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Sound replaced the Yamaha subwoofer. The bass is as real as coming from the speakers, not the horns. It’s also nice to see because it’s hidden in a corner. Jamo, owned by klipih, does this well.

Used in a PC setup, it’s a great bass companion for desktop speakers.

Excellent sound quality to support small audio systems.

I paired this sub with an audioengine a2+ speaker using the Dynasty proaudio wireless kit. I chose this subwoofer because of its slimmer profile and the fact that the look/aesthetic of the unit perfectly matches the desk theme (white enclosure, gray grille cover and light wood touch). The unit is very well constructed. Connection and control are very simple. As for sound quality – I give this sub a 10/10. Of course, you have to keep in mind what your intended purpose is. I listen to a variety of music genres. Classic rock, 80’s, classical, electronic, hip-hop and more. The sub adds enough punch to every song I play. Once you make a call, the bass is tight. For me, it meets my audio needs for gaming, audio editing, listening to music, and movies.

Good price, amazing sound, looks good, thank you.

Klipsch S 808 Subna -

Surprisingly, this sub sounds great. I’m using it to add a bit of low end to my home office, so a solid 8′ sub was all I needed. The laminate case looked a little cheap, but it was what I expected for the price. It came with a dent on the front edge and one of the clips securing the grill broke inside the socket.

Great bass and sound quality. The cabinets are beautifully organized and easy to place due to their size.

There is a lot more bass than expected. It’s a little thumping, but it’s really good for an 8′ subwoofer in a slim ported box.

But it came without rubber feet. I contacted customer service twice, but still no response.

Clear bass and the unit looks very clean.

Amazing sound for my little living room.

Great bass response for 8″ speakers. The bottom is the control and the connection is at the bottom of the box. I have mine on the side so I have better access to the controls and still sound great. The supplied cable may be longer for better distance from the amplifier. I bought an extension cable to increase the distance and it worked great.

This is a small sub suitable for the size of my TV room. It’s a neat package that doesn’t take up much space, providing enough power to the bottom. Placing it under a table next to it about 6 inches from the wall is a great addition to the room’s sound. Here are the specifications for: Klipsch S 808 Subna:

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  • The perfect combination of style and performance

Klipsch S 808 Subna -

This subwoofer is truly amazing and sounds 100% my favourite.

Product is working normally but damaged upon opening. I was not at all satisfied with the damaged product, but I will keep it.

It’s not overwhelming and the volume control is online with most subwoofers I own. I’m happy with it except for a few connection issues.

Add it to a pair of s 801 bookshelf speakers and your small living room will be filled with clean, accurate sound.

This is amazing for under $120.

So I hooked up this little guy. Sturdy construction and weight. The Sonos amplifier complements the Infinity Entra bookshelf speakers in the living room. Is it the most accurate or largest device, no. This unit sounds great and actually adds the bass I need where I think of a larger living room. It also comes with an rca cable with a 90 degree angle at one end. A slam dunk for my specific use case within $00. Try it once and return it in the worst case.

Klipsch S 808 Subna -

Plastic packaging is damaged quite easily. The sound was ok for a baby serve. Great form factor if that’s your limit. Pretty good for music, not so good for theater, but better than nothing. I just made room for a bigger one. It’s much better in music and theater to offer speed serve when in stock. It’s double the price, but the serve is something that should last for 30 years. Catch it at the fire sale price. If space is tight… yes, this Jamo one works great.

Klipsch S 808 Subna -

Klipsch S 808 Subna -

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