between other wireless devices. Installation is quick and simple. Simply connect the transmitter to your laptop, tablet or other AV source and connect the receiver to your TV to enjoy the big screen. Share Pro creates its own dedicated wireless network and does not rely on existing in-building Wi-Fi networks. Just plug in and play! About the size of a pack of chewing gum, the Share Pro transmitter and receiver travel independently to meetings, classes, and even vacations. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for use in a variety of home and business applications. The device will work with any video source output that has a USB-C port with alternate mode support. Wirelessly share HD content from your USB-C laptop or tablet to your TV/display, eliminating the need and cost of temporarily or permanently connecting unsightly HDMI cables. Mirror sources and TV/displays without wires, or expand your content to a larger screen for easy viewing, with indoor wireless range up to 60 feet. Simple and straightforward setup – no software required The portable design is ideal for home, office and classroom use. Or take advantage of the 5GHz radio frequency band for reduced interference while on the go Dedicated direct connection No local wireless network required 1080P @60Hz high definition audio and video streaming transmitter powered from the USB-C port of your laptop or tablet. Power receiver via USB port on display or included USB cable on included wall adapter HDMI and HDD 1.2 compatible Windows and Mac compatible

I really recommend it to anyone who has an office.

Easy to use, just plug in and it connects automatically. Comes with all necessary accessory parts and cables.

I don’t write many reviews, but I had to write one here because I was reluctant to buy this item due to all the negative reviews. I bought this to connect my laptop to a TV so I can use the TV during Zoom meetings. It worked great with no lag as many have reported. I’m also using it to watch amazon prime video and there is no lag. This product is recommended if you want to expand your viewing possibilities without being limited to HDMI cords.

I plugged it in the day it arrived and it worked as expected as soon as I took it out of the box. I’m using it to power my projection screen as a second monitor when I’m working from home during the pandemic. My setup is that I’m using my laptop on a table about 16 feet away from my receiver. This receiver, in turn, is connected to a projector in the ceiling. On the laptop side, I have an io gear transmitter connected to a hdmi extender that contains the device and the extender is connected to my laptop’s hdmi output port. On the video receiver side, it is connected to an HDMI extender with an io gear receiver unit, and the extender is connected to the video receiver’s HDMI-in port. There is a sofa between the laptop and the receiver blocking the view between the two io gear units. Despite these obstacles, the video displays perfectly. I’ve played video and sound over the wireless connection and found a _very_ very_ small amount of lag, but none of the wireless connections will run without lag. I think a lot of people won’t notice what I noticed, and I would say the delay didn’t compromise the experience at all. Earlier today I made a configuration change to avoid stressing the hdmi port of the video receiver by connecting the receiver instead to a 90 degree hdmi adapter with the io gear receiver dongle hanging from the hdmi extender dongle.

Awesome product This product was recommended by a friend and works perfectly with my wife’s ipad. It also works with laptops. Connect to HDMI input and enjoy. Now we can watch our grandchildren’s sporting events. I finally found a product that works very well.

It works well and is very easy to set up and use. The video has no perceptible degradation (I’m sharing my computer screen at 1080 resolution). I haven’t tested the range, but have had no problems in a modest room with single studs and drywall closet walls.

This is my favorite toy I love messing around with people taking over their TV.

I used it to put a security dvr upstairs about 40 feet from my living room TV and I got a perfect 1080p display. If you move it 50 feet away, there are no photos. My TV didn’t have a USB charger port available, so I had to add a separate USB supply to the end of the TV receiver. Overall a very good product.

Iogear Share Pro USB-C Wireless Hd Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit (gwhdkit11c), Black

Update: After fixing my problem, I found that one of the 90 degree adapters that came with the kit made the signal all unstable. I was able to fit the transmitter straight into the cable box without the 90 degree part and we were golden. Now I highly recommend this original post. I was trying to use this device to stream about 6 feet of hdmi in an open room. The quality was not ideal and the screen kept flashing gray lines and the whole picture was flashing green occasionally. Please, I thought this would be a great solution for my application. I was disappointed and will return the device.

Been using it well for about 2 months. Now they are looking for a signal even if they have a line of sight and are 20 feet away. Do not buy. It will fail once or twice as normal unless necessary.

IOGEAR Share Pro USB-C Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit:

Features and Specifications

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • Wirelessly share HD content from USB-C laptop or tablet to TV/display
  • Eliminate the need and cost of running ugly HDMI cables
  • Temporary or permanent source and wire-free TV/display connection
  • Mirror or scale your content to a larger screen for easy viewing
  • Reach and indoor wireless range up to 60 feet.
  • 1 year of IOGEAR support and free lifetime technical support

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