Mon. May 16th, 2022

‘Outrageous’ to prevent Chelsea fans from attending FA Cup semi-finals

The government has urged Chelsea fans to grant tickets to the FA Cup semi-finals if the proceeds go to the Ukrainian people.

Julian Knight, chairman of the Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Committee, has called for changes to the special licenses imposed on the club after owner Roman Abramovich received UK government approval.

The intent of the license is to deny Abramović the ability to generate new revenues, including ticket sales, which the club and, furthermore, the government said had ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chelsea fans had no choice but to purchase tickets to the FA Cup quarterfinals at Middlesbrough before the sanctions, but Knight insisted that a solution must be put in place ahead of the quarterfinals against Crystal Palace at Wembley next month. .

“It’s absurd that Wembley could possibly be half-filled in the FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Palace,” Knight said.

“Chelsea is more than a club owner, it is a living organism that is very important to its fans and community. With a brief notice it is understandable that last week’s match against Middlesbrough went without a Chelsea fan, but with so many notices the FA has no excuses for excluding them. There is no room.

“The FA should allow selling tickets to Chelsea fans as long as all the money goes to the Ukrainian people.”

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