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It needs some positioning. Once built, it works better than more expensive systems.

The product is very good, but I don’t give it 5 stars because the signal cuts out for a few seconds every time I walk through the circulating space air. They also heat up a lot and don’t have an on-off button, so they always opt for a multi-contact that turns on the unit when you turn on the master (TV or data source). Beyond these details, it is very practical to have these devices share the signal of some devices without significant relaxation.

It works great when used to cast from one TV to another.

I needed this to watch TV in my living room while the satellite box was in the finished basement and the cables didn’t run through the floor. It works, but keep in mind that the transmitter and receiver are only 15 feet away. The sound and image quality is very good.

It works fine, but the scope is a bit limited. I’m getting it to work from the 1st floor (monitor) to the basement floor (hdmi source), but sometimes it freezes when I use the microwave. Otherwise, I recommend this product.

If you mark 140 feet, barely reach 6 meters and have a wall, the image will still freeze. A wireless solution that is no longer 3 meters, but cables are better.

I used this to watch a second tv in rv.

Fast delivery and in good condition I couldn’t find a product with the same function anywhere else. This one works at a very good resolution, but if you have to go through solid walls or need to change from one floor to another, the range is less than 5 meters and it doesn’t work and gets cut off. Even in a field advertised as 150 feet (50 m), it seems difficult to meet in a straight line, but there is little power.

Iogear Wireless Hd Plug and Play Hdmi Computer/tv/Projector Audio Video Audio Extender Kit

Supports Full HD resolutions up to 1080p @60fps, allowing you to place your HDTV or HD projector up to 150 feet wirelessly from your video source without compromising picture or sound quality. Enjoy an incredible audio/video experience with the convenience of wireless HDMI and the flexibility to remove the clutter of cables and move your TV to your patio or patio for a big game or party. Effectively transmit powerful long-distance digital video in large open and living spaces up to 150 feet. Save time and money hiring installers to install HDMI cables through ceilings and walls.

It works “normal” for what I need. I’ve noticed that sometimes umm reboots or other things happen because the boot logo appears. I haven’t timed to see if it “reboots” in a pattern/interval, but it reboots and freezes at odd times. Like I said it is good and happy for my application. If you need a constant signal and you need zero loss, you’ll be more disappointed than looking elsewhere.

A malfunction occurs when turning on the power, and it takes up to 2 minutes to turn on at the transmitter side and when power is connected. , no lags or losses, no noise, only ignition issues, a very good product.

A great device works great on Windows 10.

It was easy to set up and worked without any hassle.

It’s as easy as setting it up. One addition to improve is remote power on/off.

1080p images are a bit slow at high data rate frames (Live Sports) and the anti-aliasing is noticeable on the Panasonic 58′ Plasma, but tolerable. Low data rate frames are very sharp. Installed in a closet 15 feet from the receiver.

This video transmitter works great for sending video wirelessly to my bedroom TV. I use a Bell 9242 dual receiver with ir remote for living room and HF remote for bedroom. Receiver 2 output is composite a/v converted to HDMI for video transmitter. If you have a similar setup, I recommend this video transmitter.

It works fine on my 10ft installation. The remote repeater works fine. I am satisfied with this product and recommend it. I use it with an android box in the living room and the repeater is in the basement.

Iogear Wireless Hd Plug and Play Hdmi Computer/tv/Projector Audio Video Audio Extender Kit

My goal was to simultaneously transmit a signal from the satellite receiver to 40 on my Samsung TV and 22 on my Philips TV. To achieve this, I bought an esynic hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out hdmi amplifier switch repeater 1080p hdmi to hdmi. I connected one hdmi cable from the satellite receiver to the hdmi switch. Then I ran one hdmi cable from hdmi switch to samsung tv and a separate hdmi cable from hdmi switch to transmitter box of iogear gwhdkit11 wireless hdmi tv connection kit. In the second room, I connected the HDMI cable from the receiver box of the iogear gwhdkit11 wireless hdmi tv connection kit to the philips tv. The enclosed instructions say it shouldn’t be necessary given the length of the hdmi cable I used, but the setup didn’t work until I powered up the hdmi splitter. Also, audio from Samsung and Philips will not sync if both devices are turned on at the same time. Philips lags behind Samsung. It’s not an insurmountable issue as I can close the door or mute the Philips. Overall, the hardware works the way I want it to and I’m happy with the results.

It’s been working fine for most of the year and a half (the signal is sometimes lost, but recovers by unplugging the sensor and plugging it back in). There are no obstacles between the two sensors and the signal must travel the entire 6 feet without dice. Sound drops, images become pixelated, or disappear completely at frequencies that render the device useless. Considering the reviews, it seems that our experience is not unusual.

After much experimentation, this little device finally works, but unless you have a view, the range is terrible. Now I have a transmitter upstairs in my house and a receiver in a room just below the main floor and when someone loses the signal the signal is good until they pass the transmitter or receiver. I had to move the units as close to each other as possible (less than 25ft) with only the ceiling/floor between them and sometimes there was no signal but they look great when working. If you have a problem with your ir blaster, be aware that one unit will show ir in at the top and the other unit will show ir out at the top as well. One ir in should be connected to the receiver and one ir out should be connected to the transmitter. When I figured this out, it passes the signal without any problems at all. I wish this range was better when out of line of sight, but it will still work for my application.

This worked perfectly for me. I previously used a nyrius device to live stream from my sony camera to the projector, but the new sony camera doesn’t work well with the nyrius devices I normally use. I bought this because it supports 1080p60. Not exactly, but you should still use 1080i. It also works for 60i, 24p, maybe 30p, but I haven’t tried 30p. Most people won’t know or care what it means and that didn’t matter to me. I was able to stream live video to the projector across the crowded dance floor. There was no problem. There is a delay of about half a second between the camera and the projector. This is because this box recompresses the video to h. Unfortunately (Nirius had very few delays), but for me it’s not a deal breaker. Compression is also visible when viewing on a good screen. At home I could see the photos looking a bit ‘blurred’ due to recompression, but they looked great on projector screens from events over people’s heads, so it depends on what you’re using it for. If you like the clean, pristine image of a 60′ qled TV at home, buy another. If you have a projector or a smaller screen, that’s fine.

I currently own 2 of the previous versions, but wanted to broadcast to the gazebo in my backyard. So the new system connects so easily and the signal is good. So far, I’m impressed with the connectivity of the latest model.

I’m leaving 3 stars because I sometimes have problems with pairing. But after a few seconds it reappears. Also the ir remote doesn’t work. And while the sound quality isn’t optimal, it’s perfect for a kitchen or bedroom TV. The antenna is 25 feet away with some furniture in line of sight. A very good product can be a bad product depending on your needs. In my case, it’s perfect for cooking and watching the news at the same time.

I have a direct gaze, but it works as it says.

Fantastic item, very easy to set up.

It works fine, but there may be too much electrical interference in my setup. pushed to the limit.

IOGEAR Wireless Hd Plug and Play HDMI Computer/TV/Projector Audio Video Audio Expander Kit:

This works, but the positioning of the transmitter and receiver is important for a reliable connection. It’s just a guess, but a typical suspect can cause interference such as cordless phones, Wi-Fi, and electrical noise devices. You can use a small amount of double sided tape to mount the remote control pickup and transmitter head.

I bought this device because I had an older version of iogear that I quite liked, but I dropped it too much once. The biggest downside here is the delay, even within 20 feet of an unobstructed view. Testing a regular monitor and TV showed an increase in latency of 150ms, making gaming almost impossible. So if you’re getting this to stream Netflix or regular non-gaming content and you can feel it through your nose like you’re in molasses, this will work for you. But there are better products out there for a similar price.

It seems to be working fine The signal is clear and I can’t use the remote to operate the bell receiver from home to a trailer in my backyard. But when camping I use the hdmi device inside the travel trailer so the bell receiver is close enough. The remote control works. The device is quite warm and should be placed in a well-ventilated area. I’ll see how camping weeks honestly rate this unit. But so far it’s good.

Great solution for my TV as my lines go through the wall and one line is damaged.

This product works well for me. Plug and Plug is exactly that. If you are thinking of wireless HDMI, buy this item.

I bought this to extend the satellite output to a TV in another room. Hdmi signal transmits perfectly in HD, but the blaster doesn’t seem to work properly. They do get a little hot, but they give me the signal I want.

It provides perfect and excellent signal quality. Highly recommended for the price.

It was very quick and easy to set up and install. Installation instructions are easy to follow.

Features and Specifications

  • Enter your model number to make sure this is correct.
  • High-definition video and audio transmission up to 150 feet
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080P @ 60fps
  • Supports infrared (IR) remote signal transmission to the control source device
  • A plug and play solution. HDMI 1. 3V and HDCP compliant. Wpa Security Protection – Already paired
  • International products are subject to separate terms, are sold overseas and may differ from local products, including fit, age rating, product language, label or instructions.

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