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EMILY Atack looked completely different in a past photo she took with her younger brother George.

The ITV star shared a lovely vintage photo in a series of ‘photo dumps’ to celebrate the return of sunny weather.

Emily Atack posted pictures of her past with her sister.


Emily Atack posted pictures of her past with her sister.Credit: Instagram

In a past photo, young children sit on the grass, with young Emily protecting their arms to baby George.

Emily wrote on Instagram, “Sunny Pinks 🌞🍓🥬🥂💫”.

It’s not all about sunshine and happy photos on Emily’s social media lately.

She accused the “pervert” of sending dirty messages after photos of her taxi were circulated online.

Emily Atack 'bombed' with horrific messages after 'photo leak' online
Emily Atack counters troll accusing her of 'looking like a pornstar'

The Inbetweeners star said she went hunting on Sunday after sharing a snapshot on the porn website’s Twitter account.

Emily, 32, posted on Instagram, “This picture has now been posted on Twitter and on the website of a real fake taxi.

“Great. No. It’s great. I’m trying to have a healthy Sunday, but I’m being attacked by perverts who accidentally ask me if I want to turn into the woods.

“Go and iron the boys’ uniforms, you bastards.”

In the photo, Emily is sitting behind a black taxi in a green mini dress and playfully sticking out her tongue.

It was shared by FakeTaxi, a porn site where you can see men running around with women behind taxis.

Emily learned that the photos were circulating last week when brutal social media users hinted that she deliberately posed for the site.

At a time, one sneaky Instagram user wrote in the photo, “It looks like Charlotte of the Inbetweeners has undergone a fairly dramatic career change.”

This isn’t the first time Emily has been attacked by an evil troll.

She brutally asked if she was pregnant and was branded an alcoholic in the shocking message.

“Are you expecting a baby?” asked the troll next to the whale emoticon.

Then they sent another message a few weeks later. “Clothes are ruined and you are an alcoholic.”

The former Inbetweeners actress often names and shy away from trolls sending insulting messages to her online.

Actress Emily has recently been one of the most prominent advocates for a law to imprison internet trolls.

“I couldn’t count the number of times I logged in and I felt completely overwhelmed by what someone wrote or sent to me,” she told Sun.

“I’ve been abused countless times online, but I’ve become increasingly sexually targeted. I receive hundreds of sexually motivated messages, from rape threats to men telling me exactly what to do in the most brutal and cruel situations. A misogynistic method.

“I started the #EndCyberflashing campaign with Grazia Magazine last year to make unwanted explicit sexual abuse a crime.

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“A lot more has to be done to stop these vicious abusers. If you saw me on the street, I would definitely not say this.

“Strong punishments are needed and the threat of prison must be enforced.”

Emily posted a series of photos to celebrate the sunny weather.


Emily posted a series of photos to celebrate the sunny weather.Credit: Instagram
Emily captioned the post 'summer tings'.


Emily captioned the post ‘summer tings’.Credit: Instagram
Emily comes out after dealing with the 'pervert' and the troll.


Emily comes out after dealing with the ‘pervert’ and the troll.Credit: Instagram

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