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LOVE Island fans are sure that Andrew Le Page resembles American actor Ben Affleck.

According to some, the 27-year-old Andrew looks very much like the actor despite the 22-year age difference.

Andrew Le Page hopes to find love this summer.


Andrew Le Page hopes to find love this summer.Credit: Rex
Some fans think he resembles Ben Affleck.


Some fans think he resembles Ben Affleck.Credit: Getty

However, while Ben plays the heroic Batman, Andrew has thus far been classified as a villain while in the villa.

He becomes trapped in a love triangle with Tasha and Luca and is even caught lying to them to break up.

Looking back on his mistakes, viewers paid attention to his boyish appearance.

“Andrew Look like that ben Apple ??? Mao,” said one.

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Another suggestion: Andrew Look like that ben Affleck.”

Another said: “brother Andrew Look like that ben Apple.”

Andrew wants his love to end as lucky as he is. A look-a-like who recently got engaged.

Nearly 20 years after their first whirlwind romance ended in tears, Ben and his ex-lover Jennifer Lopez announced they were getting married.

‘Bennifer’ is back with BIGBANG. But this time, married three times and engaged six times, Jennifer, 52, vowed “forever”.

Holding a huge 8.5-carat square-cut green diamond engagement ring next to two small diamonds estimated to be worth around £8 million, Jen was captured on camera for the On The JLo newsletter to her fiancée. , song: “Go to the chapel… we’ll get married.”

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Then she put the words “I love you” directly to the famous cameraman. It was a blockbuster moment for both the celebrity world and the couple.

Viewers will have to wait to see if Andrew is lucky enough to fall in love at the villa.

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