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This machine is beautifully made and a joy to use. It is in the large side but all the better for full size toasted sandwiches. It heats up really quickly – light tells you when it’s ready. Easy to clean – just wipe it with some kitchen roll while its still hot, although plates can be popped out really easily. I did masses of research before buying this toaster/grill and it was exactly as expected. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine to anyone.

Why this contact griller has so many good reviews remains a mystery to me! Prepared a few times a piece of chop and burgers and now the coating dissolves, and the fat burns into the coating so dermases that you can no longer clean it 100%. Unfortunately, I can no longer return the kantakt grill (return deadline) but I can’t recommend buying.

It seems to me excellent the only flaw is that the top of the grill is not horizontal x heat pizzas under and above x the sandwiches and grilling something is great. Anyway you can adapt for the pizzas. Cmq Good Solid Product

This barbecue grill is well designed and looks good quality. It heats up quickly and the spacer system to adapt to the thickness of the grill is very convenient. What I like most: the double system grill two sides (closed device) and barbecue (open). This device gives the impression that it has been thought out by users who have thought through every detail (even the drop recuperator on the back when you open the device.) I only put 4 stars because Klarstein France did not answer my question which was whether the plates were fragile and whether they were available in sav. Otherwise, the device itself deserves 5 stars.

Well built and cooks well and easy to clean.

Medium bill product. Positive factors: comes fast at the set temperature and is easy to clean. Negative factors: very slow in cooking. It seems that the plates don’t reach a high temperature.

After using a lot of teflon or titanium and massive allergies, I finally found what I needed. Great product: well made, sturdy and functional. I am satisfied with the purchase and bought another one for a friend of mine. Great! ONLY BIG NEO: THE MANUFACTURER DOES NOT PROVIDE THE REPLACEMENT PLATES AND FORCES YOU TO THROW EVERYTHING EVEN IF IT STILL WORKS. A REAL WASTE!!!!

Exceptional. We use it in handcuffs, toast, grilled bread, burgers, skewers. Very easy to use, effective temperature regulation, easy to clean. If they really improve something, the stiffness of the handle, which in any case does not affect the flatness of the plates, in fact, the cooking is uniform and perfect. I find the power button very convenient.

  • Amazing
  • Well done
  • excellent grill

Klarstein Burgermeister 3-In-1 Contact Grill Table – Panini Maker, 2000w, Temperature Freely Adjustable Via Sliding Regulator, High-Temperature Ceramic Non-Stick Coating, Black

3-in-1 multifunctional grill: table grill, contact grill and panini maker in one. Large 27.5 x 24 cm grill surface with high-quality non-stick ceramic coating andheat-resistant spatula. Up to 2000 W power infinitely adjustable, lid can be locked in 5 steps forgratinating or folded out as a large table grill with double grill surface. More grill isn’t possible! The Klarstein Burgermeister 3-in-1 multifunctional grillcleverly combines the abilities of table and contact grill with a panini maker, andthus fulfills all of your desires for delicious grilled delicacies. The Klarstein Burgmeister contact grill brings hearty barbecue enjoyment directly tothe home. Whether you are grilling steaks, burgers, corn on the cob, shashlik, orpaninis and toast Hawaii – on the large 27.5 x 24 cm grill area, everything gets adelicious brown rib pattern on the outside and is cooked to juicy perfection on theinterior. Grilling in record time: thanks to the folding lid, you don’t have to turnthe food. Juice and aromas are particularly well maintained in the food – adifference you can taste from the first bite. The 2000 watts of power can be adjustedat will via the slider. Five locking brackets hold the lid in place for easygratinating. In order to avoid sticking, the grill halves are provided with ahigh-quality non-stick ceramic seal. And if more grill space is needed, the lid canbe opened to make it a full table grill. Easy handling is guaranteed by the large cool-touch handle and a heat-resistantspatula, whose recesses exactly fit into the rib pattern of the grill surfaces. Aslight inclination of the grilling surface allows excess grease to flow directly intoa collecting tray. For easy cleaning, both grills can be removed from the appliance.

The appearance also looks good, but looking carefully there are several criticalities. 1) I share other reviews about the plates that are coated with a white paint while, to be classified “ceramic”, should be glazed like the pans found in gas and/or electric ovens. 2) The temperature control knob is not well solid seems to be in your hand every time you touch it. 3) When used with the 2 open plates, the back one is not bubble but hangs in the opposite side of the fluids discharge. 4) The open plates almost touch at the point of discharge liquids and then just a few residue of food you’re cooking to clog the passage. For these reasons, in spite of my own, I decided to return it.

Does what you want, works flawlessly, easy to use and easy to clean. Recommendation for purchase! It’s just fun to use the barbecue. A charcoal grill does not mind. Perfect for vegetables, cheese, sausages and any thick meat. The plates are very easy to clean. The only thing that needs to be improved is the heat distribution. It’s not optimal.

The barbecue result has always been very good. The biggest advantage and decisive reason for buying is the fact that the acceptable grill plates are very easy to clean without much effort even with large encrustations. For this reason alone, an absolute purchase recommendation!

In many reviews it was possible to read about lack of heating power – this experience I can not confirm. After being preheated to the desired temperature, the K-Grill does its work properly. Looks fancy and valuable. Yes, one and the other part is out of great, but please leave the church in the village for the price. Plates can be triggered, what more do you want. Can I recommend clearly

L I bought a long time ago unfortunately the plates have already become machiatte and the food sticks, which should not happen with the ceramic does not depend on the food, but the amutisance are washed by hand and without detergent so the plates are of low quality

For the price a really great barbecue. It works great both in the contact grill function and as a table grill. It can be grilled meat and vegetables, bread, etc. In addition, there is little protection when grilling and the grill plates can be removed and washed off very well by hand. Of course, it’s not the same as a charcoal grill, but a really good alternative, if you want to grill indoors and want to clean less Only minus, the varnish/coating is not all too high finished. For the price a really great device. I can only recommend it.

I didn’t expect how great meat would be on the contact grill. Properly roasted flavors and it also remains juicy than from the pan. In addition, half the time for preparation. Simply put the plates in the dishwasher and you’re done. Great device, I would like to recommend.

The product looks good, the handle makes it a bit cumbersome and the dimensions seem to have more aesthetic value than anything else, you can store it or keep it in sight that does not disfigure, has the button of on and off and a continuous temperature controller (without a particular scale, from a minimum to a maximum), has several clever tricks: feet that keep everything spaced from support surface (recommended heat resistant but not necessarily so much), two hooks to roll up the power cord at the end of use, the top plate is tilting to better fit foods of different thickness, to avoid the crushing of the foods placed further back and the risk of disassembling a painstakingly built sandwich and you can lock it in place because it does not touch the foods, the Plates are easily removable for cleaning, the heating resistance is not the classic elissoidal but a rectangular plate slightly smaller than the cooking plate, I assume spreads the heat in a way More uniform, the grill can be opened at 180° and there is a lock lever if you want to put it on your feet. What I liked less: the structure is mostly plastic, if it falls I think you can also give it to the ecological island, but at this price you could not expect a completely steel structure, read the instructions for the first use and start with vegetables and a half chicken, cooking was satisfactory, even considering the thickness of the meat, however the coating of the plates darkened and, in some points, remained an incrustation of scorched foods, left to soak the plates for half a day and spent with a sponge, nothing to do, retried with soaking in soda solvay, better but not decisive, tonight I will put them back in use and see if, heating them again, the next washing will be more effective, maybe it would have been better to grease the plates, but in the instructions there was no mention of such procedure ( for my experience it is very difficult to bring back to the original conditions that coating if you have stuck carbonized foods), if some grease is splashed on the top plate, this can drip on the support surface when opening the grid, take this into account when choosing the support surface. At the telephone service center of Klarstein Italy they were very thoughtful: they offered to change the product or refund it, but they couldn’t tell me how to clean the plates without spoiling the coating, objectively I had two grids with aluminum plates and non-stick coating, and, despite all attention, the coating lasted little on all, the top would be cast iron plates, but for this price range te le sogni (I had bought a product that indicated this feature, returned because it was a frottola). The presentation page of amazon shows the possibility to buy the same product with a different color and lower price, it is another model, buffalo, if I remember correctly, that does not allows you to disassemble the plates. In the end when, after two requests for information, I received the label for the replacement of the product, I accepted, put back into operation as the previous time, half a chicken, this time even a little more coarse, cooking for 40 minutes, but I first had the caution to grease the plates, after use let soak with soda ash (soda solvay universal detergent) and pass with a sponge, this time no Fouling, perhaps it would be appropriate to insert the precaution to grease the plates before use in the instruction manual.

  • Amazing
  • Well done
  • excellent grill

Klarstein Burgermeister 3-In-1 Contact Grill Table – Panini Maker, 2000w, Temperature Freely Adjustable Via Sliding Regulator, High-Temperature Ceramic Non-Stick Coating, Black

In this product I found everything I was looking for in an electric grill. Removable ceramic plates On and off button. Possibility to lock the top plate so as not to crush the dishes. Easy to use. For the moment I am very satisfied!

so far I used it only a few times and I must say that it satisfies me so much. I cooked skewers and pork chops of which a nice thick, to try if it came to cook it the same and it has passed the great test, so I don’t want to say that with meat bills it was another success! In my opinion the only “problem” is the cursor of the temperature adjustment, it is a bit hard and inaccurate in the movement! the rest is all ok, above my expectations, I recommend it.

Great product 1st class no complaints.

This steak is awesome! Has the button x the power on and off that nn is discounted xchè most nn have it! The upper grid has several positions that adjust with a button that also allows you to keep the grid closed. The structure is very solid and has a great presence, it is very elegant! I am very satisfied!! The advice!!!

Returned an alternative prior to this one, because it was not giving me the feeling of robustness. This is really professional, good looking and well built.

Great device, cooked well meat, skewers, panini quickly. I love it and leave it on my balcony for cooking. Except that the other day after use, I turn it off and moving it, a priori, the button turns on again and there it remains to turn on several hours with the rest of the fat from the cooking that I had not yet cleaned. The plates are in a non-recoverable state. So I contact Klarstein to order spare plates and there I learn that this is not possible! Device to throw ፦0 I’m not happy!!! how come we cannot have such a basic spare part. Yet the Germans are rather ecolored, it seemed to me, a priori not Klarstein anyway! I’m going to go looking for a new device where we can find the plates in service. It is a minimum!!!

Great to clean and very good to handle. Great, that you can remove the grill surfaces for cleaning! Nothing bakes on the ceramics. Sufficiently large area for 2 sandwich toasts, 4 normal toasts or 2 foccaccia. Panini, tramezini, sandwiches, flatbread, rolls and wraps I made all of them and was extremely tasty. Also to grill Italian vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, etc.). Also baked apple (slices) with cinnamon and calvados will quickly cope. Now the negative sides: the heat is not enough to grill a steak or cutlet or scampi. This has nothing to do with crickets. It’s going to be pale. : – ( The thermostat in the front made of plastic looks cheap and you do not need it anyway. I would buy the device again at any time.

First one arrived damaged in transport, but it was replaced efficiently. Warm up very fast and holds temperature very long.

Surprisingly good quality, all-round. The grill is good and solid and heats to temperature very quickly. Also simple and straightforward to use. The heating plates are removable and easy to clean.

Klarstein Burgermeister 3-In-1 Contact Grill Table – Panini Maker :         Great quality

Love this panini press well worth the money great quality and so easy to clean.

In the hot days it was wonderful we sit outside at the table for two and grill and fresh from the grill it is eaten with homemade tomato salad or cucumber salad I would give six stars

The price quality ratio is good and also works quite vebe. The problem is when you have a little watery stuff and then get some water out of the foods. but I use it mostly for croutons with mozzarella, so my version is quite biased. In any case it is comfortable, warms up early, it cleans very easily.

So far, I had no experience with alternative grilling methods besides the traditional ones on the charcoal grill. The small size when storing the device, the easy-to-clean plates, the wonderful grilling performance and the excellent taste of the grilled food convinced me immediately after the first test. This grill is an absolute recommendation.

Great. Finally I find a powerful iron with quality elements and very versatile. With a lot of options. A correct result will certainly only be given by the long-term test. Four stars just because of the rickety temperature controller. I don’t know if this is generally the case or if I was unlucky. But I don’t want to send the part back to find out that this is so normal. Wait and test.

Beautiful and well made product and arrived earlier than expected with Prime. I bought it to give a gift to my mother who was happy about it, cooked toast and some skewers and they came really well. He had no problems washing it after use, practical and compact the board.

Bought the device in 2017, unfortunately I once toasted bread, forgot to switch off. Now the ceramic grill plates are ugly discolored. Have requested from KLARSTEIN directly for replacement plates, unfortunately there is no. This is unfortunately in the sense of the disposable society!! German premium quality is then called!! I’m really disappointed.

Love this grill,easy to use,the plates come off for easy cleaning,cooks well too.

Had my eye on it for ages , best one yet , well made , i tried oiling the base and put in place a thin homemade spelt pizza dough , applied usual. Topping , set temp to medium , 15 to 20 , oh yeah yum . , love it , very fast cook time , sit down for 5 , 10 min , get up n turn over , usual items are ready in about another 10 , 15 mins.

Features and Spesification

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL GRILL: table and contact grill as well as panini maker for grilling, toasting and gratinating in one unit | Grilling in record time by simultaneous frying from above and below | Up to 2000 W power
  • FEATURES: Temperature freely adjustable via sliding regulator | High-quality ceramic non-stick coating of the grill surfaces
  • ADJUSTABLE: On / off switch on the front of the unit | Operation LED | Heating LED: indicates when grill has reached the set temperature
  • MORE GRILL ISN´T POSSIBLE!: The Klarstein Burgermeister 3-in-1 multifunctional grill cleverly combines the abilities of table and contact grill with a panini maker, and thus fulfills all of your desires for delicious grilled delicacies.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.

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