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Not cheap but works perfectly for my 4k jvc projector including hdr.

I have had a hdmi cable, network cable and usb extension lead stashed away nicely inside some trunking, and run between the floorboards for around 4 years as my pc/office is in a bedroom and i like to game on the couch with my main tv sometimes. This has served me well since first setting it up at a time when “4k” was just taking off. When upgrading my gpu, and more recently my tv, i realised the cable was no longer up to the task and i was getting a weird stuttering effect when trying to enable hdr in windows with the resolution at 4k 120hz. I could either have fully blown hdr at 60hz, or 120hz without the hdr which was quite annoying. I did some research and ended up with this cable. It was what i would consider extremely expensive (for a cable) but ultimately it solves all the issues i had and there are literally no compromises needed anymore. Rgb 4:4:4 10 bit hdr 4k 120 hz and the freesync range is 40-120hz. This is basically the best of the best in 2021 over a distance of 10 metres. Tv is an lg cx oled and gpu is a sapphire radeon 6800xt. See associated picture – not much more you could ask for.

I have tried all streaming methods such as steam link, moonlight, nvidia gamestream and all had lag, artefacts or strange connection issues. This was the only way i was able to get my rtx3080 to output to an lg c9 downstairs. The first cable i received was defective and would cut out randomly after a few minutes. I contacted ruipro and they shipped a replacement from china 3 days later. Since then it was worked flawlessly. Can finally play games on my couch without macro blocking, minimal latency and high refresh rate. The only negative is the price, will have to baby this cable as its too expensive to just leave strewn about.

I had a tricky route between amplifier and projector of over 11 metres though conduit. Little did i know in the first install how critical cable is to full 4k hdr signalsnot only is mere hd hdmi cable not up to the huge data transmission required, but any sort of extension leads are a no-no because digital copy protection software witchcraft detects the join and actually prevents you watching 4k as they believe you must be trying to breach the copyright – dohone unbroken cable has to be used between devices. Research led me to this product as had reliable reviews and wasn’t extreme audiophile exotica expensive but neither suspiciously cheap. The cable being fibre optic means i could ‘pull’ it through the conduit using a pulling string wisely left- in during the build. Note: i used copious globs of cable-pulling lube to aid the process and extra care in taping up the leading end of the new cable to make a nice taper and also ensure pulling forces could not put too much stress on the cable end terminal. Job done and i have 4k hdr 10bit colour from an amazon fire cube tv box via an anthem avr to epson 4k pixel shift projector- i’m most happy with end result. Nb: had this installed for approx 10 months with no issues at all.

I’ve now been using this cable for a few weeks and it turns out it’s fine for hd, 4k. It will not pass hdr 10 signal along its 13m length. So this is turned out to be a complete waste of money. It does nothing more than my old cheap hdmi cable i had in when i had an hd projector. Hdr eight seems okay, but if you’re using services like disney+ they don’t seem to support 4k unless you have 4k hdr 10. So it outputs in hd not 4k when using that service with this hdmi cable. This cable is a one direction cable make sure you install it the right way round if hiding behind walls or trunking. One end is for the sauce the other end is for the screen.

I used this cable to connect my fire cube to a 4k tv and it works perfectly fine.

I bought this cable (15m) based on various website recommendations. For testing, i unwound about two meters and tried it between an amazon fire tv 4k box and a samsung 55′ uhd tv. At first it was good, but then i noticed some picture disturbance (hdcp snow) and audio clicks. Touching the source end (fire tv) cable connector made things worse and the picture disappeared for a short time. A normal (cheap, 2m) hdmi cable worked fine – even when moved. So, the cable is being returned for refund. I’ve ordered another and will update this review very soon. Hopefully this was just a one-off bad cable – but it doesn’t bode well for quality control. —- update —-second cable arrived and so far seems fine. I ran the same test and no problems were seen at 1080p60 or 4k30.

Bought this cable for my ps4, and i noticed an immediate improvement in both contrast, and brightness quality. Before buying this cable my ps4 picture quality was always dark, no matter what settings i tried on my panasonic 4k tv. Picture also looked sharper. Now using it on my new ps5 console, and delighted with picture quality. This cable is well made, great value, and i would have no hesitation buying it again, and recommending it to others.

Ruipro 8k Hdmi Fiber Optic Ultra Certified Cable 50ft Hdmi 2.1 48gbps [email protected] [email protected] Dynamic Hdr, Earc, Hdcp 2.2 Slim Flexible For Lg Samsung Tcl Sony Rtx 3080 3090 Xbox Ps5/4 Roku (15m)

It solved my problem with signal dropping.

My a/v amp a denon sits at the back of our lounge while the tv a lg oled is at the front. So i needed at least a 20m cable. Initially i purchased another fibre optic cable and i will not reveal the make to save the manufacturer from criticism. Every so often i got a grey screen so it was returned and when the refund was made. I then done a thorough research and then decided to purchase this ruipro 8k 20m hdmi 2. I firstly gave it a trial run for a few days before installing it in its permanent loop. The picture quality of this cable is absolutely stunning. I know it is expensive but having said that. It is also future proof as far as when the 8k tv ‘s come on stream.

Is about the best quality long distance operational hdmi can get. Get new one each 4 years, and now the performance can be 4k if streaming etc, so must have decent low loss cable. They are not cheap, but essential if want best picture quality. Have a long run across roof, and down wall, and then to cabinet, so had to go for something decent.

Bought the 15m long version to connect to a pc, after many failed attemps with regular hdmi cablesworks perfectly at [email protected], full rgb/4:4:4 chroma, no flicker, no “noise”, amazing stuff .

Works very well with my samsung tv, onkyo amplifier and source units (apple tv, sky box). Customer service also excellent, i had to exchange a 10m version as was too short. Overall, definitely recommend. Update: i ran this cable under my floor and through my wall. The preinstalled duct is unfortunately not continuous and obstructed in parts. So a bit of careful elbow grease was needed to get the cable through and it worked fine once plugged in. So the cable seems reasonably durable too.

The ruipro hdmi tables are very well-made i also got it at a really good price from amazon very flexible worth the money highly recommended.

Ok so this is quite an expensive cable but the cheapest here at amazon compared to independent retailers. I needed the length because it was going in trunking around a door frame. Works perfectly and have had no issues in the month i’ve had it. These cables are recommended for watching uhd 4k at 60fps if you need a cable over 7 or 8m.

Sorry to say that out of the 3 8k supported leads in purchased, this was the only one where my samsung 55′ 8k tv stated, this cable doesn’t support hdcp, when description stated it does. Can return as all wired through wall and in skirting boards. An awful lot of money but will be used for old samsung video/dvd recorder with hdmi input instead.

Ruipro 8k Hdmi Fiber Optic Ultra Certified Cable 50ft Hdmi 2.1 48gbps [email protected] [email protected] Dynamic Hdr, Earc, Hdcp 2.2 Slim Flexible For Lg Samsung Tcl Sony Rtx 3080 3090 Xbox Ps5/4 Roku (15m)

Works like a charm with my benq w2700.

This represents excellent value for money. My amp has a tester system and this passes for 8k 60 which far more expensive cables couldn’t manage. It seems well made for the price point and rugged. No complaints at all and highly recommended.

After trying around 15 different cable solutions this is the only one that properly worked that i tried. I trialed a load of premium rated 4k hdr copper cables. One or two of these worked at this length however did not once in my real world situation. Ie in a roof that has power cables as well. Then did some research and the voltage drop over copper cable at this distance came up as a consistent problem at higher data speeds. So tried two 5 metre cables joined by an amp that worked ok some of the time but not always( generally if you had lights on in the room causing disruption). But this was the best standard solution i found ( onyx black diamond 5m cable supplemented with an hdmi amp – as an aside also tried several amps as well. Basically none that claimed to have the speed required to run 4k hdr worked when they just used the hdmi cable as a power source) )then tried hdmi over cat6 using some recommended converter pairs using solid core cat6 cable. This ran to 1080p but would not run to full 4k at hdr 60 hertz. I also did try a cheaper optical hybrid hdmi cable but this did not work at 4k.

Our family very happy, with this we managed to unclog the toilet and it is now flushing as it should, thanks.

Before purchasing my first projector i read av forums threads on the optoma uhd65. Time and time again new owners who had issues were straight our told a projector requiring a hdmi cable longer than 30′ needed a cable of this quality. It’s expensive but i avoided all the heart/head aches so many first time projector owners were having. The cable is simply reliably works, making the expense justified.

A well made hdmi cable; we use this for our benq w2700 to our onkyo av without any issue. It feels very robust and well made.

Using this cable to connect my hdmi 2. 1 av receiver and lg cx oled tv. Using earc and 4k 120hz with no problems.

Bought this to future proof, having a false wall built wanted a decent cable in there. I tested it on my ps4 pro ( i know not a full 4k ) and 4k tv. I did notice the colour pop out more played for a few hours even my daughter who’s not fussy about graphics or colour mentioned colour poped out more. Would i recommend it depends if you have the money to spend depends on you. It’s not a huge difference only time would tell.

Excellent reliable cable and good quality. I used this for a 15m run from avr to projector and no issues with 4k, just note the cable is directional.

RUIPRO 8k Hdmi Fiber Optic Ultra Certified Cable 50ft Hdmi 2 :         It just works, thats all I can say.

This it from an apple4k tv, to lg tv. This also works when connecting the apple tv via an lg sound bar and out to the projector.

The cable does what it says on the tin.

Just like a conventional hdmi cable, but very long, plug and play~.

For some reason when using 4k120hz mode on my 6900xt paired with sony bravia kd65xh9296bu , i have visual noise and the text becomes grainy. Changing to 4k60hz solves this issue?did anyone ever sort this out ?. I don’t want to plug in the booster because i don’t want to ruin thousands of pounds worth of equipment?.

Having made do with bad/old cables these were an essential purchase along with a new tv. Picture/audio quality is noticeably better with these vs the old ones.

This is an update for this cable which i had rated 1 star due to it not working with a rtx 3090 and lg cx oled tv. Ruipro had got in contact with me about this as they have now got a new version which works. They were happy to send out a new one to me that will work. This is version 3a and they did not want the old cable back toothey sent it out from china on a priority express delivery with fedex and arrived in 3 days.Now thats amazing customer service. And yes it all works perfectly fine now with the above setup. Thankyou ruipro and if anybody else was in the same situation as me get in contact with them and they will happily help.

Great cable, sorted my 4k problems. Also fast delivery without hassle, will order more when i need.

Connecting a ceiling mounted optoma uhd51a to a ps5unfortunately i was not able to connect, although i don’t think it was the cable’s fault. I managed to get a full 4k hdr picture but for some reason coming back the next day the cable stops working. I suspect that the usb power boost doesn’t work correctly when plugged into the optoma and fails to sync the image correctlythis means you have to keep booting the ps5 in safe mode (and sometimes even this won’t work)contacted customer service and got a replacement cable for free. This one worked a little better but eventually the same problem started occurring. Customer service was beyond excellent and i feel bad for having returned the cable and getting a refund after all the effort they put in place to sort my problems. Five stars for their support.

Hi this hdmi 8 k is amazing doesn’t brake i will not go back to any uther this fiber is brilliant it dus what it says on the packet ethreth everything what i watch is uhd thank’s for this amazing cable thank’s robert.

Features and Spesification

  • 【8K HDMI Fiber Optic ULTRA Certified Cable】Higher Resolutions and Faster Refresh Rates: [email protected] enables smooth and sharp viewing of content with high-speed action; [email protected] enables ultra fast-motion UHD images to be crisp and razor sharp – in particular sports, action movies, high-performance gaming and VR benefit significantly
  • Dynamic HDR Support: Dynamic HDR ensures every moment of a video is displayed at its ideal values for depth, detail, brightness, contrast, and wider color gamuts on a scene-by-scene or even a frame-by-frame basis
  • Ultra High Speed 48gbps HDMI Cable: Supports the full range of uncompressed HDMI 2.1 Specification features including 8K video with HDR, Enables up to 48Gbps bandwidth
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel): eARC supports the most advanced high bitrate home theater audio formats, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio; Object-based audio provides an immersive multi-dimensional experience and enhanced audio detail and depth
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Within 5 years, if there is any quality problem with our Cable, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours
Product Specifications
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