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KERRY Katona spent the night with her look-a-like daughter Lily-Sue yesterday and fans could not forget how much they looked alike.

Lily-Sue, 41, and Lily-Sue, 19, glistened to the party, and Kerry declared “Girls’ Night”.

Kerry Katona and her daughter Lilly-Sue look very alike at night.


Kerry Katona and her daughter Lilly-Sue look very alike at night.
The pair really shined.


The pair really shined.

Dressed impressively, Kerry wore a sequined dress, while Lily opted for a black lace number.

Both had similar blonde hair, and Kerry’s followers started commenting on the snap.

Ulrika Jonsson wrote “Twining.” and another fan wrote, “Beautiful 🥰twins !!! Kerry is amazing👌🏻”

Others say “My god she is your absolute double, wonderful girl ❤”

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And another said, “Your daughter is your image… she’s beautiful ❤️❤️”.

Astonishing Lily recently confided about the two’s appearance, saying, “My mom calls us ‘before’ and ‘who’.”

They are not just similar in appearance. Kerry’s second daughter, Lilly, from her marriage to former Westlife singer Brian McFadden, says she also shares many of her personality traits.

She said: We are both honest and stubborn. But we’re both very good at handling situations when a fan hits a fan.”

Lilly also spoke to support her mom selling X-rated photos on OnlyFans, which helped make her a millionaire again.

She told Sun: Who do you think is paying my phone bill?

“Mom’s breasts have already spread on the internet and people can watch them for free. If she could, she could even make money with it. That way, she has the power to regain control of herself. and you know what It’s supply and demand, baby!

“Mom is so perfect! When I get to her age, she wants me to look her cool just like her. Sometimes hyung Max says he’s annoyed, but I think it’s too flex.”

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