Wed. May 18th, 2022

As pregnant women are forced to travel long distances for reproductive care due to strict abortion restrictions, such as Texas and Oklahoma, Kansas is expecting patients to arrive as its own legislature considers a ban on abortion. Do

When the Texas SB 8 passed for the first time, the Texans moved to Oklahoma for abortion care. But after passing a complete ban on abortion, Oklahoma lawmakers passed another trigger law last week – if the Supreme Court’s less significant change Ro v. WadeBut I will not call it clear.

Initially, it may not appear that it has much to do with Kansas (plus the state shares a border with Oklahoma): 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling, which ruled that the state constitution abolishes abortion. Recognizes as a fundamental right, made the state something. Abortion shelter in the Midwest. But that could change this year.

It’s clear that Kansas lawmakers are coming back after the abortion: State legislators have proposed a constitutional amendment to allow a ban on abortion on the ballot. In August, voters will have to decide whether the Kansas Constitution protects the right to abortion, as set out in the 2019 ruling. And while the state is headed by Democratic government Laura Kelly, Republicans control both houses of the state legislature (see: Kentucky).

Kansas has seen a decline in the number of Texas and Oklahoma abortion patients, according to recent reports. Topica Capital Journal And Gannett Kansas State House Reporter Jason Tudd. But with the increase in local abortion rates, the GOP is pushing the rhetoric, claiming that Kansas will be an “abortion destination.”

The anti-abortion movement is ready and ready, in support of the “Appreciate the Amendment” (yes, that’s what it’s called) – and it’s up to Kansas voters to decide before it’s too late. Understand what is happening.

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